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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 424

online learn quran lessons

online learn quran lessons

Advice to Sisters”online learn quran lessons “

assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh smith la Habana raheem

alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen wa sallahu

wa salam ala ashraf in MBA UL mousseline

nabina muhammad wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi

wa tubby no Monty B&BS Annan Eli on with

Dino abide we praise Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala we thank him for everything he

has given us we ask Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala to bless us in every single way

my beloved sisters and daughters I am

really honored to be a part of this

beautiful annual get-together of the

graduates who are working not only in

the field but those who have graduated

working in whatever way you are working

may Allah bless you and may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala protect you may he

continue to use you to serve the Dean

granting you success in this world and

the next when we say this world

obviously you’ll work your sustenance

your families your spouses and inshallah

your children those who do have those

who don’t have in sha allah you will

have and those who are not married insha

Allah we ask Allah to bless you in

spouses spouses who will be the coolness

of your eyes I mean my beloved sisters

and daughters something we need to know

is as muslimeen the first thing we need

is sincerity of intention I’m sure

you’ve been hearing about it for quite a

few days so or should I say for the

sessions that you’ve had so far

sincerity of intention is one of the

first and prime qualities we need to

have what we do we do for the sake of

Allah everything you do bear in mind you

have a grave that you are going to be

lowered in to and that is if you are

lucky unlucky sometimes people disappear

without a sight and I’m sure you know

that sometimes people you know their

families know that they have died but

they have no

remains of this because either it was a

huge explosion or something else that

happened we asked a lot to grant us at

least a good death emini so sincerity of

intention there are many ways of looking

at it and I’m sure we’ve already studied

so many different ways but I want to

mention one way of looking at it and

that is whatever you do in life

bear in mind you have a grave that you

are going to be lowered into that’s it

once you bear in mind you have a grave

you are going to be lowered into your

contact with Allah becomes powerful you

know your maker Allah the one whom you

are going to return to Allah his hands

has the mercy that you and I are

searching for and looking for so my

beloved sisters and daughters let me

tell you it is important everything we


let’s tell ourselves I am only here in

the world for a certain period of time I

have a slot you know what is the meaning

of a slot a little timeframe like now

they’ve asked me to speak 7 o’clock to

7:30 I have a slot of 30 minutes I will

walk in at 7:00 I will walk out at 7:30

Subhan Allah in these thirty minutes

what do I need to do as much as I can

without wasting your time and without

you wasting my time it is an Amana it is

from Allah gone are the days when we

were children we used to play games and

waste our time and so on no room for

wasting time the reason is what Allah he

I do not know if I am going to live this

evening no do you none of you know if

you are going to return home after the

seminar not even one or life we might

hear of some who’ve disappeared you

might hear of myself who disappeared

it’s possible so there is no room to be

wasted no time you know when people play

football they play cricket they have a

specific time or a specific number of

overs what is their job their job is to

try their best to score as much as they

can in the specified time if they are

“online learn quran lessons “

just wasting standing with the ball

talking to each other sitting doing

something looking at the crowd that’s a

pretty woman or that’s a decent guy all

that would waste

your time your aim and your focus is

supposed to be to score one goal after

another as much as you can even people

who already have a score of 2:0 in

football for example they will try to

make it higher 3 4 5 am i right so this

