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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 399

Benefit in Everything

The name of Allah in this Ayah is the pronoun, He, هو. A pronoun from a language perspective goes back to what came before.

In other words, Allah is saying that the same one created you before. You didn’t even have this body, and he put you to sleep, he put you inside your mother, then the one who gives you life in this world and will give you death again.

That same one is the one who, “خلق لكم مافي الأرض جميعا”
He is the same one who created for you whatever is in the earth all together.

What is the connection? The first thing to understand is the connection with the previous aya.

You were in the closest company of Allah. Which illustrates how much love Allah has for you. Allah didn’t do that for other creations, they way He did that for you.

Then He decided that He will build you a home on this earth, on this planet. He made the entire universe and this planet our habitat, our home.

Then He ‘goes out of His way for your sake to create things on this earth all together. Meaning, everywhere on this earth, there is something that you can benefit from, that is for you.

This is a profound statement. Scholars were baffled by this statement. How is everything in the world created for us.

How is a mosquito created for me? Atheist ask this question. How is the cockroach created for me? Explain that to me!

They will ask these question. If everything is created for me, then no thanks, I don’t like bacteria or I don’t want virus.
They will say, how is that for me?

The response to that is actually, you have to take a step back and take a deeper look at what Allah is saying.

The idea of benefit for a materialist can only be material. When the person only thinks in the material sense, their idea of benefit can only be material.

There is no other benefit in their view because they became entirely materialistic.

They didn’t want anything but worldly life, because that is the extent of their knowledge. That is as far as they can think.

So when they think of anything in the world, they think how does this physically benefit me?

How does this in consumption, in my wealth, in my status, in my security, how is this material good for me?
That is the only way they can think of benefit.

That is the tragedy of a human being who forgets that he is not just made of a body but is also made of Ruuh. And there is a benefit to the body and there is also benefit to the Ruuh.

So much of what Allah created on this earth has benefit to our body and so much of it has benefit to our ruuh.

There are things on this earth that terrify us. There are alligators that terrify us. Snakes, cobras, terrify us. When these things have their fangs out they will petrify you just out of fear.

These things are reminders to believers that if Allah can create this kind of fear on earth, then what kind of fear will He create in akhira if I disobey Him?

What kind of punishment can He make in the akhira?
Do you understand? When there is some kind of thing you find disgusting in the world, you find snails disgusting, cockroaches disgusting! If you think this ugliness, or this insect or this creature that is surrounded by filth and you hate it! You can’t stand it.

You look at these ugly things and you are reminded in this world that Allah (awj) just like in this world He gives you a snap shot of Jannah.

He will also give you a little picture of Jahannam.
He will tie physical reality to spiritual reality. He will do that for you over and over again.

So even things that don’t physically benefit you, they are still a reminder for you.
“There is a powerful reminder in this for you!” By the way a reminder is always something of benefit.

A reminder is always of benefit. So the world and everything in it is actually a matter of benefit.

Whether it is a directly of benefit like the animal, the skin of the animal, the flesh of the animal, the milk of the animal and the ride of the animal. So much of the animal that of benefit.
Or there are animals that we can’t eat, consume, they are dangerous or poisonous, even they have benefit.
If the benefit is not physical then the benefit is spiritual.


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