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Published on February 12th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 410

quran with tajweed tutor

quran with tajweed tutor

Find Your Inner Peace | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled” quran with tajweed tutor “


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Allah (awj) Tells us something Prophet Ibrahim (as) said to the people:

“Which of the two groups do you think deserves internal peace more?”

So this Ayat is about people who attain peace in their life.

We know people suffer from all kids of emotional imbalances, depression, sadness, anger, anxiety.

How do you attain peace? Is there a relationship between faith and peace, internal peace? Even emotional, psychological states of peace.

Allah (swt) Says: “Those who truly came to believe and did not disguise their faith with wrong doing‘”

In other words, wrong doing is a disturbance not just on the outside. When you are doing ‘zulm’, you are disturbing something or someone on the outside.

But this Ayat, beautifully, it is as though Allah (swt) is describing that when you do wrong to someone else, you’ve actually disturbed something inside of you.

“quran with tajweed tutor “

Then Allah Says, if you are able to not do that, and not wrong others, and not do wrong, and not to do justice of any kind, “Those are the people that deserve peace!”

They will have peace. They will have peace inside of themselves.

You know how many times we see nowadays that soldiers who come from war, who witnessed atrocity or in settings where there no over site, committed atrocities.

Or were silent witnesses to atrocities during wars, they come back and commit suicide.

Or they have nightmares or they are not able to have relationships or they can’t go to sleep or they are on all kinds of medications. They have PTSD, or you name it!

Not only from physical trauma. Physical trauma is something else. But just from the emotional trauma of what they’ve experienced. Or what they may had even had to do or they did and got away with.

They got away with in the sense of authority and the government and all of that, but their insides has been damaged. they don’t have any peace any more.

They can’t live wit that!

there are people who committ any kind and all kinds of crimes, not just against human beings.

“quran with tajweed tutor “

But people like for example nowadays, sub’han Allah, there are people in the entertainment industry, in the music industry, and may be they are not the top celebrities, but people that are in a particular type of industry just has to do with just sinning, and just wrong doing.

They are in the clubbing industry, they are in one of these dirty industries!
These people have to literally stay on drugs to be at peace.

They are terrible to themselves and others when they are in that state. they have to literallt numb themselves away from reality to be able to cope.Just to be able to cope,

Allah Says, people who truly have found faith, they found something that they could not find in a club, they could not find it in a party, they could not find it in a drug, they could not find it in alcohol.

They could not find that peace anywhere!
And for those of you who aren’t into these terrible things!

May be you are just in entertainment and you are just watching one movie after movie, after movie! And it is messing you up on the inside!

It is just tearing you apart. And the only thing you can do to that empty space with more entertainment and more entertainment and more entertainment,

it is just doesn’t stop!

“quran with tajweed tutor “

And one day, you just decide, Alhamed’lellah, Ramadan is coming and you decide to cut it or at least cut it down. Hopefully you cut it all together in this month.

And then you go to the Masjid and you feel this peace and you haven’t felt it in a long time.

So you can tell the difference the toxic waste you have been putting inside of you, spiritual toxic waste and now this cleansing. Just by listening to the Quran.

Just putting your head on the ground. Just those few minutes even, what does that do to you?

You know at the beginning, when you’ve been eating terrible food for a long time, healthy food tastes bad!

So in the beginning when people comes after a long time to a Masjid, they think, I have to get out of here quick!

Is there a movie playing near by? Can I do that instead?

You see a lot of these young people when I hang out outside the Masjid.

They are all on their devices. Nobody is at peace. Nobody is sitting calmly.

This is what Iman does. It gives you calm, it gives you peace.
You are not jittery, you are not disturbed,

You are not constantly in a need for some other fix, whether for your eyes or for your brain or for your tongue , for your limbs.

You are not looking for that fix. You are just at rest.
Subhan’Allah, “And there are the ones who are committed to guidance.”\

In other words, Allah is Saying that this without commitment, it is only going to come and it is going to go.

You are going to have to show some commitment, to be able to hold on to that peace.

Allah (awj) in another place in the Quran, He says, “You should know that by remembering Allah, hearts become calm, they become tranquil, they become at ease.”

And that is what this Ayah is about.

The world. every human being on this earthd is looking for peace. they are looking for tranquility inside of them.

Something is bothering them and they just say to themselves, if I just had that, I would be happy.

They put it in different words. If I had this much money, I would be happy. If I got this girl, I would be happy. If I had this car, I would be happy.

If I had this house, I would be happy. If I lived here, I would be happy. If I bought that device, if I have that video game, if I did this, if I did that…

We always say these things and we say, I would be happy!
And guess what, the ones you said for yourself before and you said, you’ll get there and you would be happy, how long did it last?

And then you moved on to something else, because you couldn’t find satisfaction in.

This is the Ayat that Allah (awj) Teaches us through the words of Ibrahim (as), timeless words, “the people who can truly find faith and they don’t replace faith with wrong doing.”

So even if you are Muslim, that doesn’t mean you have peace. May be you are replacing your faith with wrong doing.

You need to stop doing the wrong, cut that out of your life,and Allah will Grant you the gift of peace.
May Allah Make us all the people of peace. And May Allah make us among the muhtadeen.

“quran with tajweed tutor “

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