is why remember life is not a game it is

a reality we are only drawing an example

of this game so that it can be brought

to us in the interim allah says he has

brought us into existence in order to

test us you might have heard so many

interpretations of that let me give you

one of the different interpretations

today when allah says I have created you

to test you wallahi it is so accurate I

tell you why every one of us we have

problems we have difficulties we have

financial struggle we have sickness we

have a problem at home we have a problem

for example sometimes with our children

with our neighbors with something else a

problem at work a problem here a problem

there nobody has a life free of problems

nobody that means those issues are

placed planned by Allah in order for us

to live a few years to pass them one by

one test after test after test of the

test and the hadith says innallaha

either I have bad Dennett Allah when

Allah loves someone he puts tests in

their lives if he does not love someone

there is no test for them the reason is

they have not sometimes yet entered the

arena of the tests do you know what the

arena of the test is let me give you an

example you see Kafar allah says lion

one nakata Kalevala vena cava moving


Khaleel for Mama London do not let the

the luxury lives of the kuffar deceive

you it is just a pleasure for a little

period of time after that they will be

serving their sentence and they will

have their punishment so don’t look at

the Kafar and say how come these are

disbelievers they are enjoying their

life they are having every luxury that

they can think of yet you don’t

understand they have not yet entered the

game they are not in the school we are

in the school so we will be writing

exams every year

I wanna our owner and I often on a

frequently I mean what an Omar retain so

man i atubu know allahumma that come on

Allah says quite clearly do they not see

that we test them every year once or

twice major tests then they still do not

repent to us they are still not from

amongst those who take heed that is

Allah so it shows us quite clearly that

once you enter the school you have

examinations those who are not at the

school do they have exams the answer is

no they can enjoy they will have

sleeping up to 12 o’clock no fatty

ignore though when I say my movement I

have to read magic writer for some is a

problem but for others they know it’s

part of my email may Allah make us from

those who realize and who cherish the

value of Raja and who enjoy getting up

wallahi my sisters my daughters it is

something that will pay back completely

the minute your eyes closed in death it

will pay you back completely and this is

why we see people who have died in this

world they’ve passed away those who are

better looking than asked those who are

more powerful than us those who had much

more in authority than us those who had

much more involved than us those who had

more children and much more happiness in

the world


they died where did they go did they

take their children did they take their

looks did they take their wealth did

they take anything

absolutely nothing they went down what

helped them whatever they were given

whilst they were alive if they converted

it into a currency that is valid in the

hereafter it would have helped them if

they did not do the conversion then you

can bring your pullers they are not

going to work here they will ask you for

US dollars am i right you enter some of

the businesses in the you want to give

them a Russian ruble or you want to give

them one of those Chinese RMBS they call

them they will not accept them they will

reject them they say no we want US

dollars or we want rands sometimes am i

right otherwise they won’t accept it so

you are foolish if you have a whole pile

of something that people don’t know but

it’s a value valuable item according to

you the people don’t know its value

similarly in the a theorem your health

your wealth everything was wasted

completely it’s not going to come but

how you used it when you had it converts

it into a currency known as deeds D

double e d s deeds a deed is a currency

that is valid when you die a deed is a

currency you need to amass whilst you

are alive in order to be able to use it

when you fly overseas meaning when you

die so to speak may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala grant us a deep understanding

