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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 721

Get Ijazah Quran online

Get Ijazah Quran online

ALLAH Accepted His Repentance”Get Ijazah Quran online”

in the previous ages when they wanted

rain to come when there’s to be a lot of

drug moosari Sarah to Sonam used to grab

all the people in the village and go out

to the open and due to Allah subhana WA

Ta’ala that may rain come upon us that

there’s too much dry land we need

vegetation to grow from the ground after

his dois finished no rinky no rain came

at all

“Get Ijazah Quran online”

suppose a nice amount under I said o

Allah are you angry with me

have I done something that you don’t

want to accept my law everyone’s here

and a lot of animal that applied to him

sing them o Musa in that gathering there

is one person he does everything against

the will of Allah who because of that

one person rain is not coming so

Moosonee salat WA Salam gets up and he

says whoever that one person is please

get up and leave because of you rain is

not coming and vegetation is not growing

from the lands and everyone is under

great problems now that person knew who

he was so he didn’t stand up he got his

jumper he put his knees close and he

would love to give me all please forgive

me Allah please forgive me I’ll never do

again and one tear fell from his eyes

one tear came out of his eye and the

rain came the Mousavi sound to live so

Allah no one stood up how did the rain

come at this moment in time

“Get Ijazah Quran online”

and a lot of an antenna sees the Ummah

said that person who disobeyed me who

done everything that I was not happy

with today that person is my best friend

a Musa alayhi salatu salam reply oh

allah can i movie is i want to meet him

and allah subhanho wa taala said o Musa

when he was sinning and disobeying me I

never told you his name I never opened

him now he’s my best friend I’m still

going to keep it a secret
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“Get Ijazah Quran online”


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