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Published on December 30th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1030

online tajweed classes by skype

online tajweed classes by skype

Are We Losing Focus? , Mufti Ismail Menk”online tajweed classes by skype”

Salaam alaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh inshallah we’ll start with

short recitation of the Quran for

purposes of baraka we ask Allah to bless

every one of us will be lying in a shame

upon your rajim bismillahi rahmani

raheem wafi Musa yo Sal na Hui laughing

I wanna be soon morning

movie phata while abalone walk all as I


“online tajweed classes by skype”

une four of us know what you know the

roof and a bed nachum fear

me woohoo a morning wifey i din is

Alison a lame-o reality matter the woman

Shay in a totally Elijah eyelet hookah

war me what faith amudha if pina la

última to intervene fighter 1m near of

beam fell for that vamos or autoimmune

famous the follow me p I’m you I’m I can

dos we didn’t walk old man who him

often in no one can call me

fasi beam was summer a banana hobby I do

in Allamuchy oh

Odin 10 buffalo Schneider Fannin

man-made own wha min kulli shayy in

Kalapana zoo Jane wamu kulesza in

Kalapana zou je la Isla come death and

gone fulfill mo naman nila community

will be

in wattage elumalai Ilan Hall in Neela

coming gonna do

bean katholieke ma at 11am you believe

me or soul in la pollo a la Palooza Hyun


one at our zombie balloon Oh


une fete our learn home from


tabby Milo

“online tajweed classes by skype”

home why that get affair in the goddamn

found meaning warmer fallout pathology

no one in sri LAN Lian Bordeaux

on my woody do me no mere is for Allah

woody door IE more

in aloha wazza-wazoo coatl mateen finale

Latino male mu the nuba myth leather new

bios happy fella sanji luton phone only

Levine akifumi me more levy you I do

smell al rahman al rahim alhamdu lillahi

rabbil aalameen ocelot was Salaam

alechem Menelik Milani alafaya recently

marina were bad we commenced by praising

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala sending

blessings and salutations upon muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wasallam his entire

household we ask allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala to bless him and to bless all

his companions we ask allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala to bless all those who have

struggled and strived through the

generations in a way that today the Dean

has come to us and we ask allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala to bless every

single one of us and to grant us all

goodness and to grant us entry into

paradise through his mercy beloved

brothers and sisters in Islam the

question we have this evening are we

losing focus right now we are focused on

a fan that is to my left and hamdulillah

so we have lost focus we ask allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala to bless us to grant

as ease and goodness and really to open

our doors hearts and minds at the same

time it is definitely an honor to be

here in your midst in this beautiful

city of Bangalore which Masha Allah is a

gift of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala I see

it is a very beautiful city and its

people are even more beautiful

alhamdulillah it’s my first time here

and inshallah not my last by the will of

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala y will be

created by allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala i

read a verse

few moments ago we are LA so Hannah who

Atallah makes mention of something very

important and i’m sure most of us would

know this off by heart one follicle two

gene now Alan sayin Ali are gone I have

not created mankind or gin kind except

that they worship Me marido mean lesbo I

do not want from them any sustenance in

fact Allah is the provider whatever I

have whatever you have is only and

solely from allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala so

he is the provider he is the grantor he

is the one in absolute control and he

does not want sustenance from us in fact

if we worship Him we may worship him

through the very sustenance that he has

provided us he gave us life he gave us

help he gave us wealth through the life

the health and the wealth that he has

given us he expects us to worship Him

for our benefit not for his yeah I you


don’t wanna

who need a long

oh LOL one heel hamida aisha youth he

become i have to be jadide

warmer the legal along he Ozzy’s Oh

people you are the ones who are in

absolute need of Allah subhana Allah and

Allah is totally independent from you he

does not need you for anything

whatsoever if he wants he can delete you

and replace you with others and that is

not difficult at all for a loss of

“online tajweed classes by skype”

Hannah hetalia look at the powerful

verses of the Quran he can delete me and

he can delete you and allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala say is very clearly that he

“online tajweed classes by skype”

has deleted previous nations the verses

I read at the beginning of this talk

where Allah speaks about AD and the mood

and fair down and the others who are

much more powerful than I am and you are

they had lots of wealth some of the

people of around such as a man known as

our own he had so much wealth that the

keys to the treasures of his wealth was

so heavy for even a group of strong men

to carry imagine not the treasures only

the keys to the treasures of his wealth

what atina you mean a lacuna Zima

nama fatty has let an 00 be lost Bettie

only loco we gave him so much treasures

that the keys of those treasures were

difficult to be carried by a group of

strong men Subhan Allah isn’t that more

than what I have and you have today we

have a little card and that card is what

we’re with Subhan Allah perhaps it says

visa on there or it might be saying

something else but that’s what we’re

with one little plastic piece Allah

protect us they were given much wealth

and Allah says we deleted them our own

himself was made to be eaten by the

earth in a way that there was no

remnants what happened to the people of

the mood the people of our allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala speaks of firown’

and his cronies for cool and cotton be


they each one of them we punished them

because of their sins they had sins and

they did not turn we have a gift of its

d’ivoire it still far meaning to turn to

Allah ask a las forgiveness you will

forgive you we always say for conditions

of repentance admit person regretted ask

Allah to forgive you and promise not to

do it again admit your sin regretted ask

Allah to forgive you and promise not to

do it again your sin is deleted wiped

out formatted mashallah you have a new

hard drive so it’s not even traceable we

ask allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala in this

beautiful IT city for us to give

examples that will really be befitting

for the mindset and the brain level of

those whom I am seated in front of or

should I say I’m standing in front of

look at how I’ve become I don’t even

know whether I’m standing or sitting

shall beloved brothers and sisters what

“online tajweed classes by skype”

