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Published on December 11th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 564

Blessings in the midst of Hardship


take your time in saloon

it’s the closest posture closest

position you can ever get to allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala so i must worship

him alone

i need to understand nothing is worthy

of worship besides him so as time passes

and hamdulillah we get to maturity and

my chakra with a Muslim even we are

seated here we worship Allah subhana WA

Ta’ala but you know what happens things

do not go according to our plan every

one of us without a single exception

would have faced things in their lives

that did not go according to the way

they wanted interval there is no

exception it’s a challenge nobody can

say everything in my life happened

exactly for my plan never not one person

it goes to show you’re weak o man you

can plan Allah has a bigger plan

Allah has a better plan Allah knows

what’s good for you he knows what’s bad

for you sometimes he plans for something

you think is very very bad for you

but if you go back to the manuscript in

order to know how to look at it it will

be the most positive thing that ever

happened in your life subhanAllah I give

you an example subhanAllah

a person really and desperately at work

is looking for a promotion desperately I

want to promotion I want to get promoted

they are not promoted in fact they are

fired fired for some reason or

entrenched or as they say the person now

has is redundant completely we don’t

want you anymore and you start crying

you’re shocked you have a few ways of

dealing with the news you wanted an

increment you wanted a promotion

you needed the money you had to look

after your family and so on you are

planning to buy a car or a house you

were planning perhaps to get married or

to assist a family member in getting

married and what happened not only did

you not get the promotion but your boss

called you and told you you know what

you have one month’s of notice and after

that we don’t need you anymore and you

are just like what one way is to become

depressed to become sad to go back home

to sleep and never wanting to get up

again it’s one way of dealing with it

and you are so sad you cry every day

morning evening and night and you don’t

want to talk to anyone you don’t feel

like eating and you’ll get sick

is that a believer is that what Allah

taught you when allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala is the one he’s the planner

