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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1285

learn quran with tajweed lessons

learn quran with tajweed lessons

Dajjal will arrive soon be prepared”learn quran with tajweed lessons “

in the narration rasool ullah sallallahu

alayhi wasallam speaks of how surat

al-kahf the one who reads it on a Friday

would find his entire week enlightened

up to the next Friday so that is a

narration another narration that is

reported in a dairy me sooner a dairy me

where the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam has said that the one who reads

Surat al-kahf and he reading does not

just mean to recite it to read it to

understand it to know what it’s all

about to believe in it to have firm

conviction and so on will be protected

from the trials of the dead John what is

the connection of that job and Surat

al-kahf Charla this afternoon I will try

to explain this connection because it is

extremely interesting very interesting

firstly when that gel comes we will be

tested in four ways he will try to take

our religion away from us so that is the

“learn quran with tajweed lessons “

test of religion by claiming that he is

the God and we need to accept him as the

deity that is the trial of the gel and

that gel refers to two things one is

what we know is that the gel but then

there is what is known as the fitna of

the job anything anything at any time

that is connected to any one of the

tests that we have been taught that gel

will bring forth is also part and parcel

of his force it might not be him in

person but it’s part of his force and

part of the tests so anyone trying to

take your religion away from you is a

that journey this is why the prophet

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says they

won’t come to my Ummah that Luna can the

buna Kariba means al Azim kumazawa

navona beyond what a fat emunah be in Al

Arabiya body

there will be so many that gels who come

and that gel is a liar and that the gel

the plural of which is the J Dilla used

in the Arabic language those who want to

take your religion away from you the

prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam says

they will come people who will claim to

be prophets you should know that I am

the final prophet sallallaahu are the

u.s. one narration says thirty all the

people will come so when the real the

jerk comes the ultimate the final the

sign of teamö

that the gel comes he will also want to

take our religion from us at that time

they will be famine

we’ll be drought and he will say I will

give you you all you got to do is say

that I am the god and and you will not

die of hunger more like the economies of

the globe all depending on one major

economy that tells you if you accept us

as the gods of the world there will be

no sanctions against you and we will

deal properly with you and we will make

sure that your economy boosts and goes

up and then they come and tell you if

you do anything that we don’t like we

will impose sanctions on you and you’ll

die of hunger doesn’t it ring a bell may

allah subhanahu wata’ala grant us

security so these are the forces of the

devil that want to impose their own

ideas and thoughts and beliefs on

everyone else they want to take the

religion away from people so it’s

important for us to be protected in that

sense we all need to cling cling

to the deal Allah says in the Quran what

I see more we happen in like a meow

follow up o holdfasts upon the Rope of

Allah Subhanahu WA Jalla

don’t be dissin itíd may Allah grant us

unity and may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

grant us the ability to hold fast on

this rope the Rope here referring to the

quran and the sunnah of rasulullah

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so the first

test we made mention of that the gel

will be coming with is the test of

religion he will want us to disbelieve

in Allah and believe in him and the

hadith says for anyone who has believed

in Allah as soon as they look at him

they will see on his forehead the

letters go far and are depicting that

this one is actually a cafe

the second test the gel will come about

with we touched on it just now the test

of wealth where people will be poor

people will be suffering there will be

famine they will be drought but he will

have control over what he will have

control over the water on the globe and

he will have control over irrigation so

you believe I am a god I make you rich I

will allow water to get to your land

when it gets to your land you will be

able to irrigate and then the produce

will grow so you believe in me as a god

and you have produce so that is a test

of wealth the third test he will come

with is the test of knowledge test of

knowledge in that what is right will be

considered wrong and it will be believed

secondly those who are upright and

knowledgeable will be considered

ignorant and those who are ignorant will

be considered the most knowledgeable to

the degree that all those with knowledge

will be fought and the eradicated until

there will be nobody with knowledge left

on the earth except those who are

ignorant considered to be extremely

“learn quran with tajweed lessons “

knowledgeable and people will follow

them that is also in the hadith of the

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how

knowledge will be taken away it will be

taken away by the death of the scholars

and when the scholars have gone people

will start considering those who have no

knowledge as knowledgeable and when that

happens and these people start issuing

rulings they will be misguided and they

will miss guy in others and the hell the

height of it will be when that the jail

comes what is wrong will be believed

being correct take a look at the power

of the media today the media has the

capacity and of already has worked in

that direction of making us hate our

brothers in the Middle East solely

because we believe they cooks and we

believe they this and yet we don’t

realize the source of the story if

someone was just playing with our minds

firstly when the Koran says if a

believer who is sinful comes to you with

news of someone else make sure you

authenticate it firsthand before you

believe it otherwise you may believe

something that will result in regret for

yourself and you may accuse people of

what they are not guilty of what if

someone who’s not a Muslim comes to you

someone who’s an enemy we’re not talking

of ordinary non-muslims who sometimes

might be more truthful than some muslims

may allah safeguard us and grant us

truthfulness but we are talking of

people who are known as outright enemies

of islam they are out there to get you

we believe they’re television stations

we believe their news we believe their

newspapers against our own brothers so

we are lost and you find in the muslim

ummah if we are to ask any muslim who

are the worst leaders in the world they

recite the names of 20 muslim leaders

and that’s him there we are

may Allah protect us o Allah he us at

times we don’t know what’s going on and

our information is from the journal our

information is from forces similar to

that of the judge so there will be a

tests when the Dajjal comes the test of

what knowledge he will take it away from

us and he will make us believe that what

we have is knowledge when it is not we

need to be worried and the last tests

that is made mention of the test of

power where people would love to be

powerful and they want to have authority

so in order to gain a little bit of

“learn quran with tajweed lessons “

power they begin to worship the devil

because that gel will instruct them to

do that today you have the Satanists you

have the Freemasons what do they do well

nahi they worship he believes himself

personally and what does he do for them

in return he makes them feel the power

they feel it and he can toss in ten

people who are standing in front of them

just because they have sacrificed for

him so he gives them a power they become

powerful solid people strong they can

control your mind because there is the

life of the unseen that they have

sacrificed for so they will murder

people and spill blood in order to

appease the devil so that they can

become people who can control most of

the singers ninety-nine percent of the

pop stars that you have are they belong

to this category they all sacrificed

doves backstage they all engage in

satanic behavior they all belong to

account and all of them are promoting

immorality allah subhan allah tala

protect us their names are not fit to be

mentioned in the house of allah

subhanahu wata’ala but we know who they

are and if you take a look at the way

they clothe themselves

they are sucking in our children and

they are sucking in some of us in an

unbelievable way and we still want to

listen to all that music and plays in

our cars not realizing this is with the

assistance of it bliss himself and he is

controlling our minds and we appease

ourselves by saying the lyrics are good

now the Builder allah safeguard us those

lyrics for your information are becoming

dirtier and filthy and more satanic as

days pass and we are still allowing it

to go through our ears so imagine what

will go through the ears of our children

and they will say that you living in the

60s allah safeguard us it’s something to

be worried about to become

we are in the month of ramadhan we read

Surat al-kahf but sometimes we achieve

nothing out of it because we don’t even

know what we are meant to be achieving
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out of it

“learn quran with tajweed lessons “


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