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Published on February 6th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 184

Earth and Cattle: A Comparison from Quran | Subtitled


What do you know about the man af [Sabr] [patience]?”Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


A beautiful ayah (verse), the imagery in this, so gorgeous

“He is the one who made the earth into a domesticated animal for you”


(Dhalul) is used for (cow, camel,horse), you know for (donkey) or (donkeys)

for donkeys, cows, camels

Animals whose backs are bent

(Dhallal) literally actually means to bend by a burden

And (dhaleel) is someone who is brought low because you put too much work and burden on them

(adhilla) is people that are lowered, you know

(adhilla) also means something you step on

it means something you step on

like a rug, it gets bent, it gets like trampled on

it has a little indent in it, right?

So the animals back is like this

Cause what, the rider keeps sitting on it

he keeps sitting on it

Allah says he made the earth into a (dhalul) for you

into a domesticated animal

Not a wild horse, not a bull

you sit on it and it goes crazy

This animal, this earth itself

Allah (azza wa jal) laid it down for you

and domesticated it for you

it behaves

it behaves for you

Then walk between its shoulders

Then play within its shoulders

Imagine a little ant

or a fly sitting on top of, between the shoulders of an elephant

Just enjoying the smooth surface


Allah says this earth is like an animal you domesticate

and you get to walk between its

and you know the figurative translation is

Walk between its ends

Walk between the ends of the earth

but literally (mankab) is shoulder, (dhalul) is a domesticated animal, it’s imagery

Allah made this earth like that so you can enjoy it, you can ride it

you can live in it

And the idea also is, do you stay on an animal forever?

So powerful, right?

you don’t stay on an animal forever

You stay on an animal when you go from point A to point B, then you get off

You’re on this earth like you’re on an animal

You’re on a journey

You got on and you will get off

You will be getting off

And eat from its provision

And at the end of the day, ride’s gonna be over, you have to go back to Him
To Him is the final raising again

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