you tribe and allies no one who over

rules your trials and your plans he

knows what’s better and 10 to him Allah

commuting from now my Orion you want

Allah once and I lost the one who does

what he wants

Subhan Allah so now you’re upset and

what happens as a result everything came

to a standstill

your life is understands till you feel

if you’re married your marriage is about

to break because you can no longer

afford to look after your family members

you begin to feel inferior because

perhaps your wife might be raining more

than you you begin to become so sick

then you suffer insomnia you cannot

sleep at night and so on

one way of dealing with you or if you’re

a true believer you say alhamdulillah

and hamdulillah and you look at the

verse where Allah saw no analysis while

another one

nakooma be Shahi in mean al hafi when do

indeed we will test every one of you

with various tests we have to test you

one of them is fear obviously this is

part of fear you just been fired you

don’t know what’s going to happen

fear is not just when you’re fearing an

enemy that is part of it but this is

also a part I mean I’m feeling I’m

scared I don’t know what’s going to

happen tomorrow

subhanAllah so it’s important for me to

understand a Lamaze plan is he’s going

to test me I cannot enter an examination

room expecting no tests I’m just sitting

there with my pen and my paper and I’m

thinking to myself I don’t want to be

tested here let me just cry that’s in my

tears will definitely drop onto that

paper and change its shape perhaps and

when the examiner sees it he will give

me a hundred percent because he will be

sympathetic to the fact that I just

cried that’s not what it’s all about

you’ve seen the most difficult question

what did your teacher teach you

attempted try your best that’s all we

all know I’m sure we all adults here

even those who are children from amongst

us you would know when you have an

examination twice a year rice a year and

you have to write to answer the

questions you are taught definitely that

look attempted try it write whatever you

feel is correct don’t leave it blank you

might just get it right don’t just sit

back and become depressed no try do your


leave the rest to Childline hands of

allah subhanahu wata’ala the same

applies in life so allah says we will

test you with fear and with hunger one

apple swing

my knee one

who she was

and loss of wealth loss of life these

are the tests we will test you in you

will lose money you’re a big businessman

and one day you have a loss how much is

it million ringgit or a million dollars

or 10,000 depending on your level you

have a huge loss you must say al

hamdulillah I thank Allah there are

others who are going through much more

than I am that’s one of the best ways of

going through difficulty is to look at

those who are struggling in a bigger way

although Allah man who adhunik all the

prophets of Allah the Salim says very

clearly look at those who are lower than

you you don’t have shoes look at those

who don’t even have feet look at those

who don’t have legs they cannot walk

subhanAllah so the prophets Allah very

seldom instructs us to look at those who

have less than us today we are seated


masha’Allah beautiful peaceful lovely we

are breathing fresh air we are sitting

in a lovely place air-conditioned take a

look at those who don’t even have a roof

on their heads take a look at those who

are homeless they don’t know where the

next meal is going to come from

well my well line and they are not in

their houses they are in their Millions

you are one of the top among the

brackets that allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

has kept human beings in trust me if you

know where you’re going to eat next

according to your plan you need to thank

allah because there are millions out

there who don’t even know where they’re

going to sleep tonight across the globe

there are people so desperate that they

have to jump onto a plank hoping that

they will get onto the shores of another

place that might be safer than the one

they are in and they die as a result

they end up on your Shores or they end

up on the shores of some of the euro

in countries or some other countries and

that’s only a small fraction of them who

make into the end of the journey the

rest of them they died as a result of

taking the risk because they were

struggling suffering where are we so one

of the cornerstones to be able to

worship Allah with gratitude and

thankfulness is to look at those who

have less than you and continue looking

at them and always thank a lot

hamdulillah all I’m going through a

problem I have for example a person who

has a sickness may Allah grant all of us

cure all I have the sickness I have a

skin problem I have this problem I have

cancer may Allah grant all those who

have cancer cure my knees are aching

your knees are aching but you have

access to medication you have access to

so many other things there are people

whose knees are broken they have no

access to anything they are still

crawling they are still thinking alarm

so Hannah hotel to say oh Allah at least

we can put our head down for you with us

we have so much but what happens to

Salah what happens to our dress code

what happens to quitting sin what

happens to turning back to allah

subhanahu wata’ala

so allah says we will test you with loss

of wealth loss of wealth you will have

to lose it is impossible for anyone in

any business to gain only without

suffering some form of loss it’s a plan

