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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 575

tajweed quran online

tajweed quran online

Allah Knows Your Heart”tajweed quran online “

all throughout the Sunnah and the Quran

you find the issue of the ffs keeping

good company Allah subhana WA Ta’ala

says to us unity nominal it chuckled law

once again oh you believed fear Allah

well Kudo man saw the theme and be with

the truthful the prophet sallallaahu

whenever something pay attention is

hadith he said Allah o Allah

Dini connealy he fell ‘i’m Dora Hadouken

Manu Holland the person is on the

religion of his friend the religion did

he say he was effective and he said on

the religion the Dean of his friend so

each one of you should look at who he

befriends because the good person the

good friend has the process in him

described him and the other Heidi like

the one who sells the Musk what’s gonna

happen when you hang out with him you’re

gonna either you’re gonna smell nice

“tajweed quran online “

first of all hunger that’s guaranteed

inshallah because he always he got the

Muskies taking it out it’s just gonna

get on your clothes your might you might

get in trouble your wife though because

she’s like where you been you know why

you smelling good all the time outside


she thinks you up to something but

nonetheless you’re gonna smell good or

he’s going to what give you a gift you

know guess you’re his friend he’s gonna

say funny I have a little bit you know

so much you got some free Musk

some people feeling with you and if not

when you buy at least it’ll give you

what a good deal he might give it to you

for wholesale might give me even less if

you sent up 100 outside gives it to you

for 50 pounds yes that’s good

so gonna benefit from this guy no doubt

any process ni was described the bad

finish being what like who the


“tajweed quran online “

when you go and hang out with the

blacksmith what’s gonna happen he’s

gonna burn your clothes how are you

gonna smell and you’re gonna stink the

same thing with the good friend and the

bad friend

so always you to pay attention to this

constantly when you travel down the path

to allah subhanho wa taala your friends

your brothers they are the ones who

protect you just like when you go in a

certain area in the dunya you make sure

you go deep you got like four or five

brothers with you

carloads so nobody’s gonna mess with you

huh Sarah I’m not going by myself crazy

people in there but you go the two

carloads of brothers five five ten of

you so when you’re strong with your

brothers and they’re reminding you you

have an agreement that everyday we’re

going to go to slaughter the budget when

a carpool save some petrol at the same

time as good at petrol is expensive in

the UK yeah so we say we’re gonna we’re

gonna come together four or five of us

so what happens when shape on gets the

best of you ii don’t know rest you know

you can go play later you know he said

that you can pray before the Sun rises

and it’s a different of opinion it’s

“tajweed quran online “

what are you gonna do you want to go

back to sleep you buy stuff but you know

the brothers are waiting for you and

they’re not gonna have to do and they’ll

call and you see the phone lighten up

you get up in your he encouraged you but

the other guys much I love or any man

come on just sleep you can wake up and

pray at 8:30 if you want no problem

Allah knows this in the heart you’re

good inside another says happy even if

you don’t pray Allah is before not Haman

and he wants good for you he he’ll

forgive your sins Allah knows anyway if

he knows that inside you’re pure and

you’re like yeah here I actually thanks

man but the rivers I have talking now

feel the Hellfire man you’re gonna go to

the Hellfire view if you’re not gonna

pray you can leave Islam if you don’t

pray he’s remind you that yeah thanks so

they who you mingle with who you who you

hang out with this is very very

important to keep you straight as you

travel down the path to salvation
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“tajweed quran online “


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