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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 832

Choose Your Spouse Wisely

I want you to go back 2nite brothers and

sisters to begin to repair the

relationship and can i tell you the key

inshallah one of the keys is to be

patient with each other I have never

found in my life ever

a person with no defects I haven’t seen

it I haven’t seen it in my lifetime that

means from the imams on down we got

defects brother that sister that you’re

going to marry tomorrow next week I

don’t care what she looks like now but

when you marry how you’re going to see

something that you never saw before

because you know what it’s easy to have

relationships from a distance that’s

easy that sister players to be so nice

or she’s so submissive until you get

married but brother because you’re gonna

find something in her that you don’t

like and this is why the Prophet told

the subtle a solemn let no Muslim man

hate his Muslim wife because if he’s

displeased with one characteristic of us

if he hates one characteristic he’d be

pleased with another because when you

marry that woman she’s a package deal

and with that package comes the good and

the bad the beauty and the ugly and sold

is with the brothers it’s a package deal

and so one of the great things the great

keys is to be patient with those things

that you don’t like
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