is the focus what should be in front of

my eyes before we speak of whether or

not we are losing focus we need to ask

ourselves what is it that we are meant

to be focused upon we can answer that in

many ways but ultimately our focus is

the pleasure of allah and jenna is a

result so i meant to be focused upon

paradise i am meant to be focused upon

preparing for the day I meet my Maker

aren’t you excited about meeting your

maker subhanAllah I’m going to meet

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and so are you

I want to see him don’t you Subhan Allah

today I had people saying we can’t

believe that we’re seeing you in person

I am no big deal believe me you might

get so fed up of what you know of seeing

me that you might think okay I don’t

want to see him but with allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala my maker and yours imagine if

we were to see a pseudo loss of a la la

were seldom on the day of judgment what

an honor don’t I want to see him well

prepare for that day focus on it through

vanilla but more important than that is

to see allah subhanahu

Allah may Allah grant us the

intercession of muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wasallam on the day of the EMA

and on the day of judgment may Allah

opened our doors and grant us is sip

from the pond of Kota remember my

brothers and sisters I should be focused

in my life upon paradise my eyes should

be set on it completely whatever I do

every single day I must ask myself will

this send me paradise if it does it will

earn you the meeting with allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala when the people of

Jannah get to Jannah paradise allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala will ask them did

you find what you were promised to be

true they will say yes indeed anything

you want Subhan Allah Allah says la whom

I assure own Athena what a day namazi


did they will have whatever they wish

for in paradise and we have something

extra to give them we have something

more to give them what is the

explanation of this extra the Mojave

norm of a city in and the ulama and the

Sahaba of the lava annum explain it they

say it is the gift of looking at allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala which will be a gift

for those who enter paradise yes the

hadith says mom in common I had in

illness a you can remove or Abajo Liza

bynum una moto yau-man every single one

of you will speak to your maker without

a middleman without an interpreter

without someone in the middle to explain

to you what is being said but that is

speaking what about looking as for

looking it’s a gift of the people who go

into Jannah you want to see your maker

so do i I am intrigued by his creation

what about the one who made it today we

look at a motor vehicle we look at the

new mobile phones have you seen the

iphone 6 Wow well I haven’t I’m waiting

for it have you seen what can I say the

s4 have you seen it samsung mashallah

have you seen it they told me someone

tried to tell me you know Samsung I

don’t know why they call it that you

know perhaps it’s some japanese term or

korean term or whatever it is i said no

very simple there was a man known as Sam

he passed away but when he was alive he

used to sing now it’s past tense so they

say Samsung Allah protect us may he keep

us from amongst those who recite

inshallah malla opened our doors really

so whether it is Samsung or didn’t sing

we don’t mind the reality is we want our

eyes fixed not on the next iPhone to

come out or the next Android to come out

of a HTC to come out our eyes should be

fixed on Jenna whatever I see in this

well you see a good-looking person

mashallah your eyes should be focused on

the maker of that person more than

anything else you see something

brilliant that soothes the eyes the

sceneries in bangalore beautiful scene

that is which you take for granted but

people like myself would notice because

we come from somewhere else subhanAllah

if you see those sceneries immediately

instead of just saying wow you know wow

that’s the word today w-o-w capital and

sometimes to make it sound big they put

med you know what’s a matter they want

to stretch the word as though it’s for

an so they will put W and O’s from here

to the door Subhan Allah and then

another w at the door and that means I’m

very intrigued we say ma sha Allah as

muslimeen and we say if he could create

such a beautiful scene I wonder what he

must be looking like la illaha illallah

muhammadur rasulullah we ask allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala to help us realize

what we should be focusing on so as I

say the maker I want to meet him I want

to talk to him and I want to be close to

him don’t you want to be close to him

today if you knew a huge celebrity on

the globe and they could phone you call

you speak to you if you were to say I’m

very close to this person sometimes it

may be alive because a lot of people

tell lies and even if we are telling the

truth people think we are lying so

mashallah we have a problem in the dunya

but when you’re close to Allah and when

he declares that he is close to you what

more do you want what more can I ask for

when Allah says I am close to you

imagine what he told Ibrahim alayhi

salam he says to us what the father

Lebel I hema Hanina Allah has taken

Ibrahim as a very close friend colleen

Al Houla Allah marathi bell mahaba one

of the highest levels of love is or

should I say friendship closeness

known as a hula you are very close bosom

buddies as we would say imagine if

someone says that they are so close to

you and yet there are people who no one

ever sees if they were to declare that

they know you love protect us it’s easy

for every one of us to say we know that

person in this person but for them to

say they know you that is what they say

is the speech we want to hear so for us

to say we are close to Allah is one

thing and for a lot to say I am close to

this worship Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar

that is way we should be focused in this

world people will let you down your

husband will let you down your wife will

let you down your children will let you

down the people around you will let you

down your brothers and sisters will let

you down your parents may let you down

your children may let you down your

maker will never ever let you down

Allahu Akbar never ever let you down so

if you give your heart and your mind

away to someone you love they may let

you down but if you give it away to

Allah he will never let you down so

holla so we lose focus in this world by

giving our heart mind and soul away to

people who can hurt us without giving it

away to the one who is meant to be

keeping it in a way that he will never

hurt us now open our doors Zach malahide

brothers and sisters the biggest jihad

that you can engage in at this moment is

to get up and move your vehicle by the

will of Allah subhana allah tala and we

will be proud of you if you actually

raise your hand and show us who you are

because really for you to get up is such

a big act of worship and for you to be

able to get up and face that

embarrassment Subhan Allah it is in the

eyes of Allah not embarrassment but

rectification of a little error we made

and we regain focus by the will of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala so I am always a

person I actually salute those three in

fact i will give complimentary cds to

the same free please brother the people

whose cause they are we can give them

complimentary cds by the will of allah

subhanahu wata getting back to our topic

masha’Allah I was saying Allah subhana

howatt Allah does not let us down but we

tend to let ourselves down in

hell I only wooden as a shana while I

Keenan NASA

possibly more

o Allah does not oppress anyone Allah

does not oppress people at all but man

Oh presses himself by disobeying by

transgressing by focusing in the wrong

place wallahi a lot of us have our eyes

set on the latest trends the latest

perfumes we have our eyes set on the

latest clothing the latest in terms of

“online tajweed classes by skype”

