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Published on February 9th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 357

online quran with tajweed

online quran with tajweed

Dress up for Allah | Subtitled” online quran with tajweed “


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take your beauty seriously

take your clothing seriously

beautify yourselves – dress up

come decked out at every time of prayer and every place of prayer

beautify yourselves when you talk to Me

dress nicely when you pray

don’t wake up for Fajr in your pajamas and make Fajr in your pajamas

dress nicely before Allah

if you have a meeting with the CEO of a company, you dress up

If you have a meeting with the dean of academics, you dress up

if you have an interview at immigration, you dress up

you have an interview with Allah, you don’t dress up

dress nicely

beautify yourselves

you know why this is important?

because when you engage in the act of ironing your clothes because you’re making salat

when you engage in the act of making the right kind of colors and dressing nicely

” online quran with tajweed “

putting yourself together

when do people dress nicely?
when they go to a party, right?

why? because other people are going to look at them

because they’re going to be in pictures

isn’t that true?

if nobody was going to look at you, why would you dress nicely?

other people are going to look at you, so you dress nicely

you’re going out – your dad says “you’re going out like that?”

You know – I have a student from last year – his dad made him iron his t-shirts

you know

“but, I’m wearing a shirt over it”
“that doesn’t matter – iron your t-shirt”

“you’re not going out like that”


” online quran with tajweed “

it’s not my dad , I promise
Ok, so…

but the idea is: when you dress up you’re conscious of the one who’s going to be looking at you

if you dress up before you make salat

it will automatically make you conscious that

that what? what am I trying to say?

that Allah is looking at you

it will give you khushoo‘ in salah

just dressing up to pray will give you khushoo‘ in salah

Allah has given us one of the secrets of khushoo

people say: how do I get khushoo‘ in salat?

how do I pay attention in salat?

how do I recognize Allah’s presence?

Allah says: dress up – come prepared

act like this is something important you just came to and you will give it full attention – SubhanAllah!

and so the first one we should think about beautifying ourselves to is Allah

and if you can beautify yourself to Allah

then you know that that’s the kind of clothing you should be wearing everywhere else

that’s the other beauty of this

because you’re not going to dress scandalous and go pray to Allah

you’re not

there’s something that goes on

even girls that don’t observe hijab or don’t dress

they know they’re dressed a little too – you know – inappropriately

even they – when they’re coming into the Masjid

something in there head happens and they say:

“Ok, give me your hijab – let me wear hijab”

“Ok, let me change my shirt”
“let me put a hoodie on”

“let me put a longer shirt on”

something goes on in their head too

something goes on because they know they’re about to go talk to Allah

by the way, how many times you have to pray?

” online quran with tajweed “

5 times

which means if you’re dressed up every time – that means in between those prayers, you’re not going to

“Ok now, I’m done dressing up for Allah”

“let me go dress all scandalous because it’s time to go out in the world”

“and show the world – you know – I’ve been working out”

uh, no!

that’s how you’re going to be dressed

that’s how you’re going to be dressed

you look beautiful to Allah and your dress code will be fine

your dress code will be resolved

you don’t have to get into the halal-haram debate

if your conscience can tell you that “I’m standing in front of Allah in these clothes”
and Allah said “beautify yourself”, so dress nicely

” online quran with tajweed “

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