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Published on February 3rd, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 343

Quran with tajweed Teaching

Quran with tajweed Teaching

Critical Thinker | Subtitled” Quran with tajweed Teaching “


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Ibrahim alaihissalam is claimed by the Muslims

I showed you how in the first point I made

How his connection is to Islam

But we’re not the only ones who claim him

Jews claim him

Jews take pride in being the religion of Abraham, too. They call themselves the religion of Abraham, too

But I’ll tell you something

It’s ironic

That when the Qur’an give da’wah to the Jewish community in Madinah

They said, “No, thank you! We don’t need your Qur’an. We already have what we follow”

“We don’t have to think about this new revelation, we already have our own revelation.”

And Allah says, “…”

“They don’t even believe what they have”

They even disbelieve in what they have

Forget about Qur’an, they don’t even do justice to Tawrat(Torah)

That’s what Allah says about them

But you know, one thing that’s really important here

You may have heard it. The Qur’an says that there are people who did not accept the prophets

Because they said, “We will follow our forefathers”

You remember this?

Quran with tajweed Teaching “

We will not accept the prophets because we follow our forefathers

So, we don’t have to do any thinking. All the thinking was already done by our ancestors

Whatever they did…

They were older than us, they were wiser than us. So whatever they did must be the right thing

So, why should we question it?

Isn’t that the thinking?

And if you question what your parents did or what your grandparents did or what your great-grandparents did

Then it’s disrespectful

It’s disrespectful

You shouldn’t question what they did. You should just follow it

Ibrahim alaihissalam is actually…

If you believe in Ibrahim alaihissalam then you will never be this way

Because his entire life is about asking questions that get him in trouble

He never stops questioning

Does he question his father?


Does he question a king?

He questioned the king

He questioned his father, he questioned the society

He asked questions that got him in trouble

Ibrahim alaihissalam will never accept an answer until you provide him evidence

Until you give reason, until it makes sense

Ibrahim alaihissalam is a pure thinker

He’s a thinker

Quran with tajweed Teaching “

He will never take anything at face value

If you and I are the legacy of Ibrahim alaihissalam

Then we can never honor that legacy until we become people who do what?

Who think

Who ask questions…

Who never take things at face value

Who explore and explore and explore and explore and explore…

Who never say, “We do this because our parents did it”

“We do this because their parents did it”

Whether you are Muslim are not Muslim, by the way

Whether you’re Muslim or not Muslim

Everything you and I do, our definition of right and wrong

Our definition of what we must do and what we must not do

What we accept and what we don’t accept

“…I call to Allah with eyes open…” (Yusuf, 108)

That is the legacy of Ibrahim alaihissalam

Never accept anything with eyes closed

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Quran with tajweed Teaching “

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