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Published on February 17th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 336

learn quran online with tajweed

“learn quran online with tajweed”

Choosing a career | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled”learn quran online with tajweed”


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Young people here are doing their degrees.

They’re doing medicine,

they’re doing engineering, they’re doing
accounting and one student says,

“I’m gonna study history!”

“learn quran online with tajweed”

And their parents say, “What?

What are you

going to do with history?

Who’s going to give you a job?

Where will you

get employed?

History doesn’t pay the bills.

Don’t study history.”

“learn quran online with tajweed”

So we took our smartest kids, our smartest
men and women and we made

them doctors, we made them engineers, we made
them programmers, we

made them architects and we did not care to
make them what; historians,

political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists,


“learn quran online with tajweed”


you know what?

As a nation, we decided that an entire generation

people should just be workers.

We’re just workers.

I mean, a doctor,

without all due respect to the doctors, is
skilled labor.

It’s labor.

You’re a


You’re specialized but you’re still laboring.

And that architect is

still a labor, working in a specialized field.

Who’s doing the thinking on

behalf of this Ummah?

“learn quran online with tajweed”

Who’s restoring our identity as an Ummah?


best of our minds are not being used.

Because they are too busy doing

other things.

“I want you to study this and that.”

And the sad thing is that

if you ask why are you studying this, why
are you in this career?


know what the answer is most of the time?

Number 1 answer, “My

parents told me.”

Number 2 answer is “It’s a good job.”

So the only

legacy we are leaving for our next generation
is that the most important

thing in your life is looking for a good job.

I am not against getting a

good job, by the way.

Get a good job.

I’m all for it.

But you know what,

the world needs more than people who just
make money in one or two


I would argue, if I had it my way, historians
and theologians and

people who are studying psychology and sociology,
they would be the

highest paid professors.

They would be the highest paid researchers,

my opinion.

Cause they’re the people who impact how
society operates.

They give direction to society.

And if they have an Islamic mindset, man,

they can bring a lot of good to the world.

So, for the young people here,

while you are studying accounting, on the
side, take as many history

courses as you can.

Learn as much about other things as you can.


that actually make you a refined human being,
a deeper thinker.


sociology, it is an important subject.

There is a lot of sociology in the

Quran, there is a lot of psychology in the
Quran, there is a lot of political

science in the Quran.”learn quran online with tajweed”

And if somebody says, “No, no, I want to
be a

doctor cause there’s embryology in the Quran.”

Yeah, in one or two ayat

there is some reference to it, but it isn’t
at the heart of it.

At the heart of it

is human engagement, so these humanities they
are important and we

have to restore them from the Islamic perspective.

This is a critical thing.
Of course, history is at the center of that.

“learn quran online with tajweed”

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