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Published on January 30th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 360

learn the Quran online

learn the Quran online

As long as Islam serves Me | Subtitled”learn the Quran online “


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how come there’s such crazy violence in
the Ummah it doesn’t just come out of

first is the heart that becomes hard

then it’s the close relationships that
become stiff then the tongue becomes

harsh and all of that evolves eventually
into bloodshed so when we don’t softened

when our tongues don’t softened when our
relationship with Allah and our close

relationship doesn’t fix then we don’t
get to complain that there are some

people killing each other because we’re
part of that cycle they’re just the most

extreme end of it but there’s a lighter
version that we’re culprits of that’s

the progression in these Ayat in the
midst of those ayat Allah said

[Arabic] do you believe in some parts

of the book and deny other parts of the
book how does somebody do that nobody

comes and says by the way I believe in
this Surah next surah I know I’m a Kafir (Don’t believe in)

of that surah you decide what parts of
the religion are suited for you and what

“learn the Quran online “

parts of the religion I can just ignore
and so people do this in different ways

for some people the outside of the
religion the length of the beard is

really important the head cover is
really important you have to wear shalwar

kameez or thob and those are Islamic
clothes or this guy doesn’t even have a

beard la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah
his face is haram or that one doesn’t

wear a hijab you know what kind of hijab
is that look there’s a hair sticking out

Ina lilahei wa ina ilahei wa rajioun, would you go to somebody’s house

where did you get the chicken did you
get it from a Zabeeah place?

it’d be house doesn’t he have please did
you do an exhaustive background check of

the butcher did you find out where he
was born and how many animals he’s

killed so far and does he pronounced
bismillah properly or not because

if not I’m not eating here I’ll just
have the salad and I’ll go this is the

this is their Islam checking the
ingredients on every ice-cream packet so

make sure you’re not eating Haram but
when it comes to giving Mehr to the

wife when it comes to giving the
inheritance these same long beard same

hijabs super halalified everything
else when it comes to money I don’t know

where that Islam went and just
disappeared all of a sudden when it

comes to speaking kindly to people when
it comes to not backbiting against

others when it comes to not putting
someone down when it comes to not

“learn the Quran online “

slandering somebody
it just disappeared so in some things

extremely Islamic looking and other
things that’s worse than any Non believer

would ever do by the way justice kindness
mercy forgiveness softness and speech

they only come when a heart is soft but
the outside appearance and impressing

somebody with ‘you’re religious’ look you can
quote stuff you even know Arabic abu

jahal spoke really good Arabic the
leader of the Munafiyaquun’ Abdullah ibn Abi

he gave epic speeches man his
Arabic was way better than mine so you

want to just quote Arabic you feel like
you’re more religious that’s not what

makes somebody religious knowledge
doesn’t make you more religious

appearance doesn’t make you more
religious it doesn’t make you a better

person but for some people that’s
essentially Islam somebody doesn’t look

that way then you judge them and you you
don’t even judge yourself over the wrong

things you’re doing in your life and the
way you’re dealing with people even in

the way that the prayers have become
you’re praying perfectly you’re like

according to my school of thought the
hand should be here or here or wherever

they are and the entire prayer looking
at the guy’s hands next to you whose

hands are a little bit lower leg and as
soon as Salaah is done bro your Ruku was

just not ninety degrees it was more like
you need to fix you why are you checking

somebody else’s prayer what’s wrong with

this is a heart that is not overwhelmed
by the remembrance of Allah on the other

side is the other extreme people that
say no no I’m not that religious I don’t

want to be like these people they all
look religious but you know really

they’re just scum and they they’re
cheaters and Liars I don’t want to deal

with them I know what they’re all like
fine you’re not Islamic

you call yourself normal except when
it’s to your advantage so when your son

is acting up you start quoting you know
in Islam you have to be good to your mom

mom just got religious no mom didn’t get
religious this religion served her

purpose right now so she quoted it or
the husband who doesn’t even pray drinks

whatever else you know abusive and the
wife speaks up you know in Islam women

“learn the Quran online “

are supposed to be obedient this Islam
really you Islam when do you quote Islam

when you can slap somebody with it
there’ll be people that are have lived a

completely non religious life that are
going through a divorce

in the western courts it’s like the
women in men get fifty fifty right but shariah

Court is gonna give you more money so
he becomes religious during the divorce

and says I’m gonna go to Sharia Court
because I don’t want her to have

masha’Allah this part of the shariah is
very beloved to me everything else about

Sharia who cares this is a [Arabic] but

“learn the Quran online “

let’s take a deeper look you and I have
certain sins we’re doing some things

wrong and we don’t want to let go of
that wrong we’re afraid of letting it go

it’s too dear to us it’s too sweet to us
it’s too compelling to us and when we’re

standing in front of Allah
we’re telling Allah Allah I’m willing to

pray for you I’m willing to recite Quran I’m willing to do all this other good

but let me just hold on to this sin okay
I’ll make up for it with all this other

good stuff [Arabic]

somebody who earned a single sin and
that mistake took ahold of him it

surrounded him like you start
negotiating with Allah I’ll give you all

this other aibadaa but this 1 2 3 haram
things let me just hold on to them ok

I’m not dealing with that you know at
first you maybe even make Astagfaar for

it eventually you stop even making a
Astagfaar for it

Allah knows how I am at least I do all
this other good stuff

this is a [Arabic]
believing in some

parts of the book rejecting denying
ignoring other parts of the book and so

I conclude with the scary conclusion
Allah Himself gives may Allah protect

all of us he says [Arabic]

he says

what should be the
compensation for somebody who does that

among you except [Arabic] humiliation in this worldly life

and on the Day of Resurrection they

will be rejected and taken back to the
most intense of all punishment in other

words this is the worst of Jahannam and Allah is

not at all unaware of the things that
you do because these people are supposed

to be believers they’re supposed to be
ambassadors of Allah’s Deen when they

take part of the book and they reject
other parts of the book they make the

book itself
look ugly they make Islam look ugly and

for so many other people who could have
come to Islam when they see their

behavior they walk away from Islam as a
matter of fact even their own young

their own younger generation says my
parents acted in this way my uncles

acted in this way they were religious
and this this but look at how they

behaved in this this and this I want
nothing to do with Islam you were the

reason to push Shaytaan’s agenda on to your
own to spread disbelief within your own

what bigger crime is there

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“learn the Quran online “

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