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Dawah father and son

Published on November 19th, 2012 | by Admin | Views:



A Story of a Father and Son – It will Make You Cry

This is a true story about a man named Rashed. He tells his story as follows…

I was not more than 30 years old when my wife gave birth to our first child. I still remember that night, I stayed out all night long with my friends, as was my habit. It was a night filled with useless talk. I remember I made them laugh a lot on that particular night. I had an amazing ability to imitate others, as I could change the sound of my voice until I sounded exactly like the person I was mocking. No one safe from my biting mockery, even my friends; some people started avoiding me just to be safe from my tongue!

I remember on that night, I had made fun of a blind man who I had seen begging into the market. What was worse, I had put my foot out in front of him, he tripped and fell and turned his head around not knowing what to say, I went back to my house late as usual, and I found my wife waiting for me.

She was in a terrible state, and she said in a quivering voice, Rashed…where were you?’

‘Where would I be, on Mars?’ I said sarcastically, ‘With my friends of course!’

She was visibly exhausted and holding back tears, she said:

‘Rashed, I am so tired. It seems the baby is going to come soon.’ A silent tear fell on her cheek. I felt that I had neglected my wife. I should have taken care of her and not stayed out all those nights especially since she was in her 9th month. I quickly took her to the hospital; she went into the delivery room, and suffered through long hours of pain. I waited patiently for her to give birth but her delivery was difficult, and I waited a long time until I got tired. So I went home and left my phone number with the hospital so they could call with good news.

So they called to congratulate me on the birth of Salem as soon as they saw me, they asked me to go see the doctor who had overlooked my wife’s delivery.

“What doctor?” I cried out, “I just want to see my son Salem!”

“First go see the doctor,” they said.

I went to the doctor and she started talking to me with sadness. I was shocked to know that my son had a serious deformity in his eyes, and it seemed that he had no vision. I remembered that blind man begging into the market who I tripped and made the others laugh at. SubhanAllah, you get what you give! My wife wasn’t sad; She believed in the decree of Allah, she was content. How often she had advised me to stop mocking others!

No, she did not call it mocking but backbiting, and she had all the right. In reality, I didn’t pay much attention to Salem. I pretended that he wasn’t in a home with us, when he started crying loudly, I’d leave to the living Room to sleep there. My wife took good care of him and loved him dearly, as for myself, I didn’t hate him but I couldn’t love him either.

My wife celebrated when he started to crawl. When he was almost two years old, he started trying to walk and we discovered that he was (also) crippled, The more I’d stay away from him, the more my wife would love and care for him, even after the birth of Umar and Khalid

The year passed…

With a group of friends I had, I was like a toy at their disposal (entertaining them whenever they wanted) in reality, I thought the other way around, My wife never gave up on my reform. She always made dua for guidance. She never got angry with my reckless behavior…… but would become really sad if she saw me when I was neglecting Salem and paying attention to his brothers!

Salem grew. I didn’t mind when my wife asked to enroll him to a special school for the handicapped. I didn’t feel the passing of the years. My days were all the same.Working, sleeping, eating and hanging out with my friends…

Until that day…

Friday, I woke up at 11am. This was early for me; I was invited to a gathering, so I got dressed and perfumed and was about to go out. As I passed by, I was startled by the sight of Salem while he was sobbing! This was the first time I had noticed Salem crying since he was a baby.

Should I go out or should I see what is bothering him?

I said No!!, how can I leave him in this position?

‘Salem why are you crying?’ I asked.

When he heard my voice, he stopped crying, he started feeling around him, what was wrong with him I thought, I discovered that he was trying to move away from me!

It was as if he was saying, ‘Now, you’ve decided to Notice me? Where were you for the past 10 years?’ I followed him… He had gone into his room.

At first, he refused to tell me why he had been crying. I tried to be gentle with him as I knew what was wrong. His brother Umar, the one who used to take him to the Masjid was late and because it was Jumuah prayer, Salem was afraid he wouldn’t find a place in the first row. He called out to his mother, but nobody answered so I put my hand over his mouth as if I was saying “Is this why you were crying, Salem!”

Then I cried “O Salem…

I don’t know what made me say this, “ O Salem don’t be sad… Do you know who’s going to take you to the Masjid today?”

‘Umar of course,’ he said, ‘I wish I knew where he went’

“No, Salem” I said, “I’m going to take you.”

Salem was shocked, he couldn’t believe it. He thought I was mocking him. His tears came and he started crying. I wiped his tears with my hand then took hold of his hand. I wanted to take him to the Masjid by car. He refused and said,

‘Father, the Masjid is near. I want to walk there for every step I take is accounted.’

I couldn’t remember the last time I had entered the Masjid and the last time I made sujud, It had been the first time that I ever felt fear and regret! Regret for what I had neglected during the long year that had