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Published on December 9th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 539

quran sharif online

quran sharif online

Fiqh of Love”quran sharif online”

ha ha ha

Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Malaya rahmanir rahim’ al-hamdu lillahi

rabbil alameen wa sallahu Salam o Allah

o villain villain mousseline nabina

muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi what

have been a momentary lvx an in illiyyun

within your bath

we always commence by praising Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala because he is the

one who gave us this life that we are

living and he is the creator of

absolutely everything and he is the one

who is in absolute control of every

aspect of our existence and we always

send blessings and salutations upon

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

because the goodness that we are in he

was the one chosen to actually deliver

it to us and his companion his household

they were chosen to be with him and they

were chosen to sacrifice right at the

beginning we asked Allah to bless them

all and to bless every single one of us

I mean my brothers and sisters as I

walked into this message I need to tell

you a few things we are here for the

love of Allah Muhammad Allah and I love

you for the sake of Allah perhaps we

don’t know each other

except maybe online and some of the

faces look like they are quite heavy

creatures here much

so we noticed some of the faces and I

say I think I know this face from

Twitter Subhan Allah before I came in

the vehicle I was noticing some of the

Treaty of the brothers and sisters

connected to this particular event and I

saw pictures of some of the brothers who

were seated here from salat al Assad you

know that so I felt so embarrassed

and when I walked in subhanAllah I

noticed that the heat was intense and

immense and I was telling myself I’m

going to cut this program short because

I don’t know how I will be sweating and

speaking and I brought very few tissues

here and I was about to ask the brothers

to say please can I have a box of

tissues but guess what happened when we

were reading celada mercy was packed

masha’Allah and the heat was intense and

I felt the sweat trickling down my back

and I thought to myself subhanAllah we

are here for who for Allah and Allah as

I sat on this chair I smiled because I

felt how cool it was masha’Allah a fan

in the back man in the front mesh can

only happen in Singapore by shower and I

see that the sisters as well mashallah

enthusiastically sitting here tonight’s

talk is in love that’s why I say I love

you all my brothers and sisters for the

sake of Allah and we may never get to

know each other personally because it’s

impossible for me to sit and shake hands

with so many people but inshallah

consider it’s a feeling from the heart

if I was able I would and if I meet you

sometimes incidentally somewhere perhaps

in a public place like a mall or maybe

an airport or somewhere don’t be

embarrassed too shy to greet and I won’t

be here

I will greet you and I would smile at

you whether you know me or not that

doesn’t mean much but let’s learn to

greet each other there is a major

problem amongst the people of the Ummah

we see our brothers and sisters and we

walk past them without even smiling

because we don’t know them and that’s a

prophecy of the prophet sallallaahu said

allah where he says there will come a

time when salaam will only be for merica

if you know the person or if you want

something from them you know them or

they are somebody distinguished so you

greet them salaam alaikum brother the

day you sell your mercedes-benz they

won’t be interested in greeting you

allah grant us all iPhone 7 is at hand

Allah so my brothers and sisters we

should not be only greeting those we

know know at least acknowledge the

people you don’t know as well

Salaam alaikum as you walk past its

nothing around you are greeting the

person you are acknowledging in fact we

should be acknowledging even the kuffar

around us perhaps not with the Islamic

greeting because they perhaps would know

good morning good afternoon good evening

and hi and good night better than they

would know the Islamic greeting and some

of them may be insulted by it and it’s

an Islamic injunction to be careful

officers but at the same time

acknowledge Greece when we are Muslims

imagine I was in the lift a few minutes

ago not too long ago maybe half an hour

ago I was in the list where I’m staying

and there were some people who were in

the list I don’t know who they were

where they were from but I greeted them

and I said good evening as I walked in

and they looked at me yes and they

acknowledged and a little while later as

they were leaving the lift on another

floor you know we had chatted they they

were asking me where you’re from and I

was asking where they were from and so

on and I said we have a nice

now my wife was with me and she says hey

it’s not day it’s night I said I didn’t

say have a nice day I said have a nice

day and I speak with tajweed so I hope

you understand and honestly if you don’t

understand what I say please send me an

email because it means I need to correct

myself and I love to be corrected I am

one of those who loves to speak

soulful language I want everyone to

understand and I open my mouth and I

speak quite clearly with the juries and

I’m sure you know that if the fact isn’t

it may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala make it

easy this is why when I entered the

brothers will will confirm I asked how’s

the sound is it loud because I want

people to hear me I don’t want to scream

in the hour can you yell what I’ll say

no let this microphone carry it we love

each other for the sake of Allah and we

need to be able to speak to each other

in a beautiful way when I look at you

when you look at me we need to feel the

bond of the Shahada

you know I treated an image this

afternoon or was it late morning of a

brother who gave me a big hug and I

didn’t really know where it was but

later on I remembered you know what

happened I was in the city known as The

Vow do you know where that is

it’s in the Philippines masha’Allah

beautiful place and we had an open Q&A

session question and answer session and

one brother was enthusiastically putting

up his hand for asked the question you

know so a little while later serious

what is the question and he got the

microphone that’s it I just want a big

hug from you so I got up and gave him a

big hug

masha’Allah and somebody captured that

image and they sent it to me today and I

remember it was

“quran sharif online”

