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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 267

Democracy and Freedom Of Speech

brothers and sisters Islam is not a

religion of gloom and do you notice how

we just started now we’re trying to be

good Muslim so am i it’s a trial it’s a

life a life full of trying to pass the

test and I want to start off by telling

you that there is a big difference

between a believer and a non-believer a

person who believes their outlook to

life is completely different from one

who does not believe and this is

something unique it is something that

you have to realize as a starting point

because sometimes when I’m discussing

with a person who does not believe and

you’re talking about things they only

think in a specific way and believe me

their norms keep changing in a way that

sometimes is very embarrassing and they

still don’t realize you know recently

we’ve seen the globe moving in a certain

way okay and we all know that according

to the global norms democracy is

something that is looked very high up –

and is considered a standard but part of

that democracy is the right to disagree

that’s part of democracy which means

it’s my freedom to agree with you or to

disagree with you yet the same democracy

disagrees with our disagreement to some

things and this is something that the

fathers of democracy are perhaps

perpetrating perhaps purposely may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant the commoners

like myself and yourselves a little bit

more sense to understand what exactly is

going on my brothers and sisters imagine

if you were to say or if someone let’s

say let’s let me give you a different

example if someone wants to say you know

I believe Islam is wrong are they right

or do they have a right to say that they

have a right to say that they have a

right to disagree with me they have a

right to believe that what I am saying

is wrong I have heard people saying

Islam is barbaric no one says anything I

have heard people saying Islam teaches

this and teaches that which it does not

teach I have heard only silent or muted

answers of those like myself and the

others that are never ever perhaps you

know circulated amongst the same people

who are saying these things and we have


a landslide sort of response to it or

the whole world making a big hoo-ha

about why someone disagrees with Islam

or believes in it that which is not

really in it and therefore comes to a

conclusion that it is a religion of doom

and gloom and so on and it has no

goodness in it but if anyone has to

disagree for example just disagree to

say you know what I don’t really agree

with homosexuality for example just an

example I don’t really feel you know

that it’s the right thing to do if

someone has to say that the whole world

will descend on them like they’ve never

seen the evening or the morning and then

we want to say you do not have a right

to disagree with this that’s what the

world is going to so let’s wake up and

see what’s happening in front of us I

have of late been studying something you

know the movement that the sexual sort

of movement of mankind may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala protect us and

believe me it’s heading towards animals

in the sense that there will come a time

very very soon when not only will it be

the in thing to marry the sheep or the

goats or the animals but it will be

wrong for you and I to disagree you will

be jailed if you disagree everyone’s

just looking at me 10 years from today

we might meet again then you look at me

different may Allah protect us because

10 years back where we were and where we

are today is already proving certain

things it’s proving points that we have

no right to disagree when it comes to

certain things you have no right but

when people call you a dog just because

you believe in one God when people call

you an animal just because you are a

person who prays five times a day when

people call you a sadistic person just

because you believe that there is heaven

and hell after you’ve lived then there’s

nothing wrong they have the right to

disagree with you but when you say my

brother I don’t think what you’re doing

is wrong sorry is correct I believe that

what you’re doing is actually not ideal

or even if you just say it’s not for me

they would say I can prosecute you I can

jail you and you perhaps will be Jail

depending on who you are is that what

the world is all about so this is why we

say the outlook of a believer and

a non-believer is totally different let

me explain to you the mere fact that you

and I are going to die proves that this

life was not just to enjoy the mere fact

that I am going to die and you’re going

to die proves that this life has a

meaning to it because if it was here to

enjoy I would not die I would be living

and excited and if I did while I would

get more years the more well you do the

sooner you die eat more die quick have

you ever heard that

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