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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 713



you have to realize everything that’s

happening is from Allah

you know do you don’t get depressed

people if you forget about Allah you end

up getting depressed you think if things

are black and they’re gloomy and don’t

know we don’t believe this we believe in

Happy Endings the roots of Western

civilization is tragedy if you look at

the major masterpieces of Western

literature they’re all tragic they have

horrible endings everybody dies that’s

not the Muslim view our stories in the

Quran they’re all good endings if you

look in the Quran they’re good endings

people the good guys the good people win

no matter how bleak it looks out there

is dunya you’re in the lowest dunya

means the lowest place at dunya we’re on

the bottom there’s only up from here

really there’s only up this place we’ll

live all of you I’ll give you sincere

advice and myself this place is designed

to break your heart it was designed that

way if you’re looking to be happy in the

dunya you’re in the wrong place

if Allah gave you a horrible spouse you

can get out of it and you might give you

another horrible spouse or you don’t

find a spouse and then you’re lonely and

you wish you were with your horrible

spouse because at least being with him

or her

there was somebody to talk to and then

he might make you happy but you look how

many wealthy people do you know that I

have a lot of wealth who have children

that are in tribulation who have sons

that are completely wayward or really

look out there people are in tribulation

you think you’re looking at him because

he has a big house he has nice Mercedes

yeah if you were in his shoes you might

say I want to be back in my old shoes

even though they have holes in them

because at least I can sleep at night in

his shoes I can I have to take all these

pills to go to sleep everybody has their

tribulations and it’s very rare people

that have happy time wonderful life all

that those people are rare and they’re

just ionized

that’s all they are but even a bath said

also the dunya ellipse Allah for either

animal Kamala for he anima other a

linear map the foundation of dunya is

tribulation so if you are in Nima which

is still an empty lab but it’s easier in

some ways and in some ways it’s not

because it’s easier to forget Allah when

things go well it’s much more difficult

to forget Allah when things are

difficult and that’s why the Sahaba said


let’s October ha Election Day when

things are easy they’re always followed

by hard times whereas when things are

hard they’re always followed by easy

time so they prefer to be waiting for

the ease than to be waiting for the

hardship because miss a hadith and it’s

Hassan after ability in tavar and Farraj

the best worship is waiting for the ease

from Allah to come when you’re in

hardship so if muslim would just have

that perspective they would realize that

if i’m just patient here with all these

tribulations I’m going to be better you

could just be sitting in your house and

if you’re Marta sit with Allah your

inner Amanda but if you’re there

complaining and woe is me and

everything’s horrible and it’s doom and

gloom and it’s all black and it’s all

dark Allah will give you more things to

complain about and he’ll give you some

real things to complain about because

there’s a hadith if you complain about

small calamities Allah gives you great


and that’s why even our Basildon on who

said that in every nickimja there are

three NEMA in every tribulation there

are three blessings and the first one is

that it could be worse than it is and

that’s an airman Euskara a lady

that it’s in your worldly matters and

not in your deal like if you lose money

is money but if you lose Dean you lost

everything so that’s an Emma if it’s not

today and we’ll see but then IVD Nina I

mean if you think about he didn’t say

there to Cigna do you see that there are

he didn’t say let to supplier Allah

don’t give us any calamities

he said latter and we’ll see but enough

ad Nina don’t give us tribulation in our


we’re gonna get tribulation and we know

that because that’s the nature of dunya

Leah blue cone so you’re going to get

tribulation but don’t make it indeed

make it in dunya so that’s an ear ma if

you had a you lost your job

alhamdulillah I didn’t miss my prayers

and Hum did he die I didn’t lose my

email at hamdulillah

there’s Widow and a place to pray cuz

jobs come and go but Dean once it’s gone

a lower Adam if you’ll ever get it back

and then the final one it’s in this

world it’s Futuna whatever

as long as the receivers in this world

it’s an mo because the real mo Siva is

the most severe in the next world so if

you look at that and realize that it’s

you were in blessing will light a whole

lot of us some maybe more than others

outwardly more observable but the whole

woman is in blessing will lie the whole


Palestine Kashmir

sheesh an everywhere were in animal and

you have to see it you have to see

because we have that it could be an

underling a couple that novella you know

that people have come far they have no

Lord we have our loss behind with Diana

as long as you have a la they can’t take

anything away from you no matter well

those who don’t see that you get

everything you desire exists without

loss of penalty so if you have Allah you

have everything

if you don’t have a lock nothing you


nothing little law in then bring you

misery what lie and that’s the truth

it’s not alive



religion is here to unite us it’s not

here to divide us and if it’s dividing

us it’s not God’s religion it’s

something else and and so it’s a great

blessing to be in a place just where you

feel comfortable and you don’t have to

worry about somebody telling you you’re

not doing this right you know and and if

somebody did correct you it would be out

of love and not out of this arrogant

pious self-righteous attitude of

superiority and so this type of religion

we have to fight it really because it’s

killing the soul of the Muslims and it’s

all over the place now you know these

memes to use Dawkins I don’t really like

to use Dawkins terms but you know he

came up the idea of memes that are like

viruses intellectual viruses and and

we’ve got these intellectual viruses

that are making our community sick and

we really need to you know wash our


you know in order not to get right you

wash your hands we have to clean our you

know really purify ourselves mountains

and Ida karana bah-bah

we didn’t reveal this Quran for you to

be miserable I mean Allah subhana WA

Ta’ala said that to his prophet we did

not reveal this Quran for you to be

miserable the the mahadeva the

understanding the reverse understanding

is and zhanna who detest had we we

revealed this book to make you happy

so if Islam is not making you happy

something’s wrong with your Islam and if

you’re making other people unhappy you

know wall unto you for driving people

out of Islam you know and there are

people that are driving people away from

Islam and this is where in the end game

people I mean if you don’t see that I

don’t know what planet you’re living on

we’re coming down to endgame maybe it’s

a hundred years from now maybe it’s 200

I don’t know those things are in the

knowledge of God but our prophet said

but to whassat kaha Taney I was sentient

and the end of time are like these two

and he put his wolf on his Sababa

together just like that barreto Anna was

Satine was sad too kaha teeny I was sent

in the hours like this that was 1,400

years ago and in terms of how long

humans have been here it’s not a long

time 1400 years it’s a it’s just a flash

so this is a time for people to have a

lot of or a hub you know just

expansiveness in their hearts for people

baz Abaza i wish i could quote it in in

persian but you know we’re in the city

of mawlana jalal adenine he has a

beautiful casita which is in the

entrance to his mom come come again


you know whatever you’ve done


this isn’t a caravan of despair you know

sinner if you’ve broken your vow a

thousand times just come back the doors

open and anybody that closes it as a

ship on you know there’s people closing

that door on people that need to hear

that message you know because this world

can defile you but no matter how defiled

you are a longe door is open no matter

what’s happened to you Allah is door is

open I mean we have testimony in the

hadith to a mass murderer who was given

Toba he killed a hundred people and he

was given Toba


oh they thought yeah man he said the end

of time won’t come until the Muslims are

like a big rock in a river

they don’t drink from it and they don’t

let other people drink from it and he

said and the one seeing it is not like

the one telling it so don’t be like that

rock that doesn’t let the river flow and

let people drink from it this people

neat they’re dying of thirst out there

they’re dying of spiritual thirst this

door is open and people we need to open

it up and let people come in with all

their faults in all their flaws and all

their dysfunctionality z’ and all their

problems just open the door and let

people come in
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