so this is why when you have time any

minute that you have wasted what la

you’ve wasted your currency because

allah says through the blessed lips of

muhammad saaw about seven five things

you need to seize them quickly before

they are overtaken by another five your

time you have Allah will take it away

you will become occupied one day then

you can sit back say I had the time why

didn’t I do this and why didn’t I do

that whose fault is it you were there

you heard the hadith you knew that time

is not to be wasted I want to achieve

let me go I will do this course I will

engage in this Dawa I will do that

school qualification I will do that

business I will go to this Madras I will

go to that Masjid I will meet with that

person don’t say ok tomorrow ok the next


we’re live today’s work for tomorrow you

can do it now get up and do it here and

now that is Islam

those are Muslim mean these are the

qualities of the true believers well

Lyle are they no wastage of time number

two your young age we are young and

handle a young meaning we have the

energy we have the capacity use it a day

will come when I might not be able to

walk whilst I can let me do what I can

once I am able let me continue to do

things life’s I am young I will do

things that I will not be able to do if

Allah gives me age to see an old age

subhanAllah so that is how to do with

what with your youth similarly your

health today I am healthy tomorrow I am

NOT it’s part of the test of Allah it is

a guarantee that Allah brought you into

the world to test you because if there

was no test why would we get sick why

“online learn quran lessons “

would we have problems why would we have

difficulty these are challenges and the

winner is the one who knows how to

answer the challenge for example when

you go to school it’s a beautiful school

you want a high qualification when you

sit for the examination they will ask

you very very difficult questions

why not because they want to make your

life difficult but they want to see you

have learnt everything you’ve covered

the syllabus you know absolutely

everything what is it that we can ask

you in order to prove that you now know

and you appreciate what you’ve learnt so

this is the same with Islam when you

have been given something do not waste

your time make sure that you you

understand what I have here is going to

go it’s definitely going to go Allah

gave me the health tomorrow

my knees my take may Allah grant Chifa

and cure to all those who are sick and

ill in any way I mean so my sisters my

daughters let me tell you your health it

is going to go don’t say oh you know

shake is dooming us I’m not doing anyone

I’m saying it is going to go it has to


your mother’s my own mother everyone

their health is known

how it used to be before am i right so

now why should we just sit now and wait

when we have the health and say okay now

when I’m although when I was young I

should have done this and I could have

done this and this is what I should have

done no you are hearing it now do not

waste your time well lie if you waste

your time you need to know one thing

there are millions of others just like

you and even in a more difficult

situation than you who are you making

good use of their health and their time

and their youth and so on so I spoke

about your free time use it correctly

you have free time use it correctly you

have health use it correctly you have

been given young age use it correctly

Allah has given you for example wealth

if you have some money use it in the in

the correct way learn to budget that is

a problem we have not only in this

country but now across the globe many

countries do you know that in our

country we I actually have an advantage

over some of the powerful countries the

reason is if you take a look at the USA

or Britain or some of these first world

countries you find a lot of people they

are living in a beautiful house they

have a lovely car but guess what they

have not paid for anything yet nothing

do you know that it’s all on loans

subhanAllah and they earn for example a

thousand dollars two thousand five

thousand whatever they earn and 90% of

that if not more goes in payment for

payment for the house payment for the

car payment for this they are living far

higher than their actual capacity but

the system has enslaved them in such a

way that it makes it fair seeming to

them that this is the way things should

be done whereas in this country if

someone has a phone

it is this fully paid-up hope if someone

for example has a car it is this it is

paid up for it is their own motor

vehicle they owe the bank zero if

someone has a little house no matter

what type of a house it is it is theirs

in a lot of cases and if they are paying

rent they at least know look I am paying

rental for this home but

they owe nobody any money at all nothing

there it’s their own subhanAllah so and

if we do all people a few awnings here

and there it is not as big it is not as

large as what others oh you know when

they lost their jobs a few years back in

one of the countries so many people

committed suicide do you know why

because what happened was something

strange when they lost their jobs they

could not pay for their houses their

cars they could not pay for their

furniture in the house the televisions

and everything else so the first month

came they got warnings second month came

they were kicked out of the house

because the man of the house wanted the

money and because it didn’t come they

then said okay we will now sell the