I don’t know him I can’t recall his name

but I know that he shared with me the

Shahada and he might have been going

through whatever he was or maybe he

wasn’t but he just wanted that

reassurance the feeling of love between


my brothers and sisters it is they will

all without the hug may Allah Subhanahu

WA Ta’ala help us hug each other with

good words depletions masha’Allah Allah

Subhanahu WA ala grant us goodness so it

was such a nice feeling as I entered I

asked how was the sound and when I

opened my mouth here and now I was happy

that mashallah the Masjid is definitely

upgraded I was here last year and it was

not looking as harsh as it is today

mashallah this is the house of Allah

we’re so happy to be here this evening

my brothers and sisters so think for a

moment and I’m going to dive into the

topic when I say I love you

or when you say I love you to someone

firstly who do you say – and what do you

mean think about it for a moment I think

a lot of us when we think of I love you

it all depends on how you’re saying if I

say brothers and sisters I love you for

the sake of Allah the tone of that shows

you that the love is not love you see

it’s a different tone right so it would

mean something slightly different

wouldn’t it it is because the rights

that are to be fulfilled of those view

after those words to upgrate when you

say I love you to someone

you are reconfirming the rights that

they have over you and the fact that you

will fulfill them in order to please

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala but let’s face


today when young people and sometimes

even those who are slightly older when

they tell the opposite sex I love you a

lot of the time it’s connected to some

feature that is external and physical so

you see someone looking very very good

pretty or handsome or gorgeous or famous

or someone of that nature I love you

which means I love the way you look I

love your money that’s owed it also mean

but we just said I love you you your

money is an extension of you and this is

why the infatuation of some of the

people and the way they say I love you

and they expect to be told I love you

too it’s like a common with like salam

alayka wa alaikum assalam so i love you

i love you do that’s not the answer of i

love you

not necessarily it depends who is saying

it when they are saying it why they are

saying it how they are saying it may

Allah Subhanahu Allah make us genuine

maybe make us sincere because I’ve seen

many cases even marriages people claim

that they love each other but actually

they don’t they end up marrying and they

start fighting because we can no longer

go out to eat every day we can no longer

be on a perpetual honeymoon and we can

no longer be people who you know live

the life of the night every evening

where we go out to the parties and so on

love is not all about that love is about

sacrifice when you say I love you to

someone in essence you are actually

telling them I care for you to the

degree that I will fulfill all your

rights and I will look after you through

thick and thin may allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala grant us happy homes

and the reason why I start off with the

love of the opposite sex is because

generally when we say assistant na and

people see a big heart you know I always

wonder why they use the heart to depict

love even on whatsapp have you noticed

what they did now if you put one heart

it becomes big it starts pumping have

you noticed that yes it suddenly becomes

big and it goes do you seen that well I

have as well and don’t worry I send it

to the right people myself so it’s

because it’s supposed to come from the

heart but nowadays it comes from the

tank so I think they should show a turn

rather than a heart they should just

show us how I love you in there you know

Hannibal Allah forgive us because we act

with our talents what’s not in our heart

we say what we do not do and we do the

opposite of what we say so I love you

and five minutes later you see someone a

little bit prettier I love you now

that’s what it is or a month later the

money runs out if you say well now I

love the other guy why because he’s

taking me into a bigger party yes you

can no longer take me to the party this

is why those who really love one another

they stick with one another even through

difficult days they are a pillar of

support look at those who married a long

time back when they married for the

right reasons and this is why we need to

take cue from the hadith of the Prophet

peace be upon him where he speaks about

marriage and he says you marry the

opposite sex for several reasons some

marry for looks some marry for wealth

some marry for lineage some marry for

various other issues in some marry for

the Dean for the religion or for

“quran sharif online”

character and conduct combined with a

religion known as a Dean so he says the

one who is most successful or if you

wish to be the most successful you need

to consider the last point as

the most strong the strongest of the lot

which means I will look at what my

spouse looks like yes and if I’m

comfortable with it doesn’t have to be

drop-dead gorgeous have you ever thought

of that statement drop-dead gorgeous

have you heard it before

yes you have have you ever thought of

why they say because a little while

later when the gorgeousness goes then

you actually dropped it because we start

developing wrinkles in no time

have you seen that people get married

and a while later they get gray hair

what happened my brother stress not

mistress but just the stress may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala forgive us like i

heard someone say the other day that you

know we’re lost Hannah no Atalla Grant

disease cricket lady now the mobile

phone has taken over completely

it has enslaved us honestly so they say

when you see a missed call you don’t get

worried but when you see a missus call

and you get really worried that may

allah subhanahu wata’ala forgive us so

we need to learn from the hadith of the

prophet sallallaahu tell them that we

will have a peep at what your spouse

looks like not even have a people own

but you need to be comfortable with what

they look like but that’s not the only

thing that you should be looking at it’s

one of the things but it’s not the prime

item I tell you why in a few years

looks change people say handsome come

and see me 20 years down the line you


may Allah forgive us we won’t want to

see take a look at your own photographs

of a long time back anyone who’s 50-plus

masha’Allah a few years ago you how are

you looking you might see the pigeons in

handsome and you says you owe me okay

okay you look at the mirror and you say

oh I wish I look like this no it changes

with the changing of time it actually

changes whether you like it or not you

can be whoever whoever it changes so we

get to the Hadees where he speaks of

wealth you marry for money guess what

happens it goes and if it doesn’t go you

go before it it’s a fact your wealth

either gold or you go one of the tools

and when you go the others fight over it

the more you leave the bigger the fight

because there is a larger amount at

stake so if you’ve left five hundred

dollars when you guys no one’s worried

because they say haha take it okay okay

you must remember a lot is very welcome

in Allah your portion you have to take

you cannot deny part of the injunction

but if you’ve left 500 million guess

what happens suddenly everyone is

related to you they become a relative I

have known of a case among the Muslims

where they’ve gone into DNA testing in

order to prove the point may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala forgive us just

