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Published on February 25th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 709



Dua of Prophet Musa (A.S) | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled


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Allah tells them, “wa hal ataaka hadeethu

Allah tells the messenger ‘alayhis salaatu
was salaam

and by the way have you heard about the story
of who?

Musa alayhis salaam
Did news of Musa come to you?

Meaning now Allah will tell our Messenger
SAW you need to take inspiration from what

happened with Musa alayhis salaam
Now, you guys know the story but I wanted

to highlight one or two things for you
When Musa alayhis salaam went up to the mountain

and Allah ‘azza wa jal gave him his mission
Idhab ila Fir’awn, innahu tagha

Go to Fir’awn
Now when you want to go to Fir’awn and talk

to him
He is the most powerful political ruler of

his time
Many people don’t know, he actually was

so powerful and so influential
that other kingdoms in the world, they used

to send their princes and their royal family
to get an education in Egypt because it was

also considered the elite university of his

Musa ‘alayhis salaam is supposed to go back
into Egypt where he’s wanted for what?

He’s wanted for murder.

He’s supposed to make it all the way through
Egypt and walk all the way up to the most

secure building in the entire land of Egypt,
and he’s supposed to talk to the security

guards who are looking to kill him
Innal mala’a ya’tamiruna bika liyaqtuluk

The chiefs are making a scheme to kill you.

They’re not interested in arresting him
They’re interested in killing him

And he’s supposed to walk up to the most
secure building in all of Egypt

in arguably the most heavily guarded building
in the entire world at the time

He’s supposed to walk up to it and say “I
need to speak with Fir’awn because Allah

has given me a responsibility.

I need to go talk to him”.

And he’s supposed to expect that the doors
will open wide and they’ll say “Please

sir, would you like some orange juice too?”
and, you know,

walk him right in and give him a special VIP
meeting with the king

and he’s gonna stand face to face and then
when he sees him he’s gonna insult him

and tell him “You’re not Rabb.

I come from the true Rabb.

What you say is a lie”
and he’s supposed to insult him to his face.

That’s what he’s supposed to do.

This sounds like an easy mission or a difficult

This is what you call “Mission Impossible”.

This is the real Mission Impossible.

Now when you are given an impossible mission,
when you are given a very difficult task

you should ask for resources.

If Musa ‘alayhis salaam has the job of talking
to the king

Maybe he should ask for a helicopter.

So he could be dropped right on top.

Maybe he should ask for an army so he can
defeat Fir’awn’s army and then don’t

talk to Fir’awn.

Maybe he should ask for a lot of money, maybe
a disguise, something!

Cos he’s supposed to ask Allah for help.

Cos he’s given the most difficult mission
ever given until that time.

What does he ask Allah?

“Qaala rabbishrahli sadri”.

He says, “My Rabb, expand my chest for me”.

What’s the first thing he asked?

He didn’t ask for money, he didn’t ask
for power

He didn’t asked for media resources, he
didn’t ask for political position.

You know the Muslims say today, “Man if
we had power our situation would be different”.

“If we had the money our situation would
be different”.

“If we owned the news outlets our situation
would be different”.

Let me tell you something
The Prophets know what to ask, alayhim as

salaatu was salaam
They know what to ask.

And they had to deal with media,
They had to deal with political corruption

They had to deal with military might
and what’s the first thing they ask for?

“Rabbishrahli sadri”.

Expand my chest.

Now what in the world does that mean?

You know what that means?

When someone has inshirahus sadr
When their chest is open

You know what that means?

They’re calm
They’re at peace.

They’re not depressed, they’re not sad,
they’re not worried

they’re not nervous, they’re not afraid.

They’re not negative, they’re not pessimistic,
they’re not hopeless

As a matter of fact someone who has inshirahus
sadr, when their chest is opened up,

then when you go meet with them you become
calm too.


You become positive too.

You become happy too.

The mission that Allah has given him is so
hard he should be complaining about that every

“Man our mission is so hard, subhanAllah,

every day I try and things get a little more

“They get even harder”.


Like Muslims do today.

“SubhanAllah, every day there’s a new

There’s something new happening in the news”
“First there was this, then there was that,

then there was that, there was the shootings
in Paris

“then there was the shootings in Texas,
then there was this in the news and that…”

“Oh my God, things are getting so bad!”

And we’re constantly negative
And we forget that the first thing to ask

Allah is what?

Rabbishrahli sadri.

Come, open up my chest!

We have to understand that the mission Allah
gave us, he knows which mission is possible

and which mission is impossible.

And this is a matter of iman.


When we believe, “alladheena yu’minoona
bil ghayb

We believe in the unseen.

When we see the reality of the money and the
propaganda and the media and the corruption

and the continued spilled blood and all of
it we start thinking there’s no way to win.

But you know what, that’s when you’re
tested, because then you have to believe in


The unseen.

And where does belief in the unseen rest?

In the chest.

When you see the reality you get depressed
and your heart becomes tight

That’s why he said in a different surah
wa yadiqu sadri” – “My chest becomes


Here he asks, “rabbishrahli sadri”.

Open up my chest.


Make me positive.

I have to believe that the help of Allah will

I have to believe.

It’s a matter of my iman.

I have to believe that all the media in the
world will be crushed

All of it will be crushed by the help of Allah.

I have to believe that.

And I have to be calm about it.

I have to be very relaxed, and I don’t think
I’m crazy

This is actually very logical because when
the help of Allah comes nothing can stop it.

“In yansurukumullahu fala ghaaliba lakum”.

If Allah were to aid you there’s no possibility
of anybody overcoming you.

And the first condition of that is the believer
has to believe that the help of Allah will


The believer has to be positive.

You know, I’ll give you a scenario, I’ll
show you a movie scene.


Not a real movie, relax, okay
you won’t be “astaghfirullah I’m leaving”,

relax I’ll make up a movie for you.

So on the one hand there’s an army.

Very powerful, millions of soldiers.

And the other hand there’s one guy.

And this whole army approaches this, how many

He doesn’t even have a weapon.

And he’s smiling.

And he comes to the general of the army and
he says “If you know what’s good for you,

you will turn around and run away”.

And the entire army is laughing like (laughs)
“this guy”.

“We could crush him with one horse.

What’s he talking about.”

Except they don’t know that he controls
air strikes.

And they’re watching him from satellite
And they can drop bombs on the entire army

right there, laser precise
They have no idea.

Why is this guy not nervous?

He doesn’t have to have an army behind him
Because he has an army where?



You can’t even see it.

You know what?

We don’t have to have an army behind us.

Where’s our army?

“Wa ma ya’lamu junooda rabbika illa huwa”.

Nobody knows the armies of Allah except him.

When you stand by the word of Allah then the
forces of Allah are behind you.

“Wa lillahi junoodus samawaati wal ardh,
wa kaan Allahu ‘aleeman hakeema

Why would you think you’re alone?

That’s a matter of Iman.

That’s the kind of belief we’re supposed
to have.

That’s how positive we’re supposed to

Now we can battle anything.

We can withstand any pressure, any propaganda,
any media.

That’s nothing.
All of that is nothing to Allah.


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