house and get our money back and the

same thing happened to everything else

including the house and sorry the car

and the furniture and everything they

were left on the street without anything

what could they do yet they were leading

a life just the previous day driving

beautiful cars doing so many things

showing and flashing my sisters my

daughter’s never ever be tempted to

flash things that you have been given

even if they are your own in Islam did

you hear that that is the difference

between us and the kuffar out there who

like to flash and show things every day

a new pair of shoes every day a new top

every day a new scarf every I’m talking

of some people who want to show their

things every day something different

every day a new scent a new this a new

watch a new that is the train they are

struggling they are suffering they have

no happiness they have no contentment

their husbands they are changing them

like they change clothes it is sad but

it is a reality why because they really

are people who are after the world in

such a way that they are enslaved by it

is that a Muslim woman no you are happy

with the same thing you have you can

wear yours your clothing your cloak you

just wear it neatly put it on be happy

with the four pairs of clothes you have

the neighbor who has 400 pairs of

clothes which were perhaps from wherever

we don’t even know let them live their

own life we do not need to lose our

sleep by following them in the same way

that they have lost their own sleep what

this means is when we compare our lives

with others thinking that their lives

are rosier and sweeter we don’t

understand the fact that they are not

sleeping at night will also come to us

the fact that their marriage is about to

break will also come to us so it comes

with a price you want to lead a simple

life you will have simplicity happiness

contentment look after your children

correctly the fulfill whatever Duty you

have if you are going to work go and

come back responsibly and so on the

minute our eye is 10 and the minute we

have role models besides those who are

good Muslim in and Muslim at what will

happen we will have to we might end up

getting what they got but the baggage

comes with what is the baggage there are

problems we will also have the same

problems up to now we have not faced

those problems because we know and we

understand Allah’s plan so remember

something when Allah has blessed you

with wealth use it wisely learn to

budget do not waste do not be

extravagant you do not need what your

neighbor has never you do not need what

another sister or brother has no all you

need is what you precisely need for

yourself and your children and whatever

else is there you know your budget you

know how to slice your piece of cake you

do not need to have a big cake when you

have not afforded it Allahu Akbar

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us i

am being honest and i am speaking of

real current problems my sisters my

daughters let me inform you the last

thing that is mentioned in a hadith of

“online learn quran lessons “

rasulullah saaw Salam when he says sees

five things before they are overtaken by

five situations is the issue of life we

are living let’s seize it engage in Tova

ask allah forgiveness you know we are

human beings there are two ways of

sinning two major ways of sinning one is

to sin in defiance of allah and the

other is to sin out of human weakness if

a person defies Allah they cannot call

themselves meaning what is the meaning

of this

when someone says ok Allah said it is

haram to do this I’m going to do it and

let me see what Allah does stuff with

Allah that is defiance none of us would

do that because we are believers am i


we are believers we believe in allah in

his rasul none of us would do that

because we believe in Allah and his

Rasul but something we need to know is

out of human weakness if someone says

Elias did this Allah has said this is

haram for example but you know I was

weak and I fell into it in that case

there is hope Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

will have mercy on you you ask Allah

forgiveness you regret what you have

done you turn to Allah you promise him

not to do it again and you try your best

to stay on that straight path once again

well lie I tell you every sin comes with


what is the baggage it comes with some

heavy baggage it brings about depression

and stress and problems and issues and

loss of sustenance and so on you know

the hadith of rasulullah saaw sallam he

actually says in rajala layer our mother

our risk will be them be you see boohoo

according to the hadith of the Prophet

Allah a person loses his sustenance the

barakah in his wealth because of the

sins that he or she is committing so we

should not do that the owner of risk is

Allah Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says in

Allah who are supporting mati

in it is Allah who is the giver the

sustainer he is al ahzab he is the

all-powerful the strong the mighty who

is he

he’s a lot so we worship Allah and Allah

alone my beloved sisters and daughters

another very important quality that we

need to instill in ourselves the quality

of patience forbearance what is known as

suburb somewhere is something you need

no matter what you are doing in your

life you are married you need trouble

you are not married you need suburb you

are teaching you need supple you are not

teaching you need supper you’re employed

you need something you’re not employed

you need suburb everything you need

