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Published on February 16th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 265

memorization quran with tajweed

“memorization quran with tajweed”

Bartender who accepted Islam | illustrated story | Subtitled”memorization quran with tajweed”


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You know not too long ago i met a brother,
he came up to me and he wanted to take Shahadah.

You know he was in midwest of ohio.

He told me, a white guy, he has been a bartender
his whole life.

I don’t know how he found one of my videos
or something on youtube.

He starts watching a bunch of them.

He went through entire Juz Amma Tafsir i had
done on podcast, which is complicated but

he went through the whole thing, sitting in
the bar.

Just plugging in the ear, pouring drinks for
his friends for 6months, took shahadah on

his own.

no muslims around him.

Actually he did tell me he has some muslim
friends, regular at the bar (crowd Laughter).

He asked them a few questions about islam.

So he takes Shahadah and says, you know i
am ready to leave this life.

“memorization quran with tajweed”

I haven’t had a drink, a bartender hasn’t
had a drink for 6 months.

When you look at him you are not going to
know this guy has taqwa but i can gurantee

you that man has more taqwa then most of us.

The situation he is in, then he holds himself
back and finally quit.

No savings, no nothing.

he quit, i can’t do this anymore, i cant go

Even the Sahaba (RA) weren’t given the Ayat
to quit alcohol right away.

They were told the harm and sin is greater
then benefit.

They were told that atleast don’t be drunk
while praying.

Years later they were told leave it altogether.

Allah didn’t reveal one time that leave alcohol.

And this man left alcohol on his own, once
he heard about islam.

“memorization quran with tajweed”

Subhan Allah his taqwa.

But when you look at him, you wouldn’t know.

You would have no idea.

Don’t put people down, don’t think of them
as less then you.
They maybe way better than you are.

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