Motor Vehicles the latest in terms of

motorbikes the latest in terms of cell

phones and technology the latest in

terms of so many things we have our eyes

set on it to the degree that they will

have complementary smss that will come

in our direction to remind us you are a

customer and a client we now have an

update Allahu Akbar yet when we have a

complementary message every day hi




ah I shall come to what success are you

focused on that message would you like

success why is it that when we hear it

we’re walking in another direction if

they had a mobile phone to distribute

free of charge we would all be there but

when we are called to success five times

a day we are walking in another

direction we lose focus very quick so

Allah sends us reminders five times a

day in a beautiful city like this I’m

sure you hear it almost wherever you are

how do you respond do you at least video

salah no matter where you are may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala safeguard us really

so we want to show ourselves or remind

ourselves where we are meant to be

focused and what we are actually

focusing on and this is a reality this

is why when allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

speaks about paradise good deeds that

earn paradise and he describes paradise

then he says wafi dolly kephallenia tana

facile Newton aviso

it is things like these that those who

want to compete with one another should

be competing with one another about not

how beautiful your kitchen is for your

home is or your bungalow in Bangalore is

mashallah but at the same time you need

to know what have you done for that

palace in the hereafter if I give you a

small description and I was asked a

question about focus and I was said no

how can we focus sometimes when we are

told that you will be with the same

spouse in paradise it makes it’s the

only thing that makes us think or should

I really go there aslam fear Allah Allah

protect us I hope that’s not the case

here you know people sometimes out of

love for their spouses they don’t get

along with them out of love for their

spouses they don’t get along with them

Allah protect us so what happens they

start saying him him in paradise oh hell

no ways Norway’s not at all let me tell

you what if you were to look at him or

her and firstly the words you are

thinking to come out of his mouth or

hers the most beautiful are suddenly

being spoken as you’re speaking of them

and your dream that you’re really

imagining Subhan Allah is suddenly being

fulfilled by them as you’re thinking and

not only that as you’re looking at them

they start looking exactly like what

your dream guy looks like lahu acaba I

hope he looks decent inshallah Oh vice

versa and tall as your thinking or the

height starts going up and when you stop

it stops you try to look again why hi Oh

tall mashallah and then what happens as

you thinking of a little bit stouter Oh

mashaallah wow we and then you think

know this is a little bit too tall and

they start becoming short again as

you’re not voice command but I come on

Subhan Allah command of the eye and the


you know today we have you can press

with your finger the door will open you

can have your iris scan the door open

you can speak to your phone it will

reply they have not developed yet maybe

you can strive they have not yet

developed that which reads your mind I

want to go in now so the door opens no

it hasn’t yet come that is Allah he says

feeha mad dash to heal for so little

Ariane Allahu Akbar Anjana in paradise

is whatever a soul wishes for whatever

you wish for you will have and whatever

is tasty to your eyes will be yours do

you taste with your eyes no we taste

with our mouths but Allah says whatever

is tasty to your eyes which means to all

short fat then was that what what

everything is yours mashallah you can

think of it and it’s changing as your

your eye is tasting it may Allah protect

us and grant us ease and goodness Subhan

Allah look at how beautiful it is

described in the Quran that is what I am

focused for and that is what you should

be focused upon as well Jana I want

paradise now if you look at that and you

understand it that we are created in

this world to worship Allah so that we

can meet with him tomorrow we can earn

paradise through his pleasure and his

mercy and you focus on that completely

and correctly it makes your life so easy

and you realize that everything that may

appear to be negative in your life is

actually an opportunity to refocus

Allahu Akbar you have a big loss in your

business it’s an opportunity to refocus

through that loss Allah draws you closer

to him says my worshipper I try to

attract your attention in other ways you

never used to come for Salah you never

used to raise your hands into are you

used to worship sticks and stones and

trees and graves until when I took your

business away overnight you suddenly

found your focus once again and you came

back to me Subhan Allah we suddenly drop

health is gone doctor says very bad you

need an operation Allah protect us may

he grant good health to all those who

are ill and may he grant cure to those

of us who think we are healthy even

though we may not know the ailments we

have may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant

has good health so my brothers and

sisters look at how beautiful Allah is

subhanahu wa’ta’ala he grants us the

opportunity to refocus by putting

something in our lives that we think is

negative so many people they want to

break their marriages because five

things are wrong in the marriage the

others are living together and 20 things

are wrong in their marriages my sisters

20 things are wrong in their marriages

they are living together because they

are focused you will not have in this

world whatever you would like otherwise

as I always say there would be no

purpose to create paradise LACMA if you

were to have everything here why would

Allah create a place and tell you you

will have everything there there would

be duplication no point people would say

well I’ve got it like the non-muslims

they say you only live once why o L oh

you might have seen that you only live

once they mean so do as you please go

and enjoy you know have a lot of fun and

indulge in the wrong things because you

only live once we say you only live once

so remain focused it’s your one chance

to earn the pleasure of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala not everything that glitters

shines not everything that seems to be

bling-bling is actually worth fighting

for may Allah protect us you may die

without having owned a mercedes-benz you

may die with never having had for

“online tajweed classes by skype”

