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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 277

Better or Best? | Subtitled


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a test

[ayyukum ahsanu ‘amala]
(Quran 67:2)

“so which of you is better”

if some translations say “best”

I don’t like that translation

this is
اسم تفضيل المقارنة
(subject of comparative preference)

it’s for comparison purposes

It’s not افعل تفضيل (action of preference)
because it’s a مضاف (subject of relation)
or اسم لام التعريف (subject of “the”)

if you say [al-ahsanu a’mala]

like [bi-alakhsareena a’mala]

that’s actually superlative

if you don’t put the لام التعريف (“the”)

then it’s not superlative, it’s comparative

it’s “who’s better”

“who is better in terms of deed?”

there’s a difference between “better” and “best”, isn’t it?

you know when you’re best

only one person can be the best

you can’t have two people who are the best

“best” means number one

but when you say “better”

when you say “better”, you’ve got a lot of people that are better

and by the way, you may never be the best but you can certainly become


there will never be a day in my life when I’ll say
finally, I’m the best”

“that I can be”

but I could be able to say

“Alhamdulillah, I’m doing” – what?

“I’m doing better”


it’s actually a mercy of Allah

that Allah did not expect


Allah expected improvement

[Ahsan] = [better]

not [al-Ahsan] = [best]

its [ahsan] – “just show Me improvement”

and by the way, some people improve slowly, some people improve quickly

some people make long strides – some people are willing to give everything they own for the sake of Allah and some people can give

a percent of what they own and that’s that’s improvement from zero

that’s fine

you know

[wakullan wa’ada Allahu alhusna] (Quran 57:10)
Allah has promised the most beautiful things to all of them

you know – everybody will make progress in their own way

Ii’s actually a beautiful thing that Allah created this institution

to see which of you is going to make strides to improve

so it’s not a fatalistic view

that’s the beauty of this Ayah

it’s not a fatalistic view

it’s not – “death is coming – I’m not the best – I give up”

you know

this is very pointed to me because of the culture I come from

this hits me in a different way because of me being Pakistani

and for those of you that are Indian or South East Asians

you know

you know why?

you know what’s instilled in our education systems?

if you don’t score the highest in your class

if you didn’t rank first in your class

why aren’t you dead yet?

don’t even show me your face

why do we even send you for an education?

number 2?

you know – like

and you know what? that means the vast majority of

children that are going through this education system expect the only way you’re worth anything is if you are

the best

and if – and by the way those who are the best suffer from the most extreme form of arrogance

right? they suffer from the most –
“I came number one in my class”

and then that guy’s on a that drug his whole life

You know he can’t get out of it – and the rest of them suffer from clinical depression

and that depression doesn’t just remain relegated to the sphere of education

it actually transfers over into the kind of parents they become down the road

the kind of spouses they become and the kind of view they have of their spiritual life

they all say to themselves:
“since I am not the best believer…”

“what’s the point anyway?”

and they’ll give up on all their practices

prayer altogether

practice altogether – “ok, I’m not perfect”

and the rationale they will argue is amazing

“look I’m not perfect, okay? I can’t do all this stuff”

he’ll actually offer that rationale

and that entire diseased mindset is crushed in just one word


He didn’t ask you to be perfect, stupid!

He didn’t ask you to be perfect
SubhanAllah – [ayyukum ahsanu]

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