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Published on December 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 993

learn online Quran by skype

learn online Quran by skype

FUNNIEST EVER, Four Wives Joke, Mufti “learn online Quran by skype”

go home and praise the right people say

good words to them it will solve most of

your problems after the good words and

protect your tongue from saying sweet

words to those whom those words are

going to pierce their hearts and they

are not going to be able to do anything

hard about it

remember what I’ve said what’s the point

of going to someone whom you know

already that you’ve already got your

quota of four wives Marshall are you so

you’re sitting and you happy and you go

to someone else and you tell them how I

love you you’re so beautiful you so nice

is there any form of a la outcome of

those statements they said today we went

and we were told to come out and utter

good words so my darling here’s the best

of words are you gorgeous and so believe

me who are you talking to if you are

uttering those beautiful words to a

person whom they will be processed

through in a way that they will want to

do something about it which will never

be halal in that case we are sinning

remember that like the man they say the

one man and this is also a story that

I’ve heard very recently his wife

doesn’t listen you know what you have to

tell me you have to sway that you’re

going to be honest with me since I came

honest describe your love for me so the

man says he thinks for a moment and he

says you know what you are like my son

card I’m like a fool you know

without you I’m nothing wow so the woman

goes back has so happy and delighted wow

I’m so happy it’s the sweetest most

romantic thing I’ve ever heard imagine

without the sun card what is the phone

how many of us have phones no some car

can you have a phone no some car

“learn online Quran by skype”

you have a son car so then he walks out

and as he’s walking out he said and

she’s saying wow most romantic word I’ve

ever heard

he says she doesn’t know my phone has a

question Allah protect us what a delta

lines what a dirty mind but this is the

problem with us today we want to utter

words that just soothe people’s minds

when we don’t really mean them sometimes

why would he have spoken about the

dual-sim or a quad ‘some if he was

sincere he wouldn’t even have uttered

them may Allah protect us so the reason

I raised this is I know some of the

brothers are nudging each other to say

there is a quad sim in the market you


and believe me there is if you google it

you can see it on Google Images now you

just have to google the word quod saman

“learn online Quran by skype”

google image and you’ll see the phone

it’s available but that does not make

the relationship any better we need to

know that when you say beautiful words

you need to make sure that you are

uttering them to the right person and

you need to make sure you are not being

hypocritical by the will of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala for your spouse it’s

an act of worship to utter words to make

them smile to make them feel desire to

make them feel they are the most

important people in the world they will

come a time when you too will feel that

definitely they are the most important

people in this world

“learn online Quran by skype”

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