example a mobile phone of a third

generation you may die having lived a

person who may never have been married

Allah protect us

you may have died in that condition but

if you die focused upon what you wish to

end wallahi that life was worth it even

without a spouse may allah grant all

those who do not have spouses spouses

who will be the coolness of their eyes

and may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant

those who do not have children children

who will be the coolness of their eyes

but if that’s what Allah chose for you

believe me remain focused it is paradise

it is through not giving you what you

want here that he is preparing you to

get everything you wish on the other

side remain focused Allahu Akbar remain

focused if we are if we are focused we

will not become upset and angry when

suddenly our health deteriorates our

Salah will improve people become old

Allah gives them a gift to become old

they begin to have grey hairs and

suddenly they see themselves becoming

very old and then they start reading

Saleh may Allah make us from those who

read Saleh even when we are young there

is a special place on the day of

judgment for those who grew up in the

obedience of Allah male and female so

imagine those who lived in the obedience

of Allah imagine if it is VIP stand on

the day of judgment what will there be

in the life after death meaning in

general itself there’ll be a special

Mufti rank for them you know there are

seven categories of people who will

achieve the shade on the day of qiyamah

that we always hear about one is sharp

Boone nasha I feel bad that in LA He

Tala a young person who grew up in the

obedience of Allah so my beloved young

boys and girls brothers and sisters

remember as you are young and you are

bubbling and bursting with energy

thinking that you are the person instead

of wanting to attract the opposite sex

towards you dress in a way that you will

attract allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

towards you why do we say this man

attorney Amishi at a two who hara wallah

whoever comes to me

walking I come to him rushing Allah says

so you want to Allah to come to you very

easy walk towards him whoever comes to

Allah a handspan Allah comes to him a

whole foot so Allah always comes quicker

than we come to him but do we ever come

to him remain focused on that you want a

lot to befriend you imagine if someone

had to retweet your tweets and they

happen to be a person who has 2.8

million fans cheltenham italeri fee for

example he has almost 3 million fans on

Twitter alone imagine if he retweets you

Wow hahaha he retweeted can you believe

it no you can’t why because we feel

obviously and we are insignificant to a

certain extent in the eyes of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala we hope to be even

slight bit of significance but imagine

if Allah Subhan Allah what Allah says I

am coming closer to him because he

walked towards me you can never be

retweeted by someone if you have said

something bad or if you say something

against what they stand for not at all

you will never achieve closeness to

Allah by disobeying him by going away

this is why I always say you want to

dress to attract the opposite sex that

is what you will get because that’s your

focus but you want to address to bring a

lot closer to you by coming closer to

him that is what you will get because

you are focused Allahu Akbar you see so

what do you want closeness to Allah a

closeness to the girl next goal Allah

protect us and I’m sneaking reality I’m

sorry if it might offend a few people

that’s what we do can you keep yourself

focused may Allah protect us and this is

why when you are on Facebook and Twitter

what do you do are you there in order to

attract people to

loves you is that your focus if that’s

the case it will happen and the result

of it which is also very dear may also

come very expensive you have to pay a

very big payment sometimes but if you

are focused I am here to benefit for my

team because I don’t have time for

example to go here and go there then

that is what you will get and you need

to be 6 and remain focused because

Shaitaan will come from every angle and

he will want to lead you astray and lose

focus listen to what he told allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala he says formality

and I eid in one in one team one hey man

Ian wash am

he named Wyatt I did work haha kidding

he says I will come to them from the

front the back and from the sides in

order to lead them astray you will find

very few of them being thankful to you

to go to Allah we need to be thankful to

Allah for giving us life so that we can

prepare for the eternal life imagine

someone tells you listen come and write

your whole level examination now you say

but I need to prepare for it no no no

you’ve written it sometime back and

you’re supposed to know what just come

try your luck because this is the only

chance what will happen we will be very

“online tajweed classes by skype”

upset we will go in protesting Allah

says come for your examination so that

you can pass we will give you ample time

to prepare so that when you pass on the

day of the AMA you will then get your

prize in your gift don’t we have time

right now unless giving us so much time

to prepare we are ready to be awake

until midnight because we are focused on

passing the exam tomorrow which will

provide for us a certificate to get

promoted to the next year why is it that

we cannot focus even equivalent to the

amount of time that we spent studying

for an exam that would graduate us to

the following year if we were to be

focused and in the same time in

preparation for the exam that will

graduate us into the following life we

would be successful subhanAllah I am

worried about graduating to the next

grade but I’m not worried about

graduating to the life after death where

will I go what will I do and yet if you

fail your exam

in this world there is something called

repeat repetition you can rewrite as

they say when you rewrite and you didn’t

have the certificate nobody asks you did

you pass first time or second time they

just know that you have a certificate

but allah subhanahu wata alice is you

get one chance and you write once but

for as long as you are living you are

the decider you can look into the books

and see how to de-spawn this is it

that’s why we are here this evening

because we want to learn how to respond

imagine if someone asks you a question

at our level and they told you you are

allowed to look in your book for the

answer you would say well what’s the

point of testing us isn’t it what’s the

point of testing me when I can look in

the book Allah says go ahead and read

the book we have not yet read the book

and we want to pass the examination

Allah will boost and where’s our focus

so if we are focused correctly it will

lead us to understand the rules of the

game by reading the Quran if you have

not read the Quran how do you expect to

know what the test is all about how do

you expect to know what we have focused

on sometimes when we talk about paradise

to the young people they don’t even know

what it’s all about something that’s why

they are so attracted two Lamborghinis

and Ferraris and so attracted to cell

phones iPhones and so on and so

attracted to little laptops and

computers and what have you various

other things of

makeup and so on Subhan Allah so focused

we are that we can sit and create

messages you know sometimes I get the

whatsapp message and I think to myself I

wonder who is sitting 32 Inc of these

days some people are sitting they exert

the energy and effort and thoughts to

come up with something you know what

they said and I read it this morning and

I laughed and I laughed loudly though I

was on my own he said never make a woman

cry tears are very expensive so I’m

thinking now what are they getting too

if you want to make a chi can you afford

it question is can you afford to make a

woman cry when the tears are very

expensive so i am wondering they must be

talking about how she’s created and so

all soft nature you know what they said

they said as the teardrops first thing

it touches his i don’t know what you

call it something you put on your aye

aye brow so I what what’s it called this

the eyelash why shall I her the brother

saying what it is you must be knowing so

they say that cost so much say for

example 100 rupees so you missed that up

then it comes down and it’s hit revlon

that costs a little bit more then it

hits dng you know whatever they call it

d ng d ng i used to think it means you

know drop-dead gorgeous but they say no

you missed out one D so I said take out

the end from the center and put another

d it might sound better so they say dng

and then you’ve got to something else

and as it goes down you’re paying 1500

rupees Allahu Akbar imagine we’ll sort

of them it what happened and what is the

model of it but still we won’t make our

our I’ve sky because we are focused to

ending paradise and that’s if the wives

don’t make us cry hunger illa Allah saw

Hannah Hart Allah grant us happy homes

and may he make us from those who are

really focused remember allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala gives you so many gifts we sit