of a man you have to some people they

might be billionaires and they might

suffer a few million but it was still a

loss percentage-wise it was small

perhaps it might not have gone down to

bankruptcy but it went down it

fluctuated it’s heavy on the heart but

understand my brother my sister you are

going to leave everything behind and go

back to Allah without even your body did

you know that without this body you have

right now that you are seated with

you’re going to go back to allah

subhanahu wata’ala when english directs

you he will resurrect you with another



that’s a lot so don’t worry things have

to come to an end all your difficulties

have to come to an end you are suffering

in your marriage take a look at those

who are looking to get married they

don’t even know where to begin and

they’re already progressing and

advancing in age they are losing home

but they are still thanking Allah Allah

I might not have been married I’m

already 60 years old but y’all I thank

you for giving me the opportunity to

worship you while I was in his world

only for six decades subhanAllah notice

how I said only for six decades it’s

actually so short ask those who are

older from amongst us how was your life

spent they will talk to you about the

80s the 90s 2000 2010 and it will seem

like a few paragraphs they have

summarized their lives in a short span

it’s over

sure they will tell you no I know the

highlights of my life and it flicked

through like this they will remember the

good days they might remember a few of

the bad days but more than anything they

know currently where they stand a person

who suffered a long time back and today

they are in these will definitely think

about for where they are today if they

are thankful when a woman is in labor

and she gives birth she struggles and

suffers she comes so close to death in

some instances and after the child is

born and she hears the cry and the child

is given to her forgotten when I told my

wife that she said no ways I haven’t

forgotten allow me a loss of Hannah

Montana grant us understanding but what

is meant by that is she doesn’t mind

whatever happened happened today I have

a pain

I have a child here some women will tell

you I don’t want to go through this


guess what few months later they are

expecting once again with the mayor last

panel metallo make it easy for us all

because it’s such a blessing

so Allah gives you a blessing in the

midst of our champ big blessing but we

only look at the hardship we don’t look

at the blessing that’s the difficulty

then Allah says we will test you with

loss of life people have to die your

family members have to go at some stage

they have to go you have no option if

you haven’t lost a close family member

wait for a few more years they have to

lose you or you have to lose them

somehow because everybody has to die at

some stage don’t you agree

so what I am saying is not doing but it

is actually the reality to send this and

prepare the day your wife will die the

day you might die your husband might die

so death is not something you look at

and become depressed like I said someone

passed away so close to you your life

might come to a standstill for a moment

but a true believer is taught to say in

Allah he what in Ilayaraja we indeed

belong to Allah and we will all return

to Allah subhana allah tala that’s how

you go through the hardship that’s how

you maintain closeness to allah

subhanahu wata’ala by declaring

constantly that you are all going to

return to allah we will all return to

allah subhanahu wata’ala so i become

close to allah subhanahu wata’ala

and i know i have to carry on whether i

like it or not i have to make ends meet

i know of a family two brothers were

shot in the city of german may Allah

grant him Jenna a few weeks ago and the

wife of one of them the widow says you

know my husband told me that whatever

you’d like to know about my business and

everything else

if I die there is one person who knows

it and that’s my brother

and the brother tells his family the

same thing and they did not expect both

of them to die together they were both

shot at like random general I mean

imagine we make dough now for them we

ask a lot to make it easy not only for

them but for everyone who’s been through

similar difficulty or any form of

difficulty it’s up to you to stand up to

bring the eggs together to pick up the

pieces and to try and make the most of

the situation you’re in do not become

depressed to the degree that you begin

to question a lot people say why is I’m

not testing me why he doesn’t like me

well if that’s the case he didn’t like

anyone on earth because everyone is

tested did you hear that even Muhammad

SAW Allah is someone who’s the most

loved by Allah the best of creation the

highest of all top creature of allah

subhanahu wata’ala without a doubt he’s

been through more tests than you and i

it’s a sign of the love of allah so one

might ask how is it the sign of the love

of allah let me tell you so a young man

is born into a wealthy home he’s lucky

he’s powerful he has authority he’s got

everything from a young age at school

he’s the Big Shot he graduates he comes

up University he passed he got his

degree he became whatever whatever a big

title before his name everything top

shot everything is proper proper but

guess what he’s never tasted hardship so

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says my

worshipper I love you too much I need

you to get close to me before you die

you need to come closer to me you need

