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Published on March 13th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1908

 memorize of Quran

Memorize of Quran

| illustrated Lesson | Surah Al Memorize of Quran

The Quran explained everything .Free Quran Education“on Youtube


audhu billahi mina shiawase Jamila

Ramallah bohème la mia cowan la vena

cava looming Allen kita bewell

mushrikeen among 15 ahead Nahuel Vanina

also known min allahi yet loose off my

era he helped my EEMA now we get to the

next the second ayah you know Allah says

and Vega the clear proof what’s the

what’s the explanation of what that

clear proof is Rasul min allahi applause

– Mata Hari we’re going to read a mammal

allu sirish Mahalo well very natural

Ahuja more who a muhammadun salallahu

alaihe salam Liana – FCE bayonetta la

hoja valid ala Kazam Maharaja Munira

well cut faster allahu subhanahu had the

hill by inna a loom la be called ehi

knowledgeable be holy rasoolallah min

allahi for so this ayah itself is proof

Allah says until the clearest evidence

didn’t come they would not be once to

separate themselves and what is that

clear clear evidence the messenger

himself but the is has two things on us

aluminum body yet loose or – a messenger

from Allah and by the way Rosalyn has

convened this is for no fetal asthma

instead of saying that also load line we

normally say rasullullah right this is

Ezra so alone min Allah it separates and

put certain we know Rasool this is ma

fille de l’Alma okay

 memorize of Quran a magnificent messenger from Allah you

would have to translate a pro awesome

messenger from Allah yet loo that reads – memorize of Quran

on to people sorrowful mahara purified

scriptures this is a so this two part

thing the messenger and the message when

these two come together then you have

the yena then you have a beginner this

is a very important concept in Islam as

long as not just theory you know you can

have a theory of philosophical theory an

idea and you say this is the truth and

we say in Islam that’s not enough to

have an idea is not enough if the idea

is actually truth and there’s good in it

then it should be something you can

 memorize of Quran implement

but in and of itself a theory a concept

isn’t good enough unless you see it in

action and this is the biggest obstacle

to the dawa of Islam in our time you can

show people the proofs of Islam you can

show people the wisdom of Islam but when

you look at the practice of the Muslims

it undoes all your dollar and it’s

undermining all the battle of the

Muslims their behave their behavior or

if the book is saying all of this and if

your religion is so good how come your

own people don’t follow it how come your

own people don’t live by it

how come you people learn as honest in

businesses your book says you should be

how come you don’t treat your women the

way your book into some of your

messenger says you should treat them

right but in the end the point of the

heart the part of the matter is a clear

proof a clear message is one that in

theory sounds convincing and in practice

it can be observed

now that’s absolute proof so allah

azzawajal says the absolute proof isn’t

just quran it’s rasulullah min allahi at

loo it’s a magnificent messenger from

allah who’s reading on to you or who’s

reciting surah fatah Hara purified

scrolls and scriptures that’s what he’s

doing so this is the first thing

combining the messenger and the message

into one and this again this is the

ultimate hurdle to the Dawa of Islam in

our time we invite people in theory we

give them – memorize of Qurana pamphlet we give them a book

we tell them listen to  memorize of Quran a speech watch

this video all of that as well all

that’s Theory all of that steer e that

is empty unless you have what practice

until they see the behavior of the

Muslims until they see the honesty of

the Muslims until they see how the

Muslim traits their neighbor until they

see how the Muslim deals in business

until they see that then this is just

one side of the picture it’s not enough

that’s not real that one

so Allah Azza WA JAL makes it clear that

you cannot separate the messenger from

the message the carrier of the message

should reflect the teachings of that

message being a good orator a speaker or

writer that’s not enough that’s just one

side of the coin the other side our

speech must match our action limit

hakuna matata alone why do you say what

you don’t do when when action column

– memorize of Quran

well I mean ah sorry hon who could be

better in speech who calls to Allah and

acts righteously Allah combines the two

as he does in this amazing

you can listen to this also, and memorize of Quran

this speech is gonna help you to memorize for Quran “Al Bayanna”


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