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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 565

Ettiquetes of Speaking

assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi

wabarakatu may the peace and blessings

of the Almighty be upon one and all

today we will be discussing a very

important topic connected to the tongue

the tongue as you know is a gift of the

almighty it is very small in size but it

can create so much havoc and it can

cause so much damage that more than any

other organ of the body so it’s

important for us to know that the

almighty has created this tongue you

know some scholars say so beautifully he

has put 32 guards that are so sharp

around that tongue so that we think 32

times before we actually utter and it’s

amazing how the tongue is so small it

moves a thousand and one times in a

minute up and down and yet it does not

get cut by these sharp knives around

this is the gift of the almighty so

consider it a gift

use it as a gift and the reason we say

this is to concentrate more on a

specific Department of the use of the

tongue and that is when it comes to

those we mix with beginning or starting

with our wives our husbands our family

members our relatives and then those we

interact with our friends and so on what

we should know is that the tongue has

several different uses one of them is to

taste food one of them is to speak and

there are so many other uses of the

tongue that are there some we may know

some we may not know it’s amazing

however remember your respect as an

individual is very closely connected to

how you use the tongue this is why The

Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him

says every morning all the organs of the

body call out to the tongue and say fear

the Almighty regarding all of us it is

through you that we are known so be

careful what you say amazing which means

I have hands I have legs I have a brain

I have eyes my whole body my entire

image my identification I am known as a

good or a bad person BAE

East primarily on how I use my tongue

have we ever thought of that so if I use

it correctly I will be known as an

upright individual if I lie and swear

use vulgar language scream and shout

they will know me as a bad person but my

legs have not committed a sin my hands

have not committed a sin my hair and all

the other parts of my body have

committed no sin the sin is committed by

the tongue and the tongue is closely

connected to the brain and all that yes

correct but ultimately it was the one

used to relay what was within this is

why if you’re not sure don’t speak speak

when you are sure think about it think

twice I’m sure we’ve all heard the

saying you’ve been given one mouth and

two ears to speak half that of what you

hear so you hear more and you speak less

sadly a lot of us love to speak and we

just want to say anything and everything

no matter how it sounds not realizing

did you know it is an act of worship to

think before you speak you’re actually

rewarded an act of worship the Almighty

becomes pleased with us when we think

before we speak and not just think but

think of how many different ways there

are for me to portray or to say what I

have in my heart to convey that message

if I’ve got five different ways of

reading it I need to select the best

most effective most beautiful manner and

then I will speak and if I speak using

that best and most effective manner

I will automatically be able to please

my maker and I will definitely cause or

create lots of harmony and peace in my

surroundings so very importantly let’s

use the tongue correctly number one

number two is not only the selection of

words the tone as well very closely

connected to that some people scream and

yell they shout shouting will reduce

your respect the more you yell the less

people respect you the next time you say

something nobody will want to listen to

you because you’re used to screaming and

this is the whole reason that we say

speak with a tone that is audible but a


meaning respectful tone you will find

and I’m sure we’ve all seen this when

someone has a habit of speaking with a

calm tone and always relaxed

you will notice immediately that the

minute they open their mouths everyone

is silent and listening whereas when you

have another who’s always yelling and

screaming everybody’s yelling and

screaming with them no one knows whether

they are serious or not serious and

imagine if you hear a person yell or

scream who has never ever done that in

his or her life automatically you would

know that this is something very

important because this person does not

use this type of language or does not

scream amazing so this is the importance

of the use of the tongue how it gives

the whole image of who we are just by

its use sometimes a whole company can

compression because of a CEO making one

statement that is negative or bad and

there are examples of that in in history

where we’ve seen this happening because

of the abuse or misuse of the tongue the

same way a man who is who has always

been respected can lose all his

integrity within a split statement

because of how bad it was and how evil

it was so we need to be careful you are

known by your tongue let us be careful

how we use this time we’d like to give a

few more examples within the home it is

an act of worship to say words to create

the words and to utter words that will

bring about a smile on the faces of your

children and family members your spouse

primarily did you know that it is

actually an act of worship to come home

and utter words of goodness sweet words

beautiful words make people feel

appreciated make them feel wanted make

them feel the bond and it is the tongue

that makes us really connect to one

another and this is why we say it is an

act of worship so many people do not

realize it’s a charity to say a good

word a good word is a beautiful charity

we come home or silent silent being

silent is something that’s not good

especially when it comes to those who

are waiting for you to say something of

your own

a good word yes when there is a problem

you might want to remain silent for a

moment if you think that that is the

best way of solving the problem for now

you might want to speak a little bit

later but even when you choose to speak

say the best twins this is from the

messenger may peace be upon him and we

always tell people charity begins at

home sometimes we are very careful of

our tongues outside the door whereas

when it comes to in the home those who

work for us those who live with us those

who are the closest to us in terms of

family and so on they are so worried of

us opening our mouths because every

other word is a swear word every other

word is a lie every other word is a word

which is derogatory defaming which is

disrespectful which causes hurt and harm

why should we do that a good Muslim will

never utter words that are hurtful to

others there is no need to do that even

if you disagree this if you disagree

with someone you do not need to utter

words that are hurtful to them

belittling them making them feel like

they are not worth it sometimes maybe

this is a good statement from your mouth

might actually make them change their

minds and come on to what you had

because you were so good you came

forward so beautifully this is the

religion this is what we have been

taught now let’s ask ourselves do we as

Muslims really follow these teachings we

call ourselves Muslims a lot of the

times we swear so much that even those

who are not Muslim are embarrassed and

it gives the wrong image of the

teachings of the beloved messenger may

peace be upon him and may the peace be

upon all the other messengers we

shouldn’t be doing this because we have

the responsibility of portraying the

correct image of the teachings of the

Almighty and these teachings primarily

begin with a good tongue the messenger

when he was sworn he didn’t he did not

swear back he never swore back the swear

words never came out of his mouth he

says a true

is not he who is vulgar is not he who

speaks hurtful statements is not he who

lies is not he who utters words that are

hurtful to people words that are

incorrect unjust so we need to learn

from this let us learn to be honest to

tell the truth for indeed to lie would

be a burden on the shoulders and it

would be a very very grave burden on the

day of judgement we should not be lying

we should not be hurting people’s

feelings I hope I’ve said a little bit

to motivate people to use their tongues

in a better way starting with myself and

then everyone else remember choose the

best words choose the best expressions

for indeed to do that is a great act of

worship till we meet again assalamu

alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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