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Published on February 25th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 664

quran pen

quran pen

Guidance from Google? | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled”quran pen”


What is the importamce ot good compang? “Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


today so many people I meet around the
world have the same questions

I swear by Allah. it doesn’t matter which part
of the planet you go people have the same confusions today

same questions
over and over again and one of the most

common questions I hear is people say
,you know ,there are so many different

versions of Islam, so many different
videos about what the Quran means

or what Hadith means and some people
believe in this and other people believe in that

this shikh give this Fatwa, that
one gives that Fatwa shouldI follow this

or should I follow that. somebody says this is Halal somebody says this is Haram I don’t

know anything anymore. it’s all confusing

“quran pen”

there’s so many variations how am I
supposed to get guidance

how do I know if I’m following
the right thing how am I supposed to

know it’s too much information for me to
process and I agree we are living in

information overload we are there we are
bombarded with so many different

perspectives even within Islam look at
the audience that is sitting in this

hall even over locals from this area
most of us the way that you’ve learned

about Islam from the person next to you
is very different

the teachers you had the people you’ve
been exposed to the lessons you’ve

learned are very different from each other
so there’s a lot of variation in how we

are exposed to islam and a person gets
overwhelmed and says how am I supposed

to know if I’m even following the right
thing and ,you know, what this is the


“quran pen”

I don’t guarantee guidance and youtube
doesn’t guarantee guidance and google

doesn’t guarantee guidance and people
don’t guarantee guidance

it is our hope that Allah Himself will
give me personally guidance

guidance will not come from anywhere else whether
you have no information or over information

that doesn’t matter. that Allah will guide you to the right course

depends on how much you asked Allah not
anyone else

and once you ask Allah you don’t have to
be nervous anymore because you have

absolute certainty that Allah will give
you guidance he does not turn anyone

away getting guidance

“quran pen”

from Allah is not difficult it is
not difficult Allah has opened the door

of guidance wide open for those who seek

we just have to be people who seek it.
that’s it. I mean this Ayah belongs to surah Al kahf (the cave)

and I can talk enough about
surah Al kahf as a evidence in this speech .

but these people
of the cave that we read about every Friday

these people have no prophet
around them

no scholars around them, no shikh around them ,
no Sahabi(companian of the prophet ) around them ,they by themselves

and they live in a village
where everybody worships idols and they

come to a conclusion that, you know ,there
can only be one God they don’t even know

“quran pen”

how to say it and I’ll just we can’t
worship these things

we can’t worship other gods and that was
enough for Allah to guide them with no

knowledge with no revelation nothing
that was enough for Allah to guide them

and guide them so much that today people
who study the Dean for years and years

and years studied the Tfasir (Interpretations) of these
young men who knew nothing compared to

the scholars that learn from them because
they got Allah’s guidance because Allah

would give them guidance because it
doesn’t matter how you know how dark

your situation is how hopeless it is
when you have hope in Allah that’s enough
that’s just enough

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