and we think of so much but we

have not yet read the Quran we don’t

spend a little bit of time to listen to

what the alum in our locality has to say

we sometimes are not moved by a huge

lecture that might be once a lifetime

that we’ve heard but this is alice gift

did you hear it the answer is yes I

heard the talk what what did you do

about it did it help you regain focus if

you say ah for a few days then we’ve

lost the Allah make us from those who

believe really in His mercy those who

believe that he gives us opportunities

to turn to him become a better person

and you know how you are going to become

a better person leave your bad habits

whether it is gambling whether it is

pornography pornography is the really

the crisis of the age it has such a bad

impact on a person’s mind and

spirituality and relations and marriage

and children and family and surroundings

that wallahi it is more detrimental than

a weapon of mass destruction and yet we

hear it time and again and we still find

Muslims involved in it in a huge way

when we need to talk about it because we

are LA he it drops your level 2 11 lower

than animals mahama safeguard aza and

may he forgive our shortcomings and

maybe make us from those who are clean

and pure in our minds our thinking our

eyes the way we dress the way we operate

in our spirituality may Allah purify us

all I mean my brothers and sisters so

much is happening the enemies are

focused on diverting us and provoking us

they are focused upon it you find they

will keep on provoking and they will not

stop what are we focused upon some of us

will attend a 100,000 men march but we

have not yet marched to the masjid you

know that we will attend a 1 million man

march against the video that was best

against Muhammad Saleh Selim but we have

not yet marched to the masjid that one

march to the messages will gain much

more for you and for the owner then the

1,000,000 march would have gained but we

are not focused for us they taught us

how to react to provocation and then

they provoked us so both ways we are

still controlled by them have you ever

thought of that they taught us how to

react to provocation then they provoked

us we learned our lesson very well of

how to react so we reacted how they want

not how than the be once sallallahu

alayhi wasallam and when someone says

brother sister how can you react with

hooliganism is that the way of the

messenger they say he’s a sellout he’s a

puppet how can he say we shouldn’t be

demonstrating and we shouldn’t be

burning flags and so on wallahi if you

count the number of flags that were bent

and you pick up the number of or the

amount of cash that was used for that

you would be able to feed one more

village in Indonesia you know that you’d

be able to house at least 10,000

homeless people with that Subhan Allah

may Allah protect us when I say ten

thousand homeless I’m being serious go

and read the statistics of how many

people marched across the globe has it

changed anything the truth of the matter

is those who have turned to the Dean as

a result of that blasphemy they were

turned by allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

there are many the good from amongst us

have seized the opportunity to give a

message of

Sal Allahu alayhi wasallam was to those

who don’t believe in Islam yet also the

focused they know I want to meet with a

lot so Hannah Hart Allah will allow so

Hannah what I love be happy with me if I

have not given up music I have not given

up watching movies and so on that is

detrimental for myself and my team I

have not given up bad dress code I

cannot give up an adulterous relation I

cannot give up gambling I cannot give up

you know for example the drugs or the

clubbing and so on I cannot give up so

many things but yet I make a loud noise

but I attended the match mashallah I

attended the match so I attended the

March that means my gender is already

ready is that what it is what would be

considered as being focused change in

your life I said a few days ago in

Malaysia the enemy is focused and they

don’t lie to you they say we hate you

and your Dean and your messenger so this

how to utley show that and they have

proven that they did not lie so in

essence they may be the enemy and at the

same time they hate but on top of that

they shown him the reality whom they are

they are not hypocrites in that sense

with us we claim the Shahada we say the

“online tajweed classes by skype”

Shahada we claim to love we claim he is

the messenger we say Allah

one and we send it to Allah we call

ourselves Muslims but our actions are in

another village all together Allahu

Akbar our actions are in a totally

different Valley so who is the hypocrite

those who claim something and don’t live

up to you or those who claim something

and are living up to it you tell me so

Hannah la very easy so we need to know

when we claim something work hard to

“online tajweed classes by skype”

live by it we say we are Muslim we

surrender to Allah the reason why we are

not happy in our homes in our societies

in our communities we are some of the

most divided people so divided that if

there is a message it and people have

split it into two each one of those two

will be split into another tool do you

know that that’s how badly divided we

are and each person will say that one’s

not a Muslim and this one is not a

Muslim rather than concentrating on

commonalities and making it our business

to come together we can study we can

exchange notes and finally ultimately we

can agree to disagree with respect

subhanAllah it’s a correct way forward

rather than calling each other dirty

names and each person is the only one

who’s a Muslim at the end of the day

it’s me and my little group and after

that from your group that is another

group and now half the group believes

the other half is also not on the phone

may Allah protect us that is the disease

of the age each one thinks I’m the only

one who is been the malady in ferry horn

each little group is happy with

themselves alone Allah protect us may he

grant us a return to the Quran and the

Sunnah of muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam my brothers and sisters today