because there were millions left the

same people if there was a small amount

left it wouldn’t have been the case this

is why Allah says spend spend in his


don’t be miserly spend on your family

your children spend on a good cause

because whatever you spend goes down

next to your name you spent it whatever

you leave behind some

one else’s name is written next to it

you know that

so you marry for well you will be tested

you marry for looks you will be tested

you marry because someone you consider

them lineage okay

the status power Authority this person

is a mayor and they will only marry

someone who comes from another mayor’s

family mayor mashallah Allah grant us

all goodness and may he make us fulfill

our obligations as they are meant to be

fulfilled and I’m sure from amongst us

they are mayor’s who do a good job may

Allah make it easy for them a lot can

drop a person down in high seconds you

know that how many have dropped Allah

protect us

FIFA what happened to FIFA you know and

the reason I say it is because it’s

fresh in the news you know what happened

suddenly there was a big letdown and

then I heard one of them say well the

ball is wrong it can be kicked anywhere

said oh you trying to justify we don’t

know whether allegations are true or not

that’s a fact but the reality is they’ve

been made and it’s been a big letdown

for a lot of people so many companies

have said look this is something that we

were not expecting and it’s very bad for

the image of football yet one hour prior

to that the same people had no clue that

their faces were going to be splattered

all over the media in a derogatory way

did they so from the seven star hotel

luxury home into a little prison in how

many minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes life

changed completely imagine the amount of

distress and if they are innocent they

probably will come out innocent but look

at the distress who did that well

sometimes their own do

and sometimes it’s just a test from

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala so lots of

hella ho dollar can test us in any way

in any way but if you have based your

choice of marriage on a person that you

really look up to in terms of the

character they conduct the way they are

connected to allah the way they speak

their for lightness their sweetness

their the manner that they interact with

people the way they care for the rest of

humanity these qualities can only get

better as time partner if a person is of

good character the chances of that good

character being or becoming bad a

minimized or they are made small as the

person grows older in fact those who

have been grown up or those who have

grown up with bad habits and character

as they grow older the chances of them

coming towards goodness growth so this

is why we say if you have this character

and conduct and dedication to the Dean

and to Allah and Amidala that you have

looked at you are the winner

the hadith says pubs are without it Dean

become victorious by marrying the one

who has been and the meaning of Dean is

the one who has a link with Allah the

one who’s developed their character and

conduct it’s explained in another hadith

of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam where he is speaking of it to the