someone what is the meaning of suburb

you restrain yourself from that which is


you endure when it comes to that which

is obligatory upon you and at the same

time you will have to bear patience or

you will have to surrender to the decree

of Allah when something you do not like

has happened but it’s a last choice so

you know I’m sure a lot of you have had

family members who’ve passed away what

could you do you could say in LA in LA

or our own where we belong to Allah unto

Him is our ultimate return and we can

perhaps read the dua or say something in

Nanaia Mahuta wa llahu ma alka what

could Lucia ananga who be agile in

Mazama that you know for Allah belongs

that which he has taken that which he

gave in the first place and everything

according to Allah is with comes with a

specific time it comes with an expiry

date I have an expiry date and so does

everything else including the battery in

this torch right now subhanAllah but

when it comes to allah subhanahu

wata’ala his degree is final

i cannot have a say in the date of my

death may allah subhanahu wa ta ala

grant us forgiveness the day he takes us

away so their patients before baron do

not want to break a marriage just

because of one problem you have two

problems you have five problems you have

so what others are suffering 50 problems

they are still working on their

marriages remember this your marriage

will not be rosy why it’s a test from

Allah where it is not just a honeymoon I

need to go and start saying right that’s

my man and this is what it is

and I am walking around in town everyone

must see me smell me look at me and my

hair needs to be different every other

day that’s not mostly mean well lie it’s

affect people are wasting thirty five

dollars a week on the

yet they cannot even afford to buy food

for their own families

this is what’s going on in this country

were life people are ready to buy nails

to add on top of these nails of this but

when it comes to the evening they will

say there is no food in this house this

is what is happening what lie its effect

and this is the issue we are people who

are content consider it a test from


things will flash on the side things

will flash on the side never ever turn

to what is flashing lead your real life

though that’s all fake let me tell you

sometimes people ask well why is it that

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

puts on on the sides of what I have so

many different temptations and he says

this is a temptation that’s a temptation

stay away from it well if you wanted me

to stay away from it why did he put it a

in the first place that’s what some

people ask well I can tell you when you

know the answer in mathematics still

they give you a multiple choice you know

what is multiple choice they glare the

wrong answers in your face in order to

test you you know the right answer put a

tick on the right answer for example if

I were to tell you 10 x 10 a 1 B 10 C

100 D 1000 what would you say Subhan


these are wrong ones you can’t say if

you wanted me to answer it right why did

you give me 3 other wrong options you

can’t say that because I’m testing you I

know you know what is right so now I’m

showing you everything that is wrong you

are supposed to be a believer powerful

enough to be able to say I’m putting my

tick on the right answer here it is it

is answer number C tick there you are

now you have one so don’t say Oh what

about all these other people forget

about them they are ticking D they are

taking a they are taking B at the end of

the day when they collect all those

papers and this the key table comes

Allah says fam

melodia ki tahi I mean II fell upon oh


Okita bia those who are given their

results in the right hand the book in

the right hand they will be so happy so

proud they will say oh here read my book

“online learn quran lessons “

see see my results look at it beautiful

those who are given in the wrong hand

the left hand they will say we wish we

were not even here today we wish we were

dead those are the ones who are ticking

all the wrong answers

but it is our duty to try and reach out

to them to correct them to remind them

to tell them to tap them to say you know

my sister this is what Islam is all

about do not spread Islam in an

embarrassing way or in a way that is not

befitting a Muslim spreading the

goodness of the Deen we want to spread

Islam but in a good way live as a Muslim

they will see your happiness they will

see your contentment your concentration

on matters that is that are supposed to

be within your concentration so

concentrate on these things be patient

everything you do in life one day it

will go wrong besides your link Allah

every day you do in life one day it has

to go wrong Allah will test you you know

you come to work every day at eight

o’clock okay for example they will come

a time they will come a time when

something happened to the Kombi

something happened to the transport

something happened here you were late

it’s and how people did when it is all

your tests you were not late because you

want it to be late because Allah is now

testing you hey today you will be late

nothing of your choice when you go to

work they will shout you they will scold

you they might cut your salary then

let’s see what you do it’s part of your

test that’s life that’s the challenge so

when you come if you start swearing

shouting hating you have lost the test

you ticked on the B instead of the right

answer now if you come back you

apologize you say look I’m very sorry

