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Published on March 23rd, 2020 | by Admin | Views:


Islamic online schools

closing American Islamic school Islamic online schools”

closing American Islamic school that is why focus on “Islamic online schools”:

note: in this article we will inform you some

Coronavirus and the closure of Islamic schools in America.” Islamic online schools

The closure of Islamic schools in America was a major shock to Muslim families there, as this deprived Muslim children of learning Islamic studies, the Arabic language, and the Holy Quran. 

As we know that teaching in childhood is like engraving on stone, and teaching in old age is like engraving on water. also know that educating young people helps establish the convictions of the Islamic approach, and therefore we must search for an alternative that is appropriate for these exceptional circumstances in order for Muslim children to learn what they need from the Qur’an to memorize, read,intonate, and interpret, and learn Islamic studies from biography, facilitation, hadith, Islamic etiquette, and the Arabic language.


We did not find a stronger alternative in this era than online education, as it was one of the easiest means of learning and the child learns from home away from epidemics and places of disease transmission.
note three: focus on ” Islamic online schools “:

and in addition to this, the student will learn with Egyptian teachers who are scientifically and educationally qualified to teach children, at a time that will provide When the student has a lot of time,their fathers will save a lot of money.

Many people believed that Coronavirus would stop the scientific life, but the online had a special opinion.

for example :

” Islamic online schools”

You can reach hundreds of websites using some famous keywords such as:

Learn quran online

Learn Arabic online
Learn Quran with skype
Learn Quran for kids
Learn Quran for Adults
We ask God Almighty to make it easier for you to learn the Noble Qur’an and Islamic studies. to enable our children to understand the Noble Qur’an  do according to it .
I hope that is benefit for you to know these “” Islamic online schools”



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