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Published on November 22nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 893

online Get Ijazah Quran

“Get Ijazah Quran online”

Getting Close To ALLAH”Get Ijazah Quran online”

there are two main obstacles that stand

between us and getting closer to a

massive Hannah what are two main

obstacles number one is the desire the

desire of loving ourselves and our

wealth and our family and our status our

position and the second obstacle is

fearing to lose ourself and our wealth

and our status and our family in this

society we are scared that scare that

fear makes us some obstacle between us

and getting closer to Allah the Sahara

the magician’s were able to overcome

both fears even though they were

promised by frown to be from the nearest

ones and they were threatened that they

will lose their soul and they will be

crucified still they made sujood and

they did not care about all four rounds

threat we have people some people

wallahi the majority of people around us

are very kind and loving people we have

some people that are threatening us

we’re gonna do this to you muslims we’re

gonna do this to you muslim specially

after what happened if the sahara a

“Get Ijazah Quran online”

frown if the magician’s of round can

transform from extreme cold extreme

disbelief extreme corruption to

believers in one day all the people who

are threatened us can happen the same

can happen to them too even though we do

not have the magic of Musa but we have

the magic of Islam and we can show the

magic of Islam through our earth left

through our treatment to our neighbors

through our laminate through our actions

through our business dealings with

others this is the magic we can use look

what musa alayhis salaam with one action

and they show and they saw the Huq they

saw the truth in

immediately instantly they became from

the worst afar to go into Jannah with

one sajda they did not sit with on a map

they did not sit with the Prophet even

with moosa alaih-is-salaam they just saw

one matter of truth and it was enough

for them to believe in allah subhana wa

ta’ala so the message that one is after

all this is what’s happening we have to

demonstrate Islam in every action that

we do you a doctor at the clinic you

teacher at school you businessman every

one of us to our neighbors we mentioned

the other day go to your neighbor and

tell them about Islam especially in this

month buy them a gift efe buy them a


“Get Ijazah Quran online”

show them the greatness of Islam when

the moment someone does some some act

like this a suicide Selim told us and

Muslim he defined who is the Muslim and

Muslim man Suleiman Nass mainly sani

ready the true Muslim is the one whom

people are safe people not only Muslims

people are safe from his tongue and from

his hand

subhanAllah I don’t think any longer

because this is a long topic but

brothers let’s live Islam and this the

magic that we can use to make everybody
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around us become Muslim

“Get Ijazah Quran online”


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