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Published on February 9th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 358

Quran Memorization Online

Quran Memorization Online

Favours of Our Parents – illustrated – Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled” Quran Memorization Online “


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Your parents did more for you than you can ever do for them

Your mother held you inside her body and sacrifice her own blood

to bring you into this world.. She almost die to get you here

Your father provided for you at a time where you couldn’t even feed yourself

you couldn’t clean yourself, you couldn’t shelter yourself, He provided for you

He provided for your education, He took care of you and actually taking care of your mother is a favor to you

When your father took care of your mother, it’s part of his Ihsan on you

Why am I saying that ? Because when Allah Azza wa Jalla describes Musa alayhis salam and HE describes the Favours

Quran Memorization Online “

We’ve done you other favors too

and… part of the favors Allah had done to him

We return you to your mom

So she wouldn’t cry, so her eyes could be come cool, so she wouldn’t be sad anymore

when Allah took care of his mom, Allah is saying ” I was doing you a favour

So when good is done to your mother, that actually that is the favour on you

Quran Memorization Online “

you owe your father, not just for ” I know my Mom took care of me, but Dad never did anything”

The fact that He provided for your mom, for the both of you

the fact that He did that, the fact that He is a husband to her

it’s the favor you can’t pay back even if He did nothing else

even if He did nothing else

Quran Memorization Online “

so in all the other relationship is as though you have to do the good to them

but in this one, in the one to parents, you’re constantly paying back an impossible debt

it’s an impossible debt, and we’re gonna be in debt for entire life and still not be able to pay

That’s why the best you can do still isn’t enough
But try your best anyway, that’s why “Birrul walidaini ihsana

Quran Memorization Online “

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