say we’re going to cut your salary try

to explain to them in a nice way and try

to say something in a good way

still they don’t agree say ok no problem

what can I do you know I mean shala next

time it won’t happen then you ask Allah

o Allah guide these people they are

cutting my salary nothing of me but you

did not cause a commotion one day they

will realize and understand this person

here you know

they are honest one day after 10 years

15 years you may get a promotion

something may happen you might not get

it but when you go down into your grave

Allah knows what happened that is your

general Allah knows what happened so it

was never between us and them it is

between us and Allah all the time

remember this these are the qualities of

God these are the people who will enter

Jannah with ease and I haven’t even

spoken of many more qualities but this

quality of somebody is something very

very interesting another very important

quality my sisters my daughters read and

educate yourselves listen to things

today they are CDs that are readily

available DVDs there are so many

different formats of being able to learn

the knowledge please try and do

something try and continue learning

until the point of death learn and learn

and learn more learn from the sauce try

and get what is right continue going ABC

let’s get right up to that and even

beyond subhanAllah and we need to

constantly then never ever think I know

enough and this is it now I am a big

share I am a big share huh or I am a

great Imam or whatever else it is and

that’s it I just need to stand up and

issue decrees and decisions for

everybody else no continue become humble

in your knowledge you know sometimes

people have wealth the best of those who

have wealth are those who are humble you

agree sometimes people have knowledge

knowledge comes with exactly the same

arrogance as wealth same 100% knowledge

and wealth are two things that are gifts

of Allah both on either side they can

either come with humbleness or with

arrogance the best person with knowledge

is he or she who is humble humble humble

you mix with people you interact you

talk to them like they are your bosses

finished they don’t need to know you are

some bigshot

they don’t need to know that when you

when it comes to delivering the goods

you deliver them but otherwise you are

an ordinary human being like everybody

else because knowledge is actually an

Amana just like wealth is an Amana how

you used it how you achieved it how did

you disseminate it how did you give it

to others how did you benefit others

with it all that test from Allah so


remember this it is something powerful

seek knowledge and continue seeking

knowledge do not think I have graduated

it’s fine now I go back to my home area

and I do things no keep on learning your

phones that you have with you a lot of

you have internet access and that

internet access you have on it different

pages find out what are the good pages

where can I read how can I improve my

knowledge how can I increase so tomorrow

you can spread the deen be kind to your

neighbors and to everyone else they will

see the goodness in you they will be

inclined towards the deen purify your

own knowledge

today we read Quran ok so sometimes our

Quran we need to understand no matter

how well you lead your Quran it is like

flying in an aircraft the minute you

stop in midair your plane will drop you

need to continue flying in order to move

on that altitude you need to continue

flying the engine needs to be on

constant ly in order to be able to move

forward the minute you turn off the

engines do you come dropping the same

applies with your Quran with your Analia

deeds your Quran you need to improve it

every time don’t think I know I was

first in class no no no that standards

however they were even if they were the

best without that constant improvement

there are certain things I have learnt

and continue learning now and content I

am so happy to allah subhanahu wata’ala

that allah has blessed us with this so

this is why continue learning every time

wherever there are seminars wherever

there is something to be done make sure

that you try and take part as much as

you can and make sure that allah subhana

horn that you ask allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala to continue using you and i

for this deal because remember one thing

if you are going to turn away and you

are not going to serve the deen allah

does not need you and i Allah can’t

replace you with someone else so

sometimes we have this feeling I mean

I’m going to leave me I’m going to do

this army I’m not going to go there I’ve

got we have this feeling it is also one

of those wrong answers that keep

flashing to us

don’t pick the wrong letter not at all

make sure you understand if I am NOT in

the picture Allah will replace me with

someone else

one day after ten years I’m going to see

someone else doing a better job than

and I’m going to regret in my heart to

say I was here one day

why didn’t I continue working and doing

good and so on and improving and

whatever voluntary whatever deeds they

are may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala bless

us all I have spoken for exactly 29

minutes and I will cut there we ask

Allah to bless you all and to bless us

all as a Kamala Clara Oh sallallahu

wasallam Allah barik ala nabina muhammad

subhanAllah Hemnes Hanukkah Lahoma be


ashhadu an la illaha in Lantana stock
00:29:22,540 –> 00:00:00,000
guru Khurana to break

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