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Published on March 7th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1073

Surah Al Humazah online

“Surah Al Humazah online”

Lesson from Surah Al-Humazah “Surah Al Humazah online”

Lesson from Surah Al-Humazah Tafsir


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you know the Donald Trump mentality

Donald Trump is a very very powerful

multibillion-dollar executive right and

he’s you know I don’t need he’s got a TV

show to where he’s making people into

entrepreneurs and things like that

bottom line is he’s a real estate tycoon

more than anything else right and you

know how real estate in this society

works you buy and you you buy but you

don’t pay for it you use your credit to

buy it and you don’t make the maximum

payment you make what the minimum

payments and now your credit is being

built when your creditors built you buy

again you rent it out or whatever and

you keep building your empire now if if

don’t the Donald Trump like billionaire

was to pay off every one of his

properties today would he still be a

billionaire no what’s his idea his idea

is how long am I gonna live another 50

years 60 or 100 years how long am I

gonna live I’m gonna live a billionaire

and after that if my payments are being

made who cares

I already the partied my way out so this

entire deficit will go will be passed

down to the next generation I couldn’t

care less so the dollar the value of the

dollar goes down people’s the dollar at

the grocery store doesn’t go that far

and it can be blamed on him but what

does he care he already did his partying

and he’s gone in other words don’t think

about anyone but who yourself Gemma I’m

Alan wada this is the at the heart of

capitalist thinking at the heart at the

core of it now compare this to the mind

of the Muslim just one more smaller

example because this is dealing with

economics right a home you know home

ownership in this country is a big deal

and of course it bubbled and collapsed

and all of that but just put it in very

simple economic terms even like a an

elementary school child can understand a

hundred years ago somebody buys a house

you know somewhere in New York City

something somebody buys out let’s say

they pay 50 thousand for it but they

don’t buy it cash and they don’t buy it

interest-free they buy it on a mortgage

so they end up paying over 30 years not

50,000 what did they end up paying

150,000 okay now it’s time for them to

“Surah Al Humazah online”

sell it are they going to sell for

60,000 no they ended up putting in 150

so they should at least over 200 and 250

so they sailed for 250 the next buyer

comes in buys the place for 250 but he’s

didn’t buy it cash what did he buy it on

credit so he’s not going to pay 250 over

30 years he’ll pay four hundred five

hundred thousand when time comes for him

to sell it it keeps going up right so

what’s happened is first of all the

value of the currency went down

second of all those who could own a home

“Surah Al Humazah online”

a hundred years ago with that kind of

money can be still on a home generations

later no so you made the opportunity for

the next generation more and more and

more impossible this is what RIBA does

this is what GEMA and Milan what that

does it creates problems for the future

now compared this to the Muslim mind

the Muslim mind is you know you have an

old man who’s already got a foot in the

grave and he’s planting the seed in the

ground for a tree to grow and you ask

him you’re not going to be you’re not

going to live long enough for this tree

to grow and he says well it will give

somebody shade one day sabotage area for

me this is the mind of the Muslim rights

that’s what it’s supposed to be we think

about how the future will be benefited

“Surah Al Humazah online”

not you know live eat sleep drink and

die that’s it you know this is the this

is the the reversal of thought and

that’s really when we read this stuff we

shouldn’t just think about what’s

happening you know millennium and a half

ago this is these are realities of our


these are these are serious problems of

our time and unfortunately just because

we’re Muslim doesn’t mean that we

haven’t been engrossed in the deepest

depths of the black greed of capitalism

we ourselves have become really nasty

capitalists ourselves and we don’t think

about the greater good and serving

society and building the kinds of

institutions right we’ve become people

of a leader mohammed abdullah may Allah

protect us from it and get us out of

this mess

“Surah Al Humazah online”

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