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Published on November 26th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 566

quran online teacher

quran online teacher

Advices From Imam Al “quran online teacher”

he has fear and hope and trust in God

and he puts trust and tawheed in the

same chapter which is very interesting

because to him till he is not a

theoretical construct which it is to

most Muslims this I did God is one no to

him God is doing everything at every

instant that is tawheed and gazali is

arguing that if you really understand

this you will have utter trust in God

you will put all your trust in God

because it’s all God God is doing

“quran online teacher”

everything in every instant and this is

why if you’re not content with your

circumstances he argues you’re not

content with God because it’s God that

put you into those circumstances but

what God is asking you to do is respond

to them appropriately

that’s the challenge it’s not the

circumstances the challenge is the power

that God has given you in your will your

yadah to actually take your

circumstances and respond appropriately

and there are only four circumstances

and four requisite responses you’re in

tribulation and he says the response to

that is patience you’re in a situation

of blessing and you have to respond to

that with gratitude and that will

increase you and if you don’t do those

things what he says if you’re in a state

of gratitude and you respond by

heedlessness the blessings will be taken

away from you not as a punishment but as

a reminder to pull you back one of the

things he says if God he said there’s

only two types of people from a hadith

people in tribulation and people in good

situations he said if you’re in a good

“quran online teacher”

situation God will send the people of

tribulation to you and if you reject

them and close the door on them he will

make you the people of tribulation he’ll

take away your blessings because your

blessings are to serve the people in


these are the awakenings that he’s

trying to instill and inculcate and this

is why as you read this book a

transformation should occur if it
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doesn’t you haven’t read the book

“quran online teacher”


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