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Published on January 26th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 346

Reading Quran

Reading Quran

Be Proud of Your Religion (Motivational) | Subtitled”Reading Quran”


Aslam and Muslim life.How to deal with the ather ”Free Quran Educatio” .log on to


Be Proud of Your Religion – Hamza Tzortzis

Who likes soccer? Whoa a lot of you… okay. What’s your favorite soccer team?

Chelsea!!! Man United!!! Liverpool!!!

We would fight for it, our football team, our soccer team!

But for our own deen, where is the noise?

Where is the noise, people?

You’ve gotta support Liverpool, David Beckham, Messi!!!

The guy that support Liverpool will be debating with the guy that support Man United.

You might not speak to your friend, if you support Liverpool,

he support Man United, and you lost 6-1.

You won’t speak to him for a week.

Look! The truth for such a small thing,

we will fight for it, defend it with our soul,

with our intellect, with our eloquence.

What about the thing that defines who you are people?

Your religion, Islam…

Where are the defense when it comes to Islam?

Think about that people… It is profound…

How important is Allah to us, to our own hearts?

This is a big important thing.

“Reading Quran”

‘Coz at the end of the day this life is very quick.

I was 18 just a few years ago, I am 31 now…

Also you have to understand the importance of the deen for yourselves.

Make the stance today!

Is Islam is important to me? Or is it just like another religion?

Is it something that I do on Friday?

Is it something that I do because my parents did it?

Or is it something that I do because it’s an identity thing?

I’m Somali Muslim… I’m Desi Muslim…

Is Islam just an identity thing for you?

Like you put a hat on, then you go out and you wear it?

This is shallow people!

Is this the truth for you?

Is this your world view?

Do you really believe that there is a creator of the whole universe?

Then He is the only one that deserves to be worshiped?

And worshiped means a comprehensive thing,

that we don’t refer to our egos anymore, but we refer to the divine?

We free ourselves from our own egos and desires.

We free ourselves from social pressure.

We free ourselves from social conditioning.

We free ourselves from the boys next door,

‘coz they want me to look like the way they look, conformity thing…

How are we gonna free ourselves from these things?

By referring ourselves to Allah.

“Reading Quran”

Allah says that He sent the Prophet to free ourselves from the burdens.

These burdens they mean the burdens to society.

Many of us look exactly the same people…

You have the Goths that hanging out with the Goths,

and you have the Punks that hanging out with the Punks,

and the Crips, they hanging out with the Crips,

and the Bloods, they hang out with the Bloods.

‘Coz we always want to be the same,

we always want to follow the peer pressure.

And even in our own families.

“Oh, I can’t wear the same outfit again to that wedding, what are they gonna say?”

“I can’t marry my daughter to this really pious excellent man,

‘coz he doesn’t have a bigger bank account.”

“What are people gonna say?”

This is the reality, people!

Even with our studies.

How is his grades? He got A stars.

But he got all Cs.

“Reading Quran”

You’ve heard this before, just to show a face…

Look at this ridiculous burdens we’ve put on ourselves,

just to conform to what?

To human beings, to the people just like us.

It doesn’t really mean anything, so what?

Is Allah gonna ask you in the day of judgment what grades you got?

Or what color your husband was?

Or how much money he had in his bank account?

Baggies people…

The biggest destroy of families, the biggest destroy of societies

the biggest destroy of nations.

Allah mentions this, “Don’t have civilizational and social arrogance.”

“Look what happened to people before you,

it doesn’t mean nothing.”

So this is why the Prophet came to us, to remove us from these burdens.

To say the higher goal that we should have.

“Ukhrijat lin-naas,” (QS Ali Imran: 110) that’s what Allah says about us.

We’re here for the people,

not “minan-naas”, not from the people but for them.

So it means, we have a position of spiritual leadership.

We should be the leaders, people…

Why is Somalia, a ten million people were hungry, starving because of no food?

When ten million people in your own country, in America,

are dying because of too much food, obesity.

We are to blame because we have the solution.

“Reading Quran”

I don’t think that there’s not enough niche,

we have to compete for food and resources all the time.

That’s out date, it’s cliche. That doesn’t work anymore.

According to the Food Agricultural Organization,

there’s enough food on this planet to feed three planets.

So what’s the solution? It’s not more resources, it’s distribution.

And what did your Prophet tell you about this distribution? Zakah, sadaqah.

Taking from the super rich and giving to the poor,

the distribution of wealth.

Islam solved this problem years ago.

In New York, in Wall Street,

non-Muslim woman, she’s holding a placard.

Do you know what it says? We must do banking the Muslim way.

They’re telling us that we have the solution, and we don’t even know it.

Do you see my point?
Be proud of your religion, people…

“Reading Quran”

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