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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 248

Are You The One Being Abused? | Subtitled


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My talk with you tonight is about two things

One: Do a good deep inspection of yourself, are you perpetr-, are you a criminal, are you doing abuse?

And number two – equally important – are you the one being abused?

because if you’re the one being abused

a lot depends on you

And if you’re the one being abused, you’re gonna break

And when you break, you’re not going to be able to do what you’re supposed to do

You’re not going to be able to maintain

Don’t worry about making people happy

you can’t

Making people happy is a canyon: There’s no bottom to it.

You have to be able to make Allah happy

You have to be able to tell yourself in all consciousness that you did not –

You can stand in front of Allah, if you die right now, you can stand in front Allah and say:

“Ya Allah, I did not take her rights, his rights, their rights”

“I didn’t do wrong by them”

“I did right by them”

“I know they don’t feel that way, but you know and I know what I did”

That’s Ihsan!

Ihsan is about your own conscience

because if you go by people’s standards..

you are worthless no matter what you do

no matter what you do

Our parents for example from different cultures, they have this thing

they have this thing, no matter how well you do

you could be the head of, you know, cardiac surgery at a hospital

you’re the most successful of their children

and they’ll look at yoyu and say: “You know, I expected so much more”

everybody else looks up to you, but your parents are like

“Why are you such a loser?” “Why are you such a disappointment?”

“You’re just not good enough”

That’s okay, you’re not good enough for them, maybe

Or maybe you’re not good enough for your wife

She talks down to you all the time

She makes you feel like garbage all the time

Maybe your children make you feel bad, maybe that’s the case, I don’t know
But know one thing: You have to do right by Allah, that’s it.

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