we are in the most desperate need of

returning to the teachings of Islam the

only way we can do that is by knowing

the teachings of Islam how many of us

are ready really to do more to study the

deep it has become so easy anyone you


as a tutor you will find them on the net

anyone you want as a tutor you can have

a dose of their teachings every day of

your life and you can download and put

it in mp3 form and put it into your

vehicle or into your little iPod or

small mp3 player and have it plugged

into your ears when we see the youth

with little mp3 players with the

earphones plugged in a lot of the times

there would be just which means their

heads are being controlled by the beach

that they are listening to and they

don’t even know and when you say salam

alikum why because they can’t hear how

loud they are speaking because this is

even more loud very much more loud so

they’re screaming at you hey relax calm

down calm down that’s why you see

someone shaking the head just carry on

smile at them let go Vela protect us now

I we have a new generation of people who

are making use of those mp3 players for

the Quran and for the teachings of Islam

congratulations to you you are achieving

focus once again you will be focused

never lose hope none of us should feel

that we are written off completely you

know I have committed so many sense that

now I won’t attain the mercy of Allah

that’s shape on he promised to be in

front and behind and on the sides

waiting for us in way late and he

promised as soon as I get hold of them

you’ll see what I do so shape and comes

when we try to focus he comes again it

makes us lose focus sometimes that focus

shape on wants to make us lose it you an

SMS we get from a school friend a little

flame during our school life but I’m

married with so many children the

message we quickly hide it and what we

do instead of deleting it save the

number so if the name is for example

something let me not say a name in case

they are sisters with that name and you

find he saves it as Abdullah Abdullah


mm you rather say up the shape and Allah

protect us why because you are saving a

female’s name as a male solve that your

wife doesn’t see it this is all losing

focus who maybe lose focus but you are a

good man you are a brilliant husband you

are a man totally focused let SMS will

not leave you to more than a few minutes

of pleasure after which the fake level

of that pleasure would drop you to the

lowest you may lose your entire family

and your whole generation Allah protect

us the amount of regret that comes after

sin can only be known by those who have

suffered the loss and we cannot afford

to go and test it Allah protect us if

you want to focus purify yourself cut

out all harm relations completely

totally cut them out and focus on what

you have you cannot live happily and

harmoniously with your own wife and

children you want to please the women of

the whole vinian how and this happens to

us when we enter the home we lose focus

we become harsh in our terms or on our

towns and you know attitude and the

moment we exit and you need someone else

you know a little woman on the road boy

where we have gone to a shot and we are

on best behavior Allah Akbar so best

that we don’t even do things that we

actually you know the smile that you

have broad smile and she’s busy looking

at your teeth sorry sir what whitening

do you use whitening do i use my wife’s

never asked me that question Allah walk

about you know the reason I give these

examples they are real life examples

it’s not a joke Shaitaan is waiting for

us so recognized Shaitaan in

in a mire who is Bhavani hakuna Neno

shabbos I Shaiman is your open outright

declared enemy so consider him that

consider him back treat him as your open

outright declared enemy definitely he

calls his group of people towards the

flames of jahanum how many of us would

like to go in that direction please my

brothers and sisters refocus very

quickly and you need to remember walk on

the path if you have a motor vehicle and

your wheel lacks balancing or alignment

you find there is no goodness no

sweetness in driving even if it happens

to be an expensive vehicle why because

of one small money gram of lead that is

missing from your tire you know that one

milligram of lib has caused such

discomfort in your ride that you are not

at ease and peace and you will make sure

you stop and get it via line so I call

on you my brothers and sisters just as I

call on myself stop and realign that one

milligram of bad and evil that might be

in you and remember if it is put in the

wrong place you will not enjoy the

comfort of the right to paradise may

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala granted to us

very important so Allah gives us gifts

to refocus and Shaitaan gives us his own

little beautification in order to divert

us once again how many of us are ready

really to recognize the devil that has

been affecting us within and to deal

with him immediately so that we can meet

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala you have a

difficult life some people live under

the tree some people live in huts in

homes where they perhaps

not have some facilities that the others

have but believe me if they are focused

they will achieve a lot if they are

focused they are happier and more

content than anyone’s and this brings me

to another very interesting point you

know depression a lot of the times we

are depressed because we’ve lost focus

and that’s all a lot of the times when I

say a lot they may be an exception or

two a lot of the times we are depressed

because we have lost focus why do people

get depressed because they couldn’t have

what they wanted when they wanted it how

they wanted most depression is connected

to that some of it might be connected to

a medical sickness and so on but a lot

of the times I want to marry so and so

you can’t oh I’m depressed gon fall into

real depression completely gone and we

are out you know having said this my

beloved parents who are here do not stop

your children from marrying whom they

would like to marry for as long as there

are decent Muslims or they are ready to

become decent Muslims remember that you

know gone are the days when you can

block and stop it’s just my call to you

it’s up to you to listen or to turn a

deaf ear to it if I can use that term if

they would like to get married somewhere

decent people or someone ready to accept

the phone we sometimes may not have it

according to our liking but don’t block

it and stop it if you take a look at

where and how they met probably you were

guilty of having created the scenario I

know of a lot of people who send their

children to universities abroad remember

they will get a degree and they will

also come back perhaps with something

more than just a degree Allah protect us

so you must be ready for that when you

sending them off you can tell them and

warn them but remember sometimes they


added for four years by the environment

five six years by the environment live

up to the reality it may happen if you

don’t want that you can educate them

online and online you will still get

sometimes a similar result so it’s all

got to do with you and your focus and

how you have prepared them to focus

that’s important I cannot be a parent

