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Published on November 22nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1113

Dua Of Prophet Yunus (AS)

now subber and patience is one thing

that we all need to learn how to do you

have to go through life through summer

now everybody I’m going to ask you to do

one thing just say suburb say alright

how long did that take you took you a

second to say but to act up on summer on

suburb takes you lifetime half a

lifetime yes patience doesn’t come with

those words you have to take through

people through Sabha now I’ll tell you

one of nothing that you can find a lot

of lot of good things in is the stories

of the MBA from the Quran every single

prophet who went through affliction and

all the afflictions and the Quran and

from their afflictions you say the same

drug that they used in their affliction

you will be able to find relief as well

the biggest one which appears in the

Hadees of Sydney is allowed to say this

and also is in the Quran is this is the

one that you loose allies and I’m said

which one was that you know in and super

Hanukkah in equal to me not volley me

there is no other God except for you oh

Allah there is no other one who is

worthy of worship except for you super

Hanukkah you are free from every blame

you are free from every defect you are

free from anything that I have done

wrong myself you are free from anything

that anyone else has attributed to

yourself that is wrong

Unni come to me now Valley mean I am the

one who was wronged himself you say that

to Allah Allah says faster Devon Allah

who won a J now women are a mimic a

delicate engagement meaning thus we

saved Yunus from the belly of the whale

we took him out and just like this every

believer until the day of judgement

every believer I will help them I will

save them through this law Kadal Academy

didn’t mean so you say that la ilaha

illa anta subhanaka inni container

volume first admit to your fault in

front of the Mighty One the Mighty One

loves you my friend the Mighty One loves

you doesn’t he love you while you sin he

still feed you while you seen he still

clothes you while you sin he still gives

you your daily bread he gives you water

gives you food he gives you salary end

of the month he gives you a nice wife he

gives you children he’s given you

hundreds and thousands of gifts that

Allah has given while in town duniya to

lie he dr. su ha you try and count a lot

gift to try and count them it’s

impossible Allah says you love you don’t

have maggots

isn’t it so funny how we all walk around

never even thinking of the days under

the ground the drive and ambition taking

over our lives for this world for the
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fame for the power due east


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