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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 225

Diversity in Islam

Then there are a couple of realizations that
are very important.

And those

are that we have to understand what time of
history we live in.

If I was

giving this talk 50 years ago, maybe my content
would’ve been different,

based on the reality around us.

Even though I am not going to give you a

comprehensive social analysis of where we
stand, I do want to share

some things with you.

We are living in a time where there are so

different efforts, and so many different movements
and so many different


All under this big thing we call Islam.

There are so many flavors

of Islam, so many variations within Islam.

To give you a personal

example, my adult life began in New York City
and I spent most of my

adult life actually, in New York City and
I left New York about five years


I was exposed to Islam on a serious level,
in New York.


on which masjid you go to, you get a different
brand of Islam, completely

different from the other.

You get exposed to very different ways of

thinking about Islam.

I am not here to label groups or ideologies.


talking about like outside of the mainstream
fold, I am talking about

Sunni Islam, mainstream Islam and within that
you have a lot of variety,

you have a lot of variations.

As a young person, I was like a teen you are

very impressionable.

So you get exposed to one and you’re like,

must be the right one.”

Then, you get exposed to another and you’re

“There must be something wrong with that
one, this must be the right


You keep experimenting.

It is this experimental experience that at

least I had in my earlier youth.

But at the end of it all one thing became

obvious, one thing became very clear, Islam
and the struggle for Islam is

not just one thing and it will never be owned
by just one group.

It can’t


That time is over.

That was the time of the Prophet (PBUH).


was one thing.

It was one people.

They had exactly the same

understanding on ever issue and they represented
Islam and if there was a

difference of opinion, they could take it
directly back to the Prophet

(PBUH) and he could answer it for them immediately
in the flesh.


have the Quran and we have the Sunnah, yes.

But have there been

differences of interpretation of the Quran
and Sunnah?


Are there

going to be intellectual, legitimate differences
of opinion amongst us?


Are there going to be varieties of Muslims?


Now, there

are two attitudes that we can take.

One is that the one I am holding onto is

correct and everybody else, not only are they
wrong, they are deviant,

corrupt and heading into the hellfire, stay
away from them if you know

what’s good for you etc.

That’s one attitude.

And I have seen that


I’m from New York, after all.

I have seen that attitude.


go there, they’ll send you to hell.

Don’t listen to them.

Their Islam is


We have the right Islam.”

And the other ones are the same way.

Everyone is propriety holding on to their
variations of Islam as the right

one, everybody else I don’t know what they’re

But actually at the

end of the day, the more you mature in your
knowledge of Islam, the

more you realize that the struggle for Islam,
the work for Islam is not

going to be owned by one group, one community,
one individual, one

school of thought.

It’s not going to happen.

It’s just not going to happen.

That’s not practically possible.

And if we, recently Alhumdullilah I had a

chance to go to Hajj as I mentioned before,
you realize how much

diversity is there in Islam when you’re
at Hajj.

How widely different
00:03:46,889 –> 00:00:00,000
Muslims can be, you’ll realize that if in
not any other place, then in Hajj.


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