who is not focused and I expect my

children to be focused father busy

having an affair and the child knows

about it but he doesn’t know how to talk

to you what do you think he is going to

do he will say that you trying to block

me from marrying this girl she’s ready

to revert to Islam but that you’ve been

having an affair for so long with x y&z

what about that you say who told you the

fact that you say who told you it

confirms that yes it’s true doesn’t it

if someone tells you rather why did you

steal the phone you say but who told you

that means I stole it it’s confirmation

so how can we have lost focus and expect

our children to have focus this is why

once you are married and you have

children it is even more important to be

focused and make sure your children

watch you and know that you are focused

and they see that really you have the

pleasure of Allah in front of your eyes

there is no ways we can achieve pleasure

through the displeasure of the owner of

pleasure and we know that how can I

achieve happiness by making the owner of

happiness obsessed with me how how can I

achieve Baraka and blessings in my well

when I earned the same well through the

displeasure of

owner of the web a la vaca Bob this is

why we need to refocus sometimes very

interestingly you know we have a deal

someone says I will give you so much

percent interests you know what the

business people are doing today listen

brother called a profit but interests

don’t want to hear that word again but

still give it to me did you hear that

call it profit not interests I don’t

want to hear that where the game that

still give it to me la walkabout which

means we have become greedy sometimes in

our greed we earn things that are haram

how many times people walk out to a

magazine store and quietly may pick up

the dirty magazine and they want to

purchase it you have lost focus you will

never have those women never ever and

you know what there was a chance that

you would have had better than that in

paradise that you are even blowing that

chance so leave it you save your money

and you increase the chances of having

something of your dreams and even beyond

I always tell the young boys and girls

that you know what what do you like in

this world name it they will tell you a

car a mobile phone a verse that you know

a woman a man something they will give

you an answer I like some scenery some

place some house a kitchen some of the

people will tell you everything you

utter is only from this earth nothing is

from outside the earth have you thought

of that you want a beautiful Rolex the

glass is made from sand pressure and

temperature gave you the glass the

little chrome was mine perhaps in

Zimbabwe walk about what else happened

you have a leather strap it’s from the

cow perhaps you have something else it’s

perhaps from hear anything from Pluto

anything from Venus anything from mass

nothing anything from above the Earth’s

atmosphere no it cannot help you you

a person of the opposite sex where were

they created from alapana come what he

honey docomo mean Hannah cotton bra

Allah says you were created from soil

and you will be turned to it and we will

resurrect you from it once again so they

are also from soil yet you have not yet

seen one thing from outside the Earth’s

atmosphere and you think that this is a

big deal Lovelock about Alice’s anjana

we have our own samia to Allah haha i

become the baasha in it there is that

which no eyes have ever seen no ears

have ever heard and no soul or mind or

heart has ever thought of even to the

list so if you’ve thought of something

general will have something better than

that but not that this is why we say

your spouse will be perfect shape and

design as you want thoughts as you like

everything to your liking your mind

aren’t you waiting for that day aren’t

you waiting for the day that Allah

subhana Allah granted to us forget about

just your spouse in this world none of

us are shaped how we want that correct

none of us are shaped exactly how we

want identification Allah gave it to us

identification Allah gave it to us my

cumference my face my eyes nose Allah

gave it to us and it is blasphemous to

actually change that to actually change

that blasphemous but in general you will

look how you want to look like and guess

what when someone is seeing you they

will see you how they want to see you

one person but many different ways of

looking Allah walk about it isn’t it

mind-boggling something beyond

understanding you will look how you want

to look like you will sound how you want

to sound like a la subhana Allah grant

we lose focus very quickly candler bio

in panaji let our own and a seer nay you

lose meaning you love that which is in

front of you forgetting that which is to

come we love the dunya forgetting the

ocular we love this worldly life

forgetting the life after death and we

don’t even realize there are people who

lived before us who are gone they are in

their graves what will help them is

their deeds szostak away as many deeds

as you can before you pass away because

that is the time you will desperately

need those deeds you know people ask a

question and I allowed to eat Quran for

the dead am I allowed to do this for the

dead am I allowed to do that for the

dead am I allowed to sit after three

days for the dead can we sit after one

year for the dead can we do this for the

dead so everybody wants to do for the

dead I ask them brother sister what did

you do for yourself whilst you are alive

love can I build a mischief for the dead

can I don’t drill a well for the dead

can i print two hundred crowns for the

dead meaning they want to give a reward

to the dead but brother wise to our

alive why didn’t you read Quran if this

person did not read Quran

in their life then they are at loss if

this person did not use their wealth to

build a message during their lives then

subhanAllah they had so much of the

wealth they set with it my Zlin and they

counted it every day not only will their

ears begin to fight but if one of them

decides to build a Masjid my brother

they did not want the masjid why are you

building it they didn’t even want him to

them they were ready to spend that money

on prostitutes Allah protect us on a

high life in France Allah says Gardez

you know to go out to a place of full of

sin and say let’s go on holiday Allah

protect us they were not bothered they

were not interested in using that wealth

in the right direction how many of us

have built whatever we want from now how

many plans have you read na for yourself

aren’t you focus do you want those to be

focused on your paradise after you are

already gone do you understand what I’m

saying when you are gone you want others

to focus on what you were supposed to be

focused on sochi a fan makes them focus

on reading Quran for you when they have

not ready for themselves so look at how

Japan has conned us and made a big fool

of us Allah protect us brothers and

sisters lee dewyze you’re alive give

charities worst we have money do the

right thing go and read your salary wise

you’re alive go for hajj west you can

dress appropriately once you can and

remember that will come to your rescue

as soon as you pass on may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala bless us in fact it