to cut your bad ways your habits you

need to cut your previous life so what I

will do I will inflict you in something

really really big so you go through a

car crash the car was damaged beyond

repair and you were saved

your family members were saved that’s

test number one nothing happened to your

body but something happened to your

wealth it’s called the loss in wealth

and you’ve been saved in terms of

modeling long so you woke up and you

said I’m doing that for my thank you

you have one of two ways or a few ways

of looking at it peoples at all that’s

good this hair back saved me this car of

mine Rolls Royce it was big enough in

smashed but it was okay everything is

fine it’s good I’m happy and you go back

to your bad ways Allah says no no no we

love you enough to give you something

else because you still haven’t come to

us the second way of doing things is to

say alhamdulillah Allah you rush to the

Machine you read to Ricard of Salah and

you thank Allah to say all I thank you

for having saved me and my family Allah

my bad ways my habits

I quit them I will not miss a Salah from

today so Allah says a you know Subhan

Allah it’s something Allah says I love

you my wish it’s not a sign of hatred

this is why when you have a test in your

life ask yourselves my brothers and

sisters has your life changed positively

if yes it was not a punishment it was

just a tapping from the love of Allah

but if you become despondent depressed

you begin to question Allah you hate it

you you become more arrogant nothing’s

happened in terms of positive change in

your life it might just be a punishment

wait for another one

stop little umbrella not do that to us

you haven’t even changed wait for

another tapping it will come so the next

time you lose your thumb store Allah now

what happens you stress your mind is not

in its place you start reading Salah you

start asking questions you start

wondering what happened unless his look

first time you didn’t turn to us we’re

telling you now and you turn that was a

gift of Allah your son might have

conjoined your daughter might have got

Jenna your wife husband might have

congenital your parent might have got

Jenna you

preparing for it now as a result this is

why sometimes the death of a close

family member is our ticket to paradise

a lot of work about a lot of aqua it’s

just a wake up it’s a reality check

Allah is telling you hang on you are in

the fast lane regarding the dunya we

want you to get on to the fast lane

regarding the Immaculata hereafter so

this is how we are going to do it it’s a

last plan I’m only giving you examples

Allah is the one who chooses exactly

what’s going to happen in your life it’s

Allah he will choose someone goes

through a divorce when you got married

people were saying match made in heaven

to Panama then they started saying wow

they get on like a house on fire

have you heard that statement when the

house is on fire it starts burning

doesn’t it and after a while there’s no

house then stop this is why you just say

masha’Allah how many tabarak allah thank

Allah Allah thank Allah

you don’t have to put everything on

Facebook oh I get along with my husband

you know you you and him cutting and

kissing in public it doesn’t help or

like people watching they see they’re

envious of in they’re jealous of it

perhaps you might affect yourself with

an evil mind for free for free utility

why you went to publish everything every

single thing for what you don’t need to

show the world what’s going on

not every detail yes a few things maybe

perhaps you might want to what I’m not

being able material up because I had did

you know the gifts of Allah upon you you

might want to perhaps disclose some of

the gifts of Allah so people can learn a

lesson from him all part of gratitude is

sometimes to be able to live in

accordance with the gift that Allah has

bestowed upon you and I was giving you

well don’t pretend to be a poor person

your clothing should show that this

person masha’Allah Allah is blessed him

one day there was a companion who came

into the company of rasulullah

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he had

petty clothing and the Prophet SAW Selim

asked him what do you own he says

I have a lot of sheep and I have you

know whatever in terms of livestock the

profits of Madison and Sydney of how

other inanimate amahi ilayk look at his

clothing the gift of Allah should be

manifested on you people should be able

to see we’re not saying be haughty be

proud be arrogant

no arrogance has got nothing to do in

the type of clothing the type of car the

type of house no it’s going to do with

your attitude it’s going to do with your

character you can be the wealthiest the

most powerful the leader the king

whoever else if you are humble you have

no pride and you can be a beggar and you

can still be an arrogant person who’s

with tatty clothing may Allah forgive us

may he guide us so this is why when the

tapping happens when I lost matter what

Allah tests you the first thing you say

in al-anon he were in denial a Hajji

role we belong to Allah we will all be

returning to allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

and then you said hamdulillah I like

Willy Han I thank Allah on all

conditions I praise Allah I praise him

with times of G’s I praise him at times

of difficulty I praise it in the morning

I praise Him in the evenings I praise

him at all times

praise Allah remember him Allah heed the

remembrance of Allah Allah says falcone

in and kokum remember me I will remember