olia of the females and he is saying

either attack commenced alone at dinner

what palooka who says that we do who if

someone has proposed to marry your

daughter and they happen to be a person

who has exemplary or good character and

conduct if you are happy with their

level of deen and character then let

them get married if your daughter is

happy with it let it happen if you don’t

there will be great chaos on earth this

is the Hadees of

prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so we

learn from this that love is based on

something deeper than just the time

something deeper than physical looks

look it’s deeper than that

we are lots of Hana Hana Tala help so

what is the ultimate love what is it

that we are we grow upward you know one

might talk about the love of our parents

it’s a different type of love all

together but let’s pause for a moment

and speak about what we mean when we say

I love you too mom and dad and what they

mean when they say I love you what

parents mean when they say I love you to

their children and what they are

supposed to be doing to prove that love

so I need to spend the moment because a

lot of us are lost in this regard you

tell your child I love you I love you so

much oh my son I love you so now in the

son does something wrong I love you I

love you don’t worry let’s go to the

mall you want to buy candy let’s let’s

go buy it

you want the whole box of chocolates

it’s yours what else do you want to do

this you can do it you want to buy food

go buy it you want to do this go and

have it is that luck let’s be honest

giving your childhood ever the child

ones who I love my dad that’s what it’s

become today we cannot correct them and

we cannot accept correction

that’s what it is I love my dad why he

buys everything for me look at that well

I these are statements made by kids I

love my mom who she’s cool she doesn’t

tell me anything I can bring my friends

over any time and I can do whatever I


you know mom she’s so cool man you heard

that oh I love her but the minute mom

gets you up in the morning for salat and

puzzles that is true love mom

don’t you love me

you don’t want me to sleep this is a

fact this is why when we speak on the

fifth of love you know the essence of

this love what is supposed to be shown

in our deeds actions and words to prove

this love it’s not that mum gets you up

for salat on fudger or dad scold you

sometimes or disciplines you by telling

you to stand in the corner there or by

telling you listen you’ve got to give me

your iPad and we are going to take it

away for one week because of what you

said to your school teacher if you were

for example vulgar or you lie or you did

something bad part of the love of your

mother and father for you is to

discipline you as a child remember this

then you say I love you mum thank you so

much for correcting but sometimes you

will only realize this when you grow old

and have your own children and they will

still think you don’t love them but now

you realize your mum loved you your

dad’s sacrifice cream you love your

child spend time with them spending time

with them a lot of it sit with the poor

on with your child and open it up and

make them read make them read meaning

teach them be patience with them a lot

of us are impatient we say I love you my

child what love you don’t even have the

time to spend with your children and you

claiming you love them your love means

something else it means for as long as

you don’t mess for as long as I don’t

need to teach you anything for as long

as I don’t need to tell you anything I

love you it’s okay it’s a statement from

my mouth when your child does something

wrong how do you correct the child that

also will prove how much you love the

child you don’t have to yell you don’t

have to beat up your child in order to

prove love’s not at all you need to

address the matter here in this country

a few days ago we were faced with people

or young men do a brainwashed online

perhaps and they decided to

you know engage or do things that were

not taught by Islam at all thinking that

it’s Islam one of the reasons is there’s

a vacuum somewhere which was being

filled by someone online that’s what it

is and I am quite sure that one of the

solutions of that is to consolidate the

relationship in the home between parents

and children you don’t need to keep a

nag and spy on your kids but you need to

have such a brilliant relationship that

they won’t be the needs to spy because

they will confide in you they will get

their knowledge from you they will get

guidance from you they see you going to

the Masjid they see who you connect with

they want to connect with similar people

because they see the positive impact it

has had in your life

the problem with us we don’t have a

connection with the machine we don’t go

to the shower and all the cellular all

the lectures whatever you want to call

it we don’t attend we’re not connected

to any of the scholars so when the

children want to turn to Allah they’ve

got nowhere to go you never take them to

the house of Allah you don’t come and

attend at all you show no interest you

don’t even read your own salah so the

child starts googling and when they

start googling they build up bolas

completely Mik we get out because they

are getting knowledge from unknown

sources and these extremists are using

the Internet wholesale trust me they

have departments where they concentrate

on young people they concentrate on the

frustrations of the of the young and the

youth and they give them soothing words

it’s like some of the racists do you

know what they do

they prey on the unsuspecting by telling

them they care and they love and so on I

love you oh no one’s ever told me I love

you to work well like this is happening

and it’s happening online I love you in

it’s like a password through your heart

that’s what we say I love you if heart

is open loop now you can do what you

want the next thing I want to meet you

okay let’s meet for coffee who was that

well I he if the parents have been

saying I love you truly to that child

and they’ve been taking a keen interest

in the life of the child spending time

to go out and have clean fun with the

child no there is no benefit or it will

not help you to say listen you know to

go here and go there is harms or such at

home to go here and to go there is haram

so to go to the other places this place

and the other place is a lot it’s okay

we will go we will have fun and we will

have fun as a family and we’re going to

go on an outing by the way tomorrow is

the holiday you can practice you can

start charlie take your kids out and

Chandler go somewhere spend the time

within the day go picnicking dad for

once each other cook

allah subhanahu wata’ala help us so you

spend time with them you’ve taken them

they’ve come out with you

“quran sharif online”

they’ve seen you you play for them you

rode a boat with them you went out to

the sling with them what’s it called

Subhan Allah

reverse bungee have you heard that it’s

here they were showing me they were

trying to talk me into going there I

told them no that’s child’s play tell me

we do skydiving may allah subhanahu


bless us this is clean fun people wonder

why on earth did you go skydiving well

I’m talking about it today and that’s

what I’m telling you and you know the

alternatives for our children what are

they it may not be something as

difficult as a skydive but it will be

something that will keep them occupied

they have something to talk about you

know really because it’s better than a

nice Club and it’s better than so many

other things that they want to do that

that sometimes their friends pressurize

them into doing when you go to school on

a Monday morning the children go to

school and what do they hear oh I

watched that movie did you see now

they’re 51 shades of grey stop forgive


they added one more shade guess what

that shade is the last shade of grey is

called black allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

forgive us

it darkens you darkens your heart

completely chases away the moon chases

away everything so if you are not going

to in fact when they do these things

they start thinking what’s this all

about when they come home you know

nothing about it because you living in

the 60s death that’s what it is you need

to be alert you need to know what’s

going on you need to know it and you

need to be able to talk about it and you

need to be able to tell your child

listen you know what that’s not what

we’re supposed to be doing because and

then you start rattling out the reasons

proper reasons

and they hear how people went to the

nightclub and they enjoyed themselves

with drugs and alcohol and the children

hear about it and when they hear about

it what do they think you know after

some time some of the children might be

trapped by Shaitaan because of peer

pressure and you need to know be a

pressure is a reality it can make a

child suicidal do you know that some

have already committed suicide because

of peer pressure and so we need to be

alert it’s the love we’re talking about

that love should make you be concerned

enough to be able to take your child and

to go on an outing have fun climb the

mountains go mountain climbing

marshana go biking right through all

martial art around the corner giving

subhanallah go somewhere do something

constructive occupy liam was something

permissible not necessarily something

that is you know direct active worship

only something permissible so you go and

have fun time of Salah you make it very

interesting to fulfill Salah because you

know children nowadays you tell them

Salah design and you tell them movies

they all day much other so you mix Allah

as interesting is that an even more by

not delaying don’t read long prayers you

know when I read with dad you know dad

says he wants to read me a story from a

good Islamic book but when he says to

read 45 minutes later he’s reading and

we all dozing read it for five minutes

you don’t have to read it you read it

and just give a summary to your children

Oh today we have DVDs we have audio CDs

we have mp3s we have the Internet

we have YouTube you select something

very interesting and place let it be

short this is the reason why I prefer

for talks to be between 30 minutes to 1

hour not more 30 minutes is good child

45 minutes okay how long do

for today Oh someone says two hours is

it you said two hours I don’t think the

women will agree they’ve been here since

go hannahsz Allah accept us all so my

brothers and sisters yes something short

be considerate of them when I’ll see

young children sitting in the talk I

feel for them you said you know what

this child is children are staying awake

let me round up quickly subhanAllah Oh

make it very interesting that they don’t

mind sitting everything is while they

are smiling and looking at you and

laughing because they’ve caught the joke

everything mashallah a moment a light

moment but we can no longer you know you

look at a sermon in a way that we are

blasting the people for two hours they

will all look at you and feel the heat

of Jahannam already allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala forgive us the times have

