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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 744

An Atoms Weight

a man of the past he was in the mosque

and as the Amen finished his prayer it

was a great scholar the Imam was a great

scholar as soon as he finished his

spread of the sort of Baja everyone

whenever he got to pray the sinner and

everyone left so I thought himself a new

hectic lexi is called everyone’s left I

wait for him to finish his singing and

I’ll get up and ask him some questions

all have him to myself it was a great

scholar so everyone had left that he SAT

there waiting he narrated this scholar

pride from the hot all the way to answer

they prayed although it was on and then

I asked her he stopped they got up they

prayed awesome and then he goes after

the answer and Charo I’m gonna talk to

me I’m gonna ask him more questions

after answer I up in the Quran and hear

it for the end tomorrow so this this man

is standing there watching because the

chola aftermarket who prayed the mob

ravenna asking

he pried the maghreb you got off you

prayed the sinner and he prayed too I

should after I shakers you know what

after I shall ask him he has to get

tired sometime so after I she inshallah

before he goes down I’ll catch him so

this man gets up after shisha and he

prays to father he prays to Roger 12 13

14 hours depending on the time so he got

up after 13 girls inshallah half the

fashion I’ll ask him he got up after

faja he made history behind he got up to

pray after the shook and this man was

standing it because I heard him I saw

him get toilet and I heard he maked wad

you know what do I he made because I

allah i seek refuge in you from feeling

tired and not being able to worship you

probably they understood our purpose of

life they understood that on the day of

judgment the only currency is your good

days the only thing that you can buy

with is your good deeds they understood

that if you don’t have enough good deeds

on that day you’re not gonna buy

anything Abu Bakr Alderaan was the man

who never could you find a good day

except his perfectly except he’s the

first one day no matter what companions

would do your neighbor boy in our model

on whenever bucket was Khalifa when he

when he wants a code when he saw a look

at the one who live after fire every day

and go some way one day he followed him

this was the ha’la’tha this man ran the

words could we ran the affairs of other

a third of the of the of the of the


that at that time the aslam had reached

over a third of the world and in almost

Tommy reached other two-thirds so this

man ran the entire face of the Muslim on

man hey where is he going after fire so

he followed him where do you find him

going he found him enter a certain

health and little while he left so after

he left on the road implemented and he

saw an old lady that was blind she said

who just came in she said I don’t know

and this man comes in every day after

fashion he cleans the house he cooks us

food he milks the the shape and he

leaves she said you don’t even know who

is she said no he began to cry and he

said yeah abu bakr you beat us in every

field so the next day he said I’m good

I’m gonna be above a cartoon to do the

action so before for sure he will to

this lady’s house to do the action and

he found abu bakr living ready in his

hand look how they understood the on the

day of judgment your good days and your

bad deeds will be white family a man

with all the rotten hiren era he who

does one single atoms way of good that

day he was here woman yeah man with

solidarity genre narrow and he who does

one single atoms way of evil on that day

he will see

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