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Published on February 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 800

learn to read quran

learn to read quran

learn quran online”learn to read quran “


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may the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you

praise be to Allah and blessing and peace be upon Prophet Mohammed, his family and his companions

Allah says in his Holy Book:

after we say “I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan”

[Kalla bal la tukrimoona al-yateem]
(Quran 89:17)

“learn to read quran “

“O my Lord! expand me my breast;
and ease my task for me;
and remove the impediment from my speech;
so they may understand what I say

Please accept, O Lord of all worlds!

When talking to the Quraish, Allah Almighty complains about different kinds of crimes that they committed

not just against Allah, but against other people also

and one of them that he listed in a very peculiar fashion is:

what they do towards – how they treat orphans

And He says: [la tukrimoona al-yateem]

“you don’t honor the orphan”

“learn to read quran “

and I was surprised when I read that the first time because I was expecting sponsoring the orphan

you don’t sponsor the orphan

you don’t give charity to the orphan

you don’t provide shelter to the orphan

we think of taking care of orphans in terms of their physical material needs

clothing, shelter, food, protection

these are things that – you know – any living being needs

but Allah goes above and beyond those needs that even an animal has

even an animal can have need for shelter

even an animal can need – you know – protection from the elements

or need food for that matter

Allah goes beyond that entreats orphans in such dignified fashion and says

above and beyond all of those things and maybe you’re even giving them those things

maybe you’re even giving charity to the orphans

and you’re providing them shelter

but you don’t treat them with respect

[la tukrimoona al-yateem]

a human need – like the rizq Allah gave us – the provision Allah gave us in life

it is the air we breathe

it is the food we eat

it is the clothes we wear

it’s the house we live in

it’s the car we drive

it’s the family around us

all of those things

but one of the most priceless pieces of provision Allah has given us is our own dignity

every human being is entitled to dignity

and Allah Almighty criticizes the Quraish

because they forget about not charity – being charitable to orphans – they don’t dignify orphans

what does that teach us?

“learn to read quran

it teaches us that people that are overlooked by society – their parents aren’t there – they don’t have family

they’re completely cut off and on top of everything else – they’re not contributors because they’re children

they can’t make – they don’t do work

and they’re not people of influence

they’re basically completely left out of any kind of support system

those – even those young people deserve dignity

we’re supposed to treat them with respect

and so what to speak of everybody else in humanity?

Allah himself says: [walaqad karramna banee adam]

“We honored the children of Adam”

so the first lesson here that I want to remind myself of and everybody else here is

the importance of showing respect not just to orphans but by extension, children

just children, in general

if you show them – if you treat children with dignity and with respect

and you don’t insult them

humiliate them

if you don’t call them names

if you don’t talk down to them

if you don’t hit them

if you don’t do these things that

basically degrade them constantly

they will grow up to respect themselves and as by extension, respect others around them

and if you treat them like garbage

and if you treat them like they’re nothing

then what do you expect from them when they grow up?

so many – you know – young people – young children that have

been brought up in abusive environments and tough environments

grow up to be abusive and tough themselves

they are incapable of showing compassion because they weren’t shown any when they were earlier in their ages

“learn to read quran

so this crime is something that creates a ripple effect in society

we have to be people that honor all human beings starting with the point where they are children

every children must be honored Subhan’Allah!

this is just a small reminder of this that I want to leave you with

in Surah Nisa

Allah begins: [ya ayyuha al-nas ittaqoo rabbakum]

“humanity! be cautious of your Master”

“the One who created you from a single person”

[wakhalaqa minha zawjaha wabaththa minhuma rijalan katheeran wanisa’a wattaqoo Allah]

have taqwa of Allah” in the beginning of the Ayah
have taqwa of Allah” towards the end of the Ayah

then He says: “have taqwa of al-arham

“be cautious not just of Allah, be cautious of the wombs of mothers”

right? and but when He’s saying be cautious of the wombs of the mother

the womb of the mother is only important because it gives birth to a child

so “honor mothers and honor children”
by just saying “al-arham

“honor mothers and honor children”

“learn to read quran

and so what do you get in the very next Ayah of Surah Nisa, the second Ayah:

[wa aatoo al-yatama amwalahum]

“give orphans what the money they deserve”

why is that mentioned immediately after?

because those are people whose relation with the womb has been cut

but since you have so much honor

for all relations of the womb

and you feel – you know

“learn to read quran “

that these people who would have had the shelter and the loving care of their mother

that has been taken away from them

you’re going to go out of your way to give them first

may Allah Almighty make us a society and a people

that care for the orphans in our communities

extend it

if your cousins are orphaned – if you’re distant relatives are orphaned

going out of your way to honor them, dignify them, invite them

you know – nobody invites them to eat in gatherings anymore

nobody calls them – nobody thinks of remembering them

and they feel isolated because the people that used to get invited (their parents) are gone now

so you go out of the your way to care for them

reach out to them

honor them and may Allah Almighty not make us of those

who He complains about when He says that
“you don’t dignify orphans”
may Allah bless me and you and peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you

“learn to read quran

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