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Competition writing

Published on July 28th, 2013 | by Abu Umayza | Views: 40764



Annual Writing Competition 2013: The Winning Entry

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We would like to thank all the readers who participated in our first annual writing competition. Each one of them are worthy winners in their own right, however there can only be one winner from the competition. We hope this experience and process will encourage all participants to keep writing – and for everyone else, to consider discovering their hidden literary talent insha’Allah.

The votes have been counted and Al Hamdulillah, we have a winner from the two finalists (see here).

The winner of the Eaalim 2013 Annual Writing Competition is:

Sister Asra Masroor.

And now for the winning entry…

It’s a Love Story


Today we all live in a world where we want to be the best. Best in everything, we want to have the best house, best interiors, best cars, maximum revenue and not just that, we even want our social networking status updates, pictures and posts to get maximum likes and comments. We are all selfish in some way or another. We all want to push someone down and climb up the ladder and make our spot at the top. My story is slightly different. I wasn’t running behind fame, money or power. I was running behind love. In the sense that I love to get love, and I was living in a world of my own where everyone loved me – my family, my relatives, my friends, my neighbours and everybody whom I knew. I had no clue what it felt like not to be loved, I did not know the feeling of dejection or animosity. There was no soul I could think of that despised me or hated my presence.

Then there came a phase in my life when all that I had, was suddenly turning away for me. No matter how hard I tried to impress people and be nice to them, it was turning out to be completely futile. I tried in abundance to be best, tried day and night to get that care and importance back. One day I thought to myself, ‘what on earth am I running behind? What am I doing with the time that Allaah has given me? What will I get even if people love me?’ My tears and sorrows mean nothing to them. That was the moment that turned my interest and passion towards someone else. Some One who has always been there with me, through thick and thin, in sickness and health, in victory and in failure, when the whole world loved and when no one did, when I looked the best and even when I looked shabby. He has loved me from every moment, and I have realised that His is the only Love that is genuine. He is none other than my Lord Allaah.

I have begun to love Him so much that I want to die in the state of loving Him – I want to fall more madly and deeply in love with Him. Love which will never be revoked or diminished Insha’Allaah. He is the One who taught me the true meaning of Love, and He is the One who Looked at me even when I was busy looking at others. He is the One whose Mercy for His slaves is more than what a mother has for her child. He is the One who makes ways and means to make me smile when I get hurt and dejected. He is the One who gives me hope that everything is going to be fine. He is the One who tells me that what is best for me will be gifted to me in the most beautiful way. He is the One who turns my hardship into ease and sorrow into joy. Who blesses me with comfort when small and large problems come my way.

How could I have wasted so much time not seeing His love; not understanding how much I have let myself down by withdrawing from Him and running after useless things. Not realising that the only One who truly loves me is the One who destined for me to come into this world. Who gave me life and made my life so beautiful. I want to thank Him more and more every day for all the Love He has given me, for making me realise the meaning of life so simple. My life, my sacrifices, my dreams, my prayers, my love and my death is all for Allaah, my Lord and the Lord of all that exists, Who deserves all the praise, grandeur, worship and Love.

This is my Love Story and I have said Yes!


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