you amazing you want a lot to remember

you will remember him and that I didn’t

say stop of Allah Mahavira sake a

discovery Sheikh then get close to Allah

get acquainted with a lot of times of

ease and Allah will get acquainted with

you in terms of your difficulty he will

come rushing to you the problem with us

we wait for something wrong to happen in

our lives before the hijab comes out

before the salah comes before our life

changes before we stop engaging in sin


for something disastrous to happen

diagnosed with the disease stuff last of

Allah Akbar I have a disease Allah Allah

grant us cure but that’s a sickness if

you have a disease and you turn to Allah

it is still a gift of Allah or life the

problem with us is we wait for things to

happen before we turn to Allah why turn

to Allah before that he will make it

easier for you it doesn’t mean you won’t

go through tests it is predestined but

Allah will make it easier for you to go

through those tests because you are

close to him very closely Allah tells

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam my

dad cow moo cow mfana

when rumination stop for a little while

how much talk about assalam was anxious

he was a little bit concerned worried

unlesss no your lord has not forsaken

you know easy upset with you hang on it

will come the revelation will come your

Lord is not upset don’t think because

something did not happen according to

your liking then allies angry with you

no the same applies to everyone else you

make to our oh Allah I want to pass you

are an top student you have had a z’ at

all level perhaps now here comes a level

and you didn’t do well does that mean

Allah doesn’t like you not at all

you made so much – how – Allah Allah

helped me to pass helped me to gain A’s

and so on Allah says hang on

we know what’s better for you we don’t

want you to get that weight you might

want to repeat we might not want you to

go in the direction that you are heading

we might want you to go in another

direction the only way to get you there

is by us downsizing downgrading not

giving you what you want but we know

what’s benefit Subhan Allah

so you got to thank Allah calamity

happens disaster happens you lose


you lose produce in your business

perhaps you might lose smoke there is a

big fire a huge fire and you know what

that fire destroyed all your stock and

you sell ham to deny thank Allah for

whatever has happened o Allah forgive me

where I’ve gone wrong do you know it is

a quality of a believer when something

bad happens to you then you ask yourself

am i doing something wrong here

important if you come to me and you say

look you know what this went wrong that

went wrong this went wrong what has

happened some people say the next-door

neighbor’s have done black magic on me

nothing to do in black magic stop

depressing yourself further by hating

innocent people who done nothing to you

not at all you start disliking your


you know that word sister-in-law who you

either love or you just hate to stop it

oh ma I don’t know now lost Hana ho and

Allah grant us good in-laws well I have

brilliant in nose mashallah I have to

say that

so may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us

all the truth is and it’s a reality we

become so despondent so depressed don’t

be one thing goes wrong two things five

things you come to me I will tell you

just turn to Allah don’t worry it’s not

a punishment it’s a sign that you need

to get closer and closer to Allah made –

I make ends meet as best as you can get

up and walk again

in a lot of cases the people’s

businesses flourish in a bigger way than

they were before the lost if they get up

and they work harder you lost your

spouse you say I’m never gonna get

married again

fine but you know what perhaps sometimes

you need to consider it perhaps it’s

better for you who knows you might have

a spouse that might be better than the

previous one

it could be don’t just sit back and say

no it can be maybe the point I’m raising

is you need to get up and do something

about your life you need to until the

day you die you need to have hope no

matter what difficulty you’re in you can

be the biggest mess today you can be

diagnosed with a terminal disease you

can be on your deathbed through me two

things happen to him or her you have

hope in the mercy of Allah I even he

will cure you or he will grant you

general because of yourself there’s no

third way we find for example I’m on my

deathbed may Allah grant us a good day

a person who perhaps has diagnosed with

the disease let’s say for example cancer

it’s quite common it’s becoming more and

more common may Allah grant general to

those who died with it Allah grants up

to those who have it in a way that they

are cured or if they happen to die they

will get general because of that

sovereign and may Allah make it easy for

the families and for those who are

taking care of these type of people that

is also your paradise to take care of

someone who’s sick and you

that’s your gentleman it’s a last way do

you know that there’s a hadith which

says on the day of judgment Allah will

say Chicana who

I was sick and you didn’t visit me and

man would say oh Allah how could you

have been sick and you are but had a

meme and Allah will say did you not hear

of my worship and so-and-so who was sick

and him well had you visited him or her

you would have found me there he’d have

gained closeness to allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala so when the person is now on

