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Published on December 25th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views:

online tajweed classes

online tajweed classes

Be polite and considerate with People, Mufti “online tajweed classes”

the hadith Muhammad sallallaahu Selim

gives so much importance to visiting the

sickly go and visit the elderly you’ll

get a page of wisdom from them and

remember when we visit don’t waste time

some of you might have heard me saying

in one of my talks when I was young I

visited one home with my mom when I was

quite young I went with my mother to one

of her friends house houses and I

“online tajweed classes”

remember distinctly on the door there

was a sticker and the sticker says we

are happy at your arrival but we will be

even happier when you depart I looked it

in and I said wow this is telling us not

to waste time so I was telling my mother

man let’s go you know let’s go she says

what are you such a big rush for said

I’ll tell you later when I went home I

told her mom there was a sticker on the

door now that was my mistake

that sticker was just a joke I think

when I told my mother this was the

sticker it says we are happy upon your

arrival but we will be even happier when

you depart my mother picked up the phone

phoned a friend hey why didn’t you tell

“online tajweed classes”

me why did you have to stick a sticker

anyway they sorted out that problem

which I had created by relating it but

the truth is the point we are learning

is when you visit people have a time

limit you don’t go and sit today we have

technology message them make sure they

are comfortable with your visit because

when a person is not comfortable with

your visit

it is the most destructive visit you

would ever have no productivity in it

they are sitting there making dua Allah

make them go Allah make them go all

these people arrived you know it’s like

when you knock on the door and someone

comes out and they say my dad told me to

tell you that he’s not here then you

know that this means I’m not supposed to

have been here at all lack of

productivity we’ve got technology found

them I’d like to come is it convenient

for me to visit you they’ll tell you no

perhaps come tomorrow come the next day

I’m not going to manage okay so let’s

“online tajweed classes”

make it for next week okay fine no

problem you’ve agreed and when we visit

you don’t set whole day that people want

to sleep and you’re still sitting there

no go away

I would prefer to have a

visit in a way that they tell you we

want you to come back and they really

mean it then for them to say oh we can’t

wait for you to come back but their


get out la we don’t want that so I’d

rather have a short visit then to have a

long one where they’re sick and tired of

me the next time they see me from the

intercom from the video at the intercom

oh this man don’t even answer the gate

baby if you want keep quiet this

attitude of hypocrisy is created because

of our lack of productivity we didn’t

think so to think to be courteous to be

polite to be considerate these are all

qualities that will enhance the

productivity of a person more so if you

are a Muslim

“online tajweed classes”

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