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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 764

Don’t be lazy

you know they say like there was a man

and these are people who who do not have

the correct the correct conviction in

Allah it is called the tower cool Allah

Allah to have this conviction and trust

in Allah that he will help you so there

were people in on an island and the

island they were you know lost in that

island and what happened is the

helicopter comes and it comes it finds

them and they were four or five of them

so they decide hey help has come finally

and now they jump onto this helicopter

besides one man and he says no I’m

waiting for the help of Allah I’m

waiting for the help of Allah so they

said well here it is

what are you talking about the

helicopters come no I want the help of

Allah so the helicopter went and this

man he whatever happened to him happen

and it is reported that you know what

later on when they rescued him and they

asked him a question that why is it that

you did not jump on to that the first

helicopter that had come he says I was

waiting for the help of Allah so they

said to him well the help of Allah came

in the form of a helicopter but you did

not jump onto it

subhanAllah the model of this whole

story is we asked sometimes a lot to

help us help us help us yeah Allah

helped me get to the mischief but

brother you are still sleeping

yeah helped me to get a forfeiture but

your clock is not set

yeah Allah helped me so that I don’t you

know I don’t feel the fast but you did

not engage in the support that was there

yeah Allah helped me to understand the

Quran but you did not go to the Masjid

yeah Allah helped me to read the Quran

beautifully but you don’t even listen

and you don’t even make an effort the

moral of the story is make an effort and

ask Allah help and that is when you will

be able to achieve the help of Allah the

hadeeth of Muhammad sallallaahu Salam he

says is that in Bill Nighy wallah


it is Allah my and Faruk I was there in

Vilna wallet I just work hard towards

achieving what is beneficial for you

seek the help of Allah and do not be

lazy that sums it all up subhanAllah you

want to learn the Quran work hard

towards it ask the help of Allah do not

be lazy without those three things you

are not going to be able to learn the

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