changed the message is not changed so

the method of delivery will need to

change but the content will not change I

will still call you towards Allah but

we’ll give you a beautiful example still

calling towards wearing your hijab but

we give you beautiful examples why it’s

the love it’s the care we care for we

understand the environment we have to

understand the environment when you love

your sisters for example for the sake of

Allah and the brothers you need to

understand they are living in a

situation that makes it difficult for

them to abide by Islamic rulings they

need a lot of courage they need a lot of

good words they need people who who will

encourage them in a sweet beautiful way

and they need a pat on the back they

need to be able to be acknowledged the

fact that they are trying so many of us

discourage our brothers and sisters

without knowing that they’ve come a long

long way from where they were some time

back for you to be seated here in the

house of Allah it is my duty to

acknowledge that you are

guest of allah and so the first people

and you have come here to listen to a

good speech you did not come here to

listen to politics you did not come here

for me to be name-calling the rest of

the Muslim woman this guy is that that

guy is a deviant and this guy is like

this no that’s not what you are here for

you want to hear something uplifting

something that you can go back home

apply it in your life and feel like a

good Muslim am i right well that’s why I

am here I also want to feel like a good

Muslim and I want to feel a part of your

family that’s the fact so you are the

guest of Allah

yes what so online I need to respect you

I need to love you I need to say words

that are correct and upright you don’t

want to hear things that are far off

from what Allah has taught and his Rasul

have taught agreed so we will continue

reminding what Allah has said I was

speaking about the bearers and the

children were like it’s a topic it’s a

huge topic the love you love your child

you correct the child but the manner in

which you speak with your children you

know many times a typical scenario mum

and dad or sometimes dads sometimes mum

sometimes both of them do not

participate in the lives of their

children for many years they don’t

discuss topics they are not they are

closed you know our fathers and our

forefathers their generations were

different they did not use to speak I’ve

never heard my dad tell my mom I love

you but I know he probably not more than

the last we understand when we say I

love you to our own spouses hey that

doesn’t mean I don’t love my family

which I do I do

mashallah but without uttering if they

knew it

and then they did not wait for one

another to say I love you if they did

say it they may have said it behind

closed doors I wonder what their fathers

did their mothers did today everyday if

you do not send twins

text messages to your wife or husband I

love you there will be a mini Judgment

Day when you get that hope in the time

men allah subhanho wa taala help us

ready and we have internet what’s that

recalling readers but still we don’t use

it send it send the roses it doesn’t

cost you a thing you can send the whole

garden a lot SAP and guess what costed

you nothing

the only thing that’s missing is the

smell I think soon there will be

technology I was reading about Ebola he

did without a joke I’m not joking I’m

serious they are saying that very soon

technology will get to the point where

you will be able to send this smell

through your mobile device I see people

saying go and read about it check Google

will confirm my brothers and sisters so

it’s very important for us to know that

while technology has advanced and

communication has been made so easy with

people who are very far away from you we

sometimes forget those who are the

nearest those who are the nearest like I

said our terrors we didn’t hear and play

that but in our case you have to and you

have to spend more time and the

sacrifice levels are less you have to

admit you have to agree a long time ago

they would sacrifice I recall a case

where people talked of marital


they separated for a long time and many

years later they got together house on

fire a problem solved everything gone

masha’allah but they sacrifice for about

I think between five and ten years we

“quran sharif online”

