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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 237

Be Appreciative and Grateful

Allah says “We made for you means on this earth to live well”

Allah didn’t want us to live in misery here

It’s not like in Jannah you’ll have all great things

Here you have to live in a crummy place. Here you have to dress poorly. Here you have to be miserable

No, that’s not our concept

Actually a lot of Christian theology suggest this world is like a punishment

This world is like a punishment, you know

And the real rewards of God are in Paradise

That’s not the Muslim view

We’re told to appreciate this world

How many times Allah takes pride and asks us to look at the sky and how beautiful it is?

How many times Allah asks us to look at the mountain, the camel, the tree and all these things? How come…

Because we’re supposed to appreciate these things all around us. These are beautiful things around us

So the world in the Muslims point of view is beautiful

Allah Himself says “I made it beautiful for you”

So if Allah made it beautiful and luxurious and nice, then how can we turn around and not appreciate it?

Allah is teaching us a very powerful lesson here

You know part of being a Muslim, an essential part of being a Muslim, is to be grateful

To be grateful you have to appreciate things. Allah wants us to appreciate the world around us

“How little you thank!”

How many of us get into our home and appreciate that we have air conditioning?

We have a carpet on the floor

We have a kitchen, we have a sink in the kitchen

And when you turn the faucet water comes out. We take these things for granted

Are there places in the world there are no faucets?

There are no kitchens, there are no floors, there are no carpets

There are no walls, there are no ceilings

There’s no such thing as a couch. They haven’t seen a couch

There are people that live in those situations, too.

When we go home you just look at it, and you just appreciate what you have

And Allah isn’t even talking to us in 2012

Allah is talking to people who live in the desert. Do you think their life is more comfortable than ours?

No, what air conditioning do they have in a hundred and fifteen degrees?

Allah says even you’re living well. Don’t you enjoy dates?

Don’t you enjoy a nice cool evening, looking out at the stars?

Then Allah says I’ve shaped(?) you pretty nicely

And to us… I mean what’s the comparison? If Sahaba saw us today, they’d be like “Is this a preview of Jannah or what?”

You know… One of the things Allah described

Different kinds of drinks in Jannah. Different kinds of drinks, all kinds of fruit…

Servants… What happens in restaurants?

Different kinds of drinks, all kinds of fruit, all kinds of flavors of ice cream…

Artificial waterfall, fountain…

In the restaurants, right?

Everything that was promised… All that these restaurants in like Addison

You know… SubhanAllah!

We’re given so much we don’t appreciate

But this is still not that thesis/the point of this surah. We’re building up to it

He says subhanahu wata’ala


“Ok, so your life around you is beautiful.”

“Then we created you.”

“We created you.” When Allah says we created you, it doesn’t just mean “We created, move on…”

It means my creation is something special

So special that Allah Himself takes credit for it

That means when a Muslim believes that Allah created me, then that Muslim does not have low self esteem

A Muslim does not have low self-worth

“I’m worthless. I’m nothing. I’m ugly. I’m too fat. I’m too short”

“I’m not smart like my brother is”

“I’m this, I’m that, I’m the other”

No! Allah created me, how can I complain about myself?

How can I complain about myself?

When Allah creates something, all a Muslim does is thank

All a Muslim does is thank

And He didn’t just say, “Then we molded you.”

(He said, We) “Fashioned you, designed you”

“We molded you artistically”

Allah takes credit of his creativity in making your face and mind

In creating our bodies and fashioning our hands

Every single one of us…

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