their deathbed they need to have hope

you must be convinced that you are going

to a better place

you must be happy you must be smiling

you cannot claim to dear life

you will die whether you will hold fast

on your bed or not you will go you

rather go calm say o Allah you have said

Anna in the unreality be Allah I will

treat every worshipper of mine the way

he perceives me so oh Allah I perceive

you as the most merciful the most

beneficent the most loving the most kind

the owner of paradise the one who’s

going to forgive me you know my

shortcomings you know the sins I’ve

committed the major major major sins

I’ve committed throughout my life

I seek your forgiveness Allah I am

hopeless helpless hopeless in the sense

that as a human being but I have hope in

your mercy I know that you love me Allah

I know you’re going to take me to a

better place

I know for a fact that you are the one

low Allah so Hannah Hans Allah who’s

going to take me to join them after

forgiving all my sins half the hope you

die with a smile and you know what you

will be treated the way you perceived

Allah to have been or to treat you a lot

of us are unaware of this people are


do not let your past bog you down no

matter what you’ve done in the past the

past is the past

look at where you are today like we

spoke about labor now you have the baby

the child has grown up the child is

looking after you

you cannot keep on saying you know when

I gave birth to it was so hard so uh you

cannot keep on saying that the child is

now 50 you are 70 come on relax

she’ll handle oh Allah you made it easy

for me I’m alive I clocked 70 a lot of

people don’t clock 70 do you know that

you think Allah you cannot keep on

talking about the past suffering that

you had and making yourself depressed

here leaving the sins you’ve committed

in the past they’ve gone you asked a

must forgiveness once it was wiped out

you are encouraged to repeat repentance

so that your status can be elevated not

because you are doubting Allah

forgiveness remember this when you’ve

committed a sin

you asked Allah forgiveness once it was

enough it was more than enough Subhan


that’s the mercy of Allah he tells you

you you admit you regret you repent you

promise not to do it again it’s wiped

out gone completely over I repeat my

repentance again after a day two days

five days every day one year not because

I’m doubting alas forgiveness never

because I wanted to come closer to Allah

and I’m saying all I know you’ve

forgiven me Allah forgive me yeah I

forgive me for more than that whatever

I’ve done that which I know that which I

don’t know you want closeness to Allah

this is how you even closer to Allah

this is how you protect yourself from

the path of Jahannam because che palle

comes to you makes you depressed you

you’ve committed adultery 500 times in

you you’ve lost count

well today I’m close to Allah I asked a

lot forgiveness I’m convinced in my

heart I’m forgiven by Allah I know

because I regretted it I admitted it I

read I repented and I promised not to do

it again and I’m reading my Salah and

I’m worshiping Allah alone and I’m

trying my best to follow the footsteps

of Muhammad sallallaahu Salaam why

should I allow the million times I’ve

committed the sin in the mosque to

depress me today today is a new day

if sins were meant to depress you Allah

we would all be depressed completely

none of us is free from sin so don’t

allow that to happen these are tests

these are challenges your part is to


you walked for 200 kilometers on the

wrong path but you know what into one

thing to come back to the path why are

you depressed

200 kilometers I walked on the wrong

path you are now on the right path you

have enough fuel to get you to your

destination and hamdulillah that’s the

hope in the mercy of Allah you’re trying

your best carry on walking

stop lamenting about how long and how

whatever else ham I’m not had it that

way look at this half of the love how do

you know they were muesli keen they used

to worship idols and then they accepted

Islam they used to laugh about the past

literally they used to say you know some

years back easy to do this abused to do

that they used to mention it in order to

to highlight how foolish they were Japan

Allah nobody must be proud about the

sins then committed yes indeed so you

don’t say oh you know I did this and I

commit to the Sun and I committed that

so you don’t have to be proud about it

we should be ashamed embarrassed but if

you are mentioning something in order

for others to learn a lesson

it becomes an activation say for example

I had a past and in my past I did a lot

of bad things and masha’Allah my life

changed I saw the light a torch was lit

for me so I get up and tell people how

my life changed and I want to show them

the torch that was lit for me that is an

act of worship I’m encouraging people to

see the light I saw after the

equivalence I was in a Las favour

brought me into the light so I want the

same for all of you and this is why to

repeat those type of stories can become

an act of worship with the correct

intention Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

helped us all my brothers and sisters

you will be tested have hope in the

mercy of allah look forth allah says


and in a monastery newbie solder he was

solid in Lama Savini oh you who believe

seek assistance staying means to seek

help seek help from who with what Allah

says seek help with two things some and

Salah their patience be forbearance

practice restraint that is all part of

some and sana Salah is the gift that a

movement has the five daily prayers

never missed them no matter what problem

you have you need to learn to seek Allah

forgiveness and to constantly find

yourself in prayer if your five daily

prayers our own time at the beginning of

the time and you take your time to

fulfill them Allah says I will make all

my tests for you easy to go through when

the Prophet asylum went to buy if he was

tested he lost his children one after

the Aston in the other he was tested he

went through one upon the other people

created armies in order to fight him he

was tested not once was him depressed

never he always had hope in Allah why he

was regular when his link with Allah

these matters must bring you closer to

Allah this is how they are turned in

guilt in the law either I have denied

allah muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam he says it is indeed when allah

loves his worshipper that he tests him

so when I have a challenge I get to

Allah all my help

Allah a system all my heart is softened

why is my heart softened it used to be a

hard heart

it used to be arrogant I was running

after money money money is a religion do

you know that people worshipping they

do anything for it they made sure they

get it while lying apply that whom to

Allah to worship money

worship Allah ties up and get him Terry

Sabatino Terry so and ekiz were either

she covenant Abbas at loss is the one

who worships the gold and at loss is the

one who worships silver such a big loss

that even if they were pricked by

something by a thorn they wouldn’t be

able to remove it Allah says you are

helpless why worship money yes earn

money no one is saying divorce yourself

from him that’s the other extreme earn

it use it to thank Allah using to

worship Allah use it to spend on your

family members perhaps and on yourself

to do things that are permissible and so

on no problem

everyone has to earn but at the same

time worship is for Allah subhana Noah


it must soften your heart it brings you

closer to Allah after the hard heart

problem after problem difficulty upon

difficulty and subhanAllah you know what

happens we just become closer to Allah

don’t ever think because you’ve had ten

issues one after the other ten issues

one after the other that Allah hates you

no in fact he loves you and the last

point that I want to close with my

brothers and sisters someone somewhere I

did say patience forbearance and

restraint but I want to give you one

example of it when you have a problem

you call out to Allah do not be

impatient wait

Allah will give it to you after 40 years

maybe but he will give it to you and he

knows its rightful you have a problem a

difficult out you have a difficult you

have a challenge you have a difficult

child keep on making drama your child do

not lose hope keep on with the same

enthusiasm with the same passion with

the same belief in Allah with the same

hope continue day

may making too hard to allah subhanahu


one year later five years later ten

years later those from amongst us who

don’t have children you know how it


may Allah bless you in offspring

continue making to our even when you’re

older make dua and continue asking Allah

and do not lose hope and continue remain

as steadfast as possible it is allah

subhanallah wa taala who will open your

doors or lie they will open one day and

if a man does not open those doors in

this world the fact that you continued

and had hope and continued with patience

and forbearance he will fling open the

doors of paradise and ask you to enter

from whichever door you want may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala grant us all general

if he totally Gina



but today

another heartache in love

but an archer
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