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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 280

Develop a relationship with the Quran

when you have our daily relationship

with Dhokla on with understanding it’ll

change the way you think it’ll change

the kind of friends you have it’ll

change what you want to do with your

spare time

it’ll make you people of vision we need

young Muslims to be people of vision you

need to be people that want to change

society and make it better you don’t

want to be people of video games and

movies and sleep you don’t want to be

those people because first come

videogames and movies and sleep than

smoking than drugs than alcohol and

that’s that’s life wasted these are

lives hundreds of thousands of lives

wasted not just of non-muslims these are

problems of Muslim youth today Muslim

youth have no purpose today why is that

because the book that gives us purpose

we’re disconnected from it we’re

disconnected from that book we have to

reconnect with this book this is our

this is a really serious obligation we

have in the OMA to help the people come

closer to this book and not scare people

from this book and push them away from

this book subhanAllah

you know when people get angry at the

youth that turn away from the Deen I

don’t get angry at them I get angry at

people like myself we haven’t done

enough they would not have gone away if

they knew what this was and they don’t

know what this is because we’re not

doing our job those of us that should be

teaching should be teaching more and

those of you that are youth that are of

concern become people of concern for

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