were very young but I recall this

mashallah a problem resolved today five

to ten minutes we get irritated on the

sphere we cannot handle sleeping in the

couch separately and gone you won’t see

me out of the gate out of the door

whereas Allah forgive us really love is

tested at the time of sacrifices when

the person you claim to love is now

going through the most difficult times

of their life do you still stand by them

do you still look at their tears and

wiped them off and say I love you that

is far more genuine when they have been

embarrassed when they’ve been struggling

with something when they’ve lost their

money lost their job do you still stand

by them and you still say I love you

subhanAllah may Allah help us to

sacrifice sacrifice for our own children

like I say I was giving you the example

of how people don’t play a role in the

lives of their children and then at the

age of 18 your son comes and says you

know I want to marry this person you

said no way not over my dead body

so it’s 90 days the son getting a photo

jdoah Allah take my father away

because he needs to go such a simple

matter if you were really interested and

play the role from the very beginning

you would have guided your child as to

what to do and what not to do and your

child would have come to you not when

it’s too late your daughter comes to you

and says you know what song Allah may

Allah forgive us

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala not do

that to us but an example that needs to

be given is an unwanted pregnancy will

your child come up to you to confess

what to say I need your help there I

need your help mum

if that’s the case there is love between

you you need to get up and help them if

you don’t they will get help from

somewhere else you may lose them even as

a Muslim they made a mistake very bad is

it happening it’s happening in our

communities yes in our communities how

are they dealing with a world go and

find out so if that happens in your case

may Allah never make it happen to us but

if it does and it may and it can you

need to know how to deal with it true

love would make you stand up rise to the


embrace your child say Jack I’m very

very let down by what you’ve done but

let’s see what how we can deal with this

let’s see how best we can deal with this

go for help seek some counseling take

your child here and there ask for

religious rulings see what’s the case

what has happened and you don’t need to

scream and yell because that doesn’t

help we need to be disciplined people a

few years ago the advice would have been

different but today the world has

changed like I said the ruling remains

the same it’s still wrong it will not be

right but how to deal with the wrong in

a way that it is not repeated in a way

that we do not lose the person as a

Muslim people have left

lamb because their parents have not

dealt with them in a correct way

when they make mistakes and here come

the church and it provided shelter and

health come we’ll give you help so the

people converted while larger I know of

cases why should that be the case when

we have a perfect Dean the problem with

us sometimes we have contaminated it

with cultural norms that happen to be

far from the Dean and we’ve always said

culture comes with a lot of goodness but

where it makes life difficult for people

and where it contradicts Islam and what

Allah has revealed then we will say that

culture is not good let me give you an

example today I heard earlier on and

this is my fourth session for today so

you know I might be looking a bit tired

but I’m trying not to look tired I’m

pretending now candolyn earlier today I

heard that a lot of boys and men are not

getting married in Singapore they

Delaine is that true oh I heard the yes

it sounded quite feminine much

the truth is there must be a reason

there has to be a reason maybe it’s too

expensive maybe we have a culture that

charges them too much maybe there is

something wrong in society where it’s

unassuming that’s the problem I’m not

supporting the men but I’m saying deal

with your crisis stop selling the girl’s

father says I need 25,000 hey I left to

work for 25 years because I save a

thousand a year so adultery happens for

25 years three and ones that keep no

problem I need my twenty five thousand

is that the attitude I hope not but it

is in some countries I’m not too sure

about the culture here I promise you I

don’t know I haven’t asked anyone but

I’m just presuming that there has to be

something if I were to ask you and sit

with you I would get to the bottom of it

and I’m sure you know what the problem


there is something wrong we demand too

much we’ve become people who’ve made

marriage difficult so adults we become

easy where is the love of Allah where is

the true love for our daughters when we

are making life difficult for them they

want to marry they have someone they

want to marry but not he’s going to

reverse unembarrassed

if he’s ready to leave it open the door

I am fly down to Singapore to get that

nicka done if the need be so what we the

river is probably cleaner than you and

me he’s got a slate that is half flesh

the pages of his book are not even the

first ones not yet full and ours 20

pages of sons are already filled and we

say Reva I’m not accepting what love do

you have for Allah what love do you have

for the Rasool what love do you have for

the Sunna what love do you have for his

lab what hope do you have for your son

what love do you have for your daughter

that’s not love

that is your pride and your own private

what it does it shows that when you say

I love you it’s just a hypocritical

statement that means nothing you don’t

love them it’s only a statement of

convenience you want to show us to

people that in my family every

we happen perfect whereas you are living

in a very imperfect world perfection

will only be in general not here so if

you are too embarrassed about the truth

it means you don’t really love Allah and

in Rasul and you don’t really love your

family members it’s a fact you need to

get up you cannot do on your child

simply because they made a mistake

that’s not luck you need to correct them

you need to stand by them Allah blessed

you with the child the child came up and

told you something that you did not like

the child has now yes caused some

embarrassment I do agree it might be

embarrassment but that does not mean

that you now need to deal with it in a

way that will embarrass the entire Ummah

you need to get up and deal with it in a

beautiful way you need to ask a lot of

guidance cry for the help of Allah and

try and help make facilitate make it


may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help us

all the next time I come here in sha

allah i want to hear that the bulk of

the boys are married I’m sure the girls

want to marry as well so the father’s

please can you make it easy for everyone

and the mothers please make it easy

don’t worry have a simple wedding the

most Baraka the most blessing are in

those weddings that have the least

amount of money used and cost have a

simple wedding have any cart in the

Masjid and guess what distribute some

plates of sweets and that’s it

masha’Allah that was your redeemer small

one where he just gave sweet meats to

everyone that’s not wrong it doesn’t

“quran sharif online”

mean you need to live up to the Joneses

in my part of the world do you know what

happens people go to the bank to get a

loan in order to prove that we have had

a big wedding they keep on paying back

the loan I like

and the marriage is broken and they are

now having another marriage the loan is

the lows of the first marriage is still

being raised imagine and the loan is now

taking from another bank because you too

embarrassed to go to the first man gets

a daughter needs to marry again a lots

of givers

this is when we want to make a show

don’t make a show be real the happiest

of homes are those that are real not

those that are just to show you get

tired of the show after a while your

husband cannot afford a BMW 7-series no

problem inshallah you drive a Toyota

like mine hamdulillah

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us you

might want to know what car drive it’s

called a Toyota Auris

have you come across it and horas small

little car mashallah hand Allah and I

also have a little vampire by the will

of Allah

but it’s still a Toyota isn’t it allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala commenter’s goodness

