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Published on March 7th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 457

Donate to Help Revolutionize Quranic Education | HD


Never insult others .Free Quran Education“on Youtube


assalamu alaykum we are group of

volunteers trying to make Quranic

education as easy as possible and as

available as possible using brother

Norman and Hans works which we find

really inspiring and motivating

alhamdulillah these illustrations are

groundbreaking way of teaching chronic

education to all the age groups are like

once completed all illustrations are

available for free reuse currently most

of the major Islamic YouTube channels

are reuploading all our illustrations

Islamic institutes communities can

incorporate these videos in their

multimedia curriculum as they like the

possibilities are endless for Islamic

schools with these illustration videos

seeing the huge global response now we

have a dream for further improving

chronic studies and making them more


imagine a free media studio for

illustrations only imagine a new

illustration video every six days

imagine experts working for jobs on

illustrating Islamic videos imagine all

these available for free use by every

media outlet imagine our children

waiting every week for a new illustrator

lesson from Quran instead of new

cartoons imagine our youth waiting every

week for a new illustrated lesson from

Quran instead of a new season or a new

movie imagine what a revolutionary

outreach it would have for the message
of the Quran imagine

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