will come to your rescue even slightly

prior to when you pass on you see the

blessings of it in your life and then

you have the beauty of the following

vests in laguna long semester calm now

that Anna’s animal

you got to a lot Isaiah whatever she

will be no Jenna worshipping generated

let equal tomtone ethnically those who

say that our rugby’s a la it’s not

enough to just say that then they are

focused is the comma means to be

steadfast on the path steadfast on the

path you say my rap is Allah and you are

focused on the power of steadfast on it

the angels will descend to them telling

them there is no fear upon you on this

day no sadness we want to give you good

news of the paradise that you have been

promised so the angels will descend and

tell them not to worry we are giving you

good tidings glad tidings of the

paradise that you have been promised

from this verse we learned that we are

focused upon paradise and we would like

to achieve it and this is why we need to

be focused on the path and the angels

will come down to us and tell us that

you do not need to fear because that

paradise that you were focused upon is

yours la la la la this is why every time

Alice’s in laveen am and why I’m you

know sorry Hattie l’homme John every

time he speaks of the believers who do

good deeds he says for them is paradise

that’s the focus that is the focus now

you have a verse where our soul allah

sallallahu alayhi wasallam is instructed

to tell us to be focused on the path

what is the power well so you are cream

with stephie

of it that be wrong

Oh while I that Debbie also bowl indeed

definitely this is my path the straight

path so follow it follow the straight

path and do not follow the paths on the

side they will lead you astray they will

lead you away from your Dean they will

make you lose focus we always give the

example of a person let me say it again

you know they say there was a man who

was at the train station and he was

catching a train going up north and when

he was standing on the wrong side of the

platform so he jumped into the train

that was going to the south so he jumped

in without asking questions this is lack

of focus he doesn’t even know which

platform to stand on well I he some of

us are like that we don’t even know what

our team is all about so you haven’t

here to read the signs saying north and

south so he wants to go to the north he

jumps into a train going to the south

because he hasn’t even read the message

he doesn’t even know what it’s all about

so when he jumps in the train it was a

sleeper you know they have a bunker so

the people at the bottom he went to

sleep at the top and four hours later he

gets up he says how far are we from that

place in the north he said well we are

heading down south he says ah gee the

trains of today top half going north

what am I have going south imagine he is

focused wrongly he didn’t see anything

when he came to the platform he jumped

onto the wrong train four hours later he

was corrected but he refused to take the

correction and he actually still believe

was going to go upload imagine he still

believed it that is what we are doing

with Gemma amazing we believe we are

heading north we believe we are heading

to paradise we believe we are going out

Subhan Allah but at the same time our

actions are heading in another direction

and when someone comes to Bangalore to

our homes to tell us listen we are

actually supposed to be heading in

another direction we say I GE half of

the people are going there the other

half going there and we’re still walking

in the wrong direction is that going to

be the case if that is the case we’ve

lost focus my brothers and sisters no

matter what level we have achieved we

can always still better ourselves and

remember with humility and humbleness if

Allah has given you the opportunity to

get close to him don’t think that others

are not close to him I tell you why how

many good deeds are there there are

thousands of good deeds yogi how many

sooner deeds are there hundreds of

thousands yogi so if you are engaged in

twenty good deeds someone else might be

engaged in forty good deeds but totally

different from the ones you are engaged

in so when you look at them and you see

what you are doing is not there you

start thinking this person is not

religious but hang on they have engaged

in other deeds perhaps much more than

you in quality and quantity and you

don’t even know so stop judging ever

judge a book by it’s cover if Allah made

it easy for you to cover yourself with

makeup say alhamdulillah thank Allah but

don’t look at someone who’s not there on

that level and think these people are

not even on the team if you have grown

your bid al hamdulillah never look at

someone without it and think these

people are not there perhaps they

respect their parents and you don’t

perhaps they do not backbite and you do

subhanAllah perhaps they get up for

tahajjud and you don’t so good deeds are

plenty they are not confined to what

you alone are doing remember that Allah

open our doors may he grant us a respect

of one another may he make us give up

the backbiting the slander the gossip

and all other evil and I’ve mentioned

throughout my talk various aspects and

issues that I feel that the people of

today may be engaging because across the

globe we are human beings and we know

what’s going on may Allah make us from

those who can stand up clearly respect

and honor of the prophet salallahu

alayhi wasallam is only through

following what he has said he does not

want anything else he wants us to follow

his example to follow his way to follow

his commands to make sure that whatever

we do we get it from his instruction and

cut out whatever would displease allow

because we need to focus as I have

started by mentioning what we should be

focusing on what we are focusing on and

how we can improve and I hope whatever I

have said this evening will benefit one

and all only in this beautiful city but

inshallah across the globe really as I

said it’s an honor to have been here in

your midst this evening inshallah i

would be leaving early morning i ask

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala to accept the

stopover in this beautiful city I have

said much I could still go on and on but

I feel inshallah that we will leave more

for next time you know what I normally

say those who have bed a lot of my

lectures would probably have heard that

I say cough mixture you cannot have the

whole bottle once you have to have a

spoon at a time so let’s hope we can

stop the spiritual cough that we’ve been

having or should I say auntie spiritual

cough that we’ve been having by a small

dose that we’ve had this evening I call

on you to make use of whatever is at

your disposal to increase your knowledge

about what we are meant to be focused on

and never lose focus because it may well

be that the environment that is so

hostile around

makes us very quickly lose focus get

back onto that masala onto that said

Giada and turn to Allah ask Allah for

focus allahumma llamo Carly bell kolob a

bit cooler bana allogenic oh Allah in

whose hands lies the turning of the

Hawks turn our hearts towards the deal

on the path they open our doors until we

meet again inshallah in this beautiful

city we say whoa salallahu slo-mo barik

ala nabina muhammad subhanAllah md

japonica la imodium dick ashhadu an la

illaha illa anta estas borracha wanna

talk weenie

“online tajweed classes by skype”

Are We Losing Focus?

Mufti Ismail Menk

An Englightening & Comtemporary talk by Mufti Ismail Menk

Live in Bangalore, 2nd October, 2012

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Ismail ibn Musa Menk was a young man who always believed that he was not interested in being rich. He volunteered whenever he felt the need for others help. Then he participated in the social awareness club, where the children of the college were helping those under the poverty line in any way possible. and By 1991, His free time to serve this club had completed with the first level of high school diploma.

As he grew older, Ismael’s ambition grew up to help those in need, realizing that seeing himself did nothing more than help others with group work.

He participated as a volunteer in the National Campaign Against Drought in 1992 under the auspices of the Zimbabwean Imams Council, This was a good time to overcome this problem.

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