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Published on February 9th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 323

Quran Memorization with tajweed Online

Quran Memorization with tajweed Online

Are You on Youtube? | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled” Quran Memorization with tajweed Online “


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one of the meanings of the word “Shaitan”


is [halaqa wahtaraq]

actually [ihtaraq wahlaq]

which means

he got set on fire

literally to be set on fire

its used as a figure of speech in Arabic for losing one’s temper

so you justify your misbehavior

by losing your temper and storming out of a conversation

and then you still do what you do

so your mom says stop playing video games

“forget it!”

you just walk away

and now, your mother’s like “son!”

“don’t be so angry”

“it’s okay”

“come back”

“come back”

“no mom!”

Quran Memorization with tajweed Online “

“you’re always interrupting”

my very important – you know – purpose in life

you know

or is it “half life“? I don’t know what the games is called

you know

you hide – you justify your misbehaviour

by just acting all tough

so nobody could correct you

anybody tries to give you advice

you’re like “hey!!”

“all right – whatever”

“whatever – I’m not going back”

“I don’t need this”

u know

this is Shaitan

that’s Shiatan – when you’re incapable of taking advice

incapable of being corrected

you just get flared up

you just get flared up

I gave Khutbah yesterday – I was really happy with myself

I gave Khutbah and usually my Khutbahs don’t make any sense

yesterday it made sense I thought

it made sense

you know

Quran Memorization with tajweed Online “

sounds like “ok Alhamdulillah, this one went well”

uncle comes up to me and says “your Khutbah made no sense at all”

“It had no content – I did not understand anything you were saying – it was completely impractical”

“it was terrible – you have an obligation to speak clearly in front of the youth”

“you did not connect with the youth at all”

“I thought your Khutbah was terrible”

and I listened and I said:

“OK, do you have any suggestions?”

and he said “yeah, I have lots of suggestions”

and my family was waiting downstairs – they’re in the car – kids getting cranky and all that

I sat with the uncle for 30 minutes

and he gave me suggestions, and I wrote them

I literally wrote them – I put them in my phone – and then save them and I have them

and I disagree with some of them

but I agree with some of them

you have to learn to take criticism – it’s okay

I did not say:

“excuse me! are you on YouTube?”

guys, don’t get heated when somebody corrects you – chill out!

just accept it – take it

they’re probably right

because you’re guys

I pray that we’re able to combat the attacks of Shaitan and raise ourselves to the point

where we are so good at combating Shaitan

that the real attack of Shaitan happens not in our personal lives

but when we’re carrying the Word of Allah like I mentioned in the beginning

we have to raise ourselves to that – u know

that wasn’t relevant to many of you when Shaitan comes, and you’re talking about Allah

why not?

why don’t you raise yourself so you can talk about Allah

and then these ayaat – you can live by them

you know

Quran Memorization with tajweed Online “

we have to become those people –
may Allah Azzawajal elevat all of us in our status

and may Allah Azzawajal

take the good of what is said

and forgive the wrong that it said
[barak Allahu li walakum wassalam alaikum warahmatu Allahi wabarakatuhu]

Quran Memorization with tajweed Online “

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