and he’s and by the way we get the

leftovers from Singapore do you know

that they come to our country than they

are sold on our speed

I drove a Mark X for many years which

came from Singapore do you know that

you’re one of you might have owned it I

don’t even know that that’s why I’m

smiling so much but by the way I sold it

from the land but my brothers and

sisters if you want your husband or your

spouse or your you know your family

member to have the posh vehicle and

listen to live in the upmarket area

before they marry it’s not going to

happen it’s not going to happen we use

public transport and handling that I

don’t mind one lucky I don’t mind

jumping into a little taxi or a bus I

really don’t mind if that’s how it is

that’s how it should be no matter who

you are learn to understand the reality

shouldn’t be a show it’s not a sure

we’re not living in a movie where we are

active because go and ask the same

actors in real life they are struggling

for life they are struggling read about

them like I told you share Google knows

a lot a lot he does he will tell you so

many things their love lives are upside

down because of the glamour and the

glitter and that’s it they are changing

boyfriends and girlfriends like they

change underwear some of you might say

that means they don’t really change


Allah Allah Allah Allah forgive us

really upside down the breaking people

prefer not to get married today in the

Western world you know what’s happening

they prefer to just be a fascist my


sometimes they mini fascist scholar


I don’t want commitment because we are

no longer genuine when we say I love you

you can’t even make a commitment that’s

what it is so my brothers and sisters

now let’s speak up to the children for a

few minutes regarding your appearance if

your father or mother never corrects you

they do not love you remember that if

they tell you get opposed a lot of

budget they have to love for you if they

correct the way you speak if they

correct the way you walk they love you

if they correct the way you address

people your character if they correct

the way you eat they love you if they

correct the way you pray they love you

if they constantly tell you what’s right

and wrong they love you but if they buy

everything and anything you want they do

not love you I just saying I love you

because they just want to keep you quiet

it’s like the people who say my child

makes a lot of noise so what do you do

well I turn on the TV and put them in

front of the television and that’s in

quiet give them the iPad and tell them

play Angry Birds so all my birds are

angry allah subhanahu wata’ala help us I

always wanted to ask someone to create a

game called happy Birds really to make

my day people

it’s not good enough to to be happy at

the silence of your child no oh my child

is quiet so well-behaved they’re not

well-behaved they are being

indoctrinated even through games a lot

of the games breach violence and I’m

saying preaching because it’s become a

religion you know that and these games

are made by the same people who call us

terrorists really they make these games

where you get points to kill people that

is terrorism they are training little

children to become terrorists and they

are telling us I would never allow my

child to play such a game never no

matter how popular it is and when I say

never allow I won’t just tell them this

is not allowed

sit them down and explain to them why

and the heart of it and look at this

and this is why I believe that such

games should be banned across the globe

because they really are unacceptable

because it’s just again just again go

and see the amount of shootings

happening in the United States of

America in the schools little children

going to shoot their teachers because

the teacher didn’t give them a hundred

to take the college’s and so many other

places people disagree with each other

the gun is out next thing shoot you

shoot so many bikers did its effect the

most murders on earth are committed in

those countries that have made the whole

country play these games and it’s

considered the envy what love do they

have for the nation I think we need to

love our nation’s enough to be able to

contribute positively to a nation not

negatively what have you done and you

invented something

have you been a part of the renovation

of this messaging have you contributed

in some way to your community to your

nation that is love of the nation that

is love of the Masjid that is love of

the community love of the Ummah love of

humanity at last the concern when you

see the enemies of Islam

those who detest is none what have you

done to try and bring them closer to

Islam you need to love the creatures of

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala obviously love

is of different levels I don’t expect

you to love a movement and they will

move me the same but what we do need to

know is we they all have rights like I

said at the beginning love true love

would be a commitment to fulfill the

rights of those whom you uttered the

words fulfill your eyes brother the

person is a human being my brother my

sister my father my mother if these

people are not Muslim what is my duty

towards and they are not Muslim do I

just take a journey through all of them

and realize that’s what we’ve been

taught by Isis stop little ah that’s not

this laughs not at all Islam is to treat

them so well the Quran says the

non-muslim parents of yours go out

sacrifice for them fulfill the duties

towards them serve them the only thing

is if they try and bring you back to the

old faith of their that you don’t go if

they try to make you do things that are

in the displeasure of a lot you don’t do

bad even though they are trying you

still continue to fulfill their – be

kind to them and good what India hidaka

a la sharika Bhima a Celica Billy Inman

philosopher Huma was a hippie who

married in yamaja

look at the love between parents

Allah says if they are struggling and

striving the term uses Jogja data if

they work hard on you to associate

partners with Allah to remove you from

Islam to take you back to the old faith

then don’t follow that much but the

verse continues to say you will still

continue to fulfill their rights live

with them in a good way

peaceful way serving them still in this

life imagine non-muslim parents because

the concern we are supposed to be having

for the non-muslim is such that we

should want to see them come to this

goodness but when we live our lives in

such a way that they cannot see any

goodness in our lives how do we expect

them to come to the goodness Allah help

us so my brothers and sisters the little

children that we were speaking to a few

moments ago let us concentrate on them

let us help them what is the point of

sending them to top schools when we

haven’t yet taught them elephant bath we

haven’t yet taught them how to read


they never witnessed a speak after for

Allah what would they do a day will come

when they might meet someone by the help

of Allah who might guide them towards

the goodness but who knows after a

little while they might be misguided by

people who are waiting like vultures in

order to prey on these children so they

are oh it’s your duty well lucky it’s

your duty if you know what’s going on

you would be alive then it’s your duty

as parents to care for your children to

spend time with them to smile at them to

look at them to tell them you love them

even when you’re disciplining them

repeat I love you so many times

while taking away the iPad I love you so


I wouldn’t want to do this I really I’ve

done it with my own children

and I’m telling you it’s not easy to see

your child cry for the iPad but you said

you know I don’t want to do this but I

have to discipline you I have to make

sure this doesn’t happen you have to

this is a punishment that says I have to

take his iPad away trust me it is more

painful than any beating that that child

would have got in the previous

generations when I was young I wouldn’t

have minded the beating walloping I

wouldn’t have minded him

but today they mind in a bigger way when

you take away a gadget of this a toy out

there that’s it

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala helped us in

fact there is a certain age after which

you give a child some form of gadget

before which you do not give them these

electronic gadgets

it sends their growth allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala helped us all so these are the

