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Published on February 13th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 431

quran with tajweed online

” quran with tajweed online “

Boyfriend & Girlfriend, Stop! It’s Wrong | Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled” quran with tajweed online “


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He says “….and they don’t commit zina.” They don’t have boy friends and girl friends. They don’t have secret relationships.

Why did he mention that?
Because for some people, it is always there.
He is a good looking young guy, he walks around in the mall and the girls look at him and giggle.

He thinks to himself, oh, this is easy. You know, nobody is watching, I think it’s okay… should be alright.

And he stops himself! He still stops himself!
It’s hard. I know it is hard! But you stop yourself.

The girls thinks, that guy is looking at me.
Man, he must think I am really pretty. She starts smiling then she stops herself.

No, this is wrong, I can’t do this. This is not right!
Just because my parents are not watching. Just because the police is not here to stop me, it doesn’t mean it is okay!

“ولا يزنون …”

” quran with tajweed online “

They don’t do it! They don’t behave like that!
There are young men where I come from, in the US, obviously they go to college. And college in the summer is bad. It is bad!

You have 18, 19 years old boy, whose hormones are raging inside of him. And in his college classrooms there are girls who are barely dressed. And this girl comes over to him and says, “Hay, can you help me with the homework?”

He is being tested by Allah! He is being tested.
You guys are going to be tested! Not just in America by the way.

You will be tested in the mall. You will retested with this.
And sometimes it is not going to be easy, specially for the young people here. It is not going to be easy!

May be you have friends on your phone, your parents don’t know about them.

You got a secret. You have another profile on facebook. You are just updating it right now!
You have to unfriend all those girls. You have to unfriend them, are you listening?

Don’t call them back and don’t text them back.
Then they will say, what happened? You don’t like me anymore?
Don’t even say, No,no, no…it is not me. it is just Islam!

Don’t do that! Don’t even talk back! Just leave it! Drop it! End of story! No more!

” quran with tajweed online “

Girls, if you are up to this, stop it! You stop yourselves!

This is not something your parents will come and control!
When you are teenagers, you have hormones, you reach the age of puberty, and you are attracted to the opposite gender, that means in Islam that you are adults and you are have to make your own responsible decisions!

Your parents are no longer responsible for your Islam! You are responsible!

If you are 14 years old, 15 years old or even 13 years old, and you die today, then Allah (swt) will not Say, minor, go easy on him!
You are treated as an adult in our Deen!

This religion makes you an adult early.
The moment you start feeling a little funny about the other gender, you are an adult!

You will be tried by Allah like a 50 years old, like 30 years old, you are the same like them!
Hold your self to a higher standard.
Don’t think of your self as just a kid!
You are an adult!

” quran with tajweed online “

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