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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 593

Good Death

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim in America

they wanted to they used to pray in a

rented facility and the owner of the

Masjid rented much it was a Jew and

everytime he sees the people or

masha’Allah more and more he raises the

rent until the Imam says we can’t afford

this so he told them that next month

we’re going to close so they were sad

one boy stood up youngster in his teens

or twenties he said why not buy the

whole facility and everybody laughed he

said how can we buy it if we can’t even

pay the rent said no if

inshallah there is a will there’s a way

and he was this a man who sells falafel

and he brought his savings for a whole

year and he said I was hoping to utilize

this in something that is good but

inshallah so he gave it to the Imam and

a man took the initiative and if they

started collecting and in three days

masha’Allah they managed to buy the

property from the Jew and it became a

full-fledged Masjid the community as

usual the Muslims masha’Allah

masha’Allah masha’Allah

they started backbiting the boy he’s a

show-off he didn’t do it for the sake of

allah azza wajal

look he doesn’t even have a beard no no

he did not do this for the sake of allah

that year he did not reply that here

allah azza wajal mashallah willed it and

he went for Hajj he gathered money he

got a gift he went for Hajj and on the

day of Arafah

while supplicated to allah he tied

Allah doesn’t give a good death except

you those who are good so definitely he

gave that money with sincerity and Allah

rewarded him with such a death may Allah

so she’ll make our death

likewise so if you die in a form of

Nevada in Hajj in praying while fasting

while doing something that Allah is

pleased with you this is a good death

but if you die with the remote control

skipping between American Idol and so

you could think you can dance or the

voice and you this is my solemn power I

was watching this I’m not talking about

pornography but this is that came into

my mind and you die like this this is an

awful death Allah did not intend well

for you so may Allah shall make our
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death easier


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