some of the pointers regarding parents

and children but let’s get to society

community we love each other for the

sake of Allah that’s what we said right

are we competitive one another

we come to the Masjid the house of Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

today is boiling it’s hot do you agree

and somehow Allah is humid the fans

cannot face everyone not everyone can be

under the bed

much Allah we’ve got a huge back the

first time

the first time I saw these fans was here

in Singapore and Marshall I was so

impressed and I seen such a big fan I

think if this was a helicopter would

have taken off but my brothers and

sisters it may not reach everyone you

need to be people who care for one

another one of the beautiful teachings

of Islam is that when you’re smelling

offensive don’t come to the Masjid until

you deal with the smell did you know

that if you’ve eaten fresh onions go and

wash your mouth finally before you come

to the Masjid you will offend people

these are your brothers in Islam you are

going to say they know so often who

snuck in with your mouse over that

someone else is saying they’re putting

their fingers on their noses and you are

seeing all our guide me to the straight

path and he’s saying next time guide

yourself not to eat the onions

it’s a fact it happens first creation we

perspire use some underarm if you have a

problem of perspiration that is

offensive in smell understand it’s part

of your duty this is what love is all

about to be considerate of the other you

love them well when you are selling

something don’t just put a price that is

mad we consider it says you know what

these are human beings I’ll make my

profit and each other they will be happy

with the commodity that’s love but to

“quran sharif online”

rip them off completely and say oh I

made my money and you go away they’re

all look at you say that’s the crew even

though you’re driving your bin no

problem they don’t like you the reason

is you have no feeling for them where’s

the love this is why we need to be

charitable charities will give learn to

view and giving is not only money your

time effort energy your expertise

sometimes you’re a doctor well go and

volunteer somewhere for a short period

of time see what happened that’s the

love you have for Humanity at large

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala accepted from

us so in a nutshell in this whole hour

do you know one hours gone 58 minutes 59

minutes on the dot I hope I’ve spoke

imagine there’s so much of love we

didn’t even feel the time right that’s

the fifth of

I hope I’ve spoken about a few pointers

of loud and the main thing is we need to

be genuine we need to sacrifice we need

to be able to understand the message of

Allah synonymous as don’t just utter the

words I love you to people without

meaning it you love for the sake of

Allah come the last yes and you can love

someone even for your own sake Alejandra

in the sense it’s your spouse they give

you comfort but remember that love is

always governed by the limits of Allah

subhanAllah when the person you love the


tells you to do something against the

“quran sharif online”

instruction of Allah that’s why it stops

whether it is a spouse or anyone else a

child a parent whoever it is may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us all my

brothers and sisters I really want to go

on but guess what I have the worst news


I have a flight to catch

tappan Allah Allah make it easy for us

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala bless you in

this beautiful country of singapore may

he protect you from extremism may he

protect you from instability and may he

grant you such goodness that the nation

flourishes in a way that even the

non-muslims the Alliance that Islam is a

religion of peace

Allah Allah Allah grant you the love in

your homes the love in your communities

in your masajid the love everywhere else

may Allah protect us from falling in

love with the devil I mean because when

we say everything is all about love with

the devil it’s all about hate we detest

the devil we don’t like the devil we are

supposed to be disliking the devil no

love between us and the devil but

sometimes the devil loves us because we

me Masada’s our early morning we find

that he finds that that Mossad has been

successful he he makes us sleep when he

keeps on telling us you know if you are

“quran sharif online”

to show yourself as a Muslim you are

going to be embarrassed people are not

going to look at you in a good way so we

are embarrassed to even appear as Muslim

in let that not happen

be proud of your identity for indeed

that is what will take you to Jenna

one day when you die and you come face

to face with the Prophet peace be upon

him he will recognize you

as being from the Ummah if you were

really from amongst those who were

recognizable as being from his own mark

in this world

so that is why make yourself

recognizable as a member of the Ummah

even if it’s through your proper name to

start with may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

was developed over time sometimes people

cannot change overnight

some people can but at least make an


try looking to yourself and said you

know what I’m sure I can they all can

mashallah they all can

well allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant the

fees i recall you know beautiful

conversation I had with someone in

Singapore the last time I came it was a

gentleman I’m not too sure he perhaps

didn’t know English very well or he

might have spoken Malay or something

else and I wanted to do something so I

looked at him and because I knew he

couldn’t speak properly I said can you

can that was a whole discussion that was

the complete discussion I smile at him I

almost wanted to give him a heart

because I just told him Kami’s again

which means can I do this he said yes

obviously you can come on with all this

I’ve heard all these words in one can

well as Honolua doll I bless you all and

may grant you all goodness and Eve until

we meet again in this beautiful Masjid

mashallah what a lovely crowd of people

I don’t feel like going you can see that

country I already told you an hour’s up

one hour three minutes 27 seconds

Allah Subhanahu Allah bless you or

sallallahu wasallam or barik ala nabina

muhammad sallallaahu handy panic alarm

of a hundred nederlandse taal guru
01:03:49,370 –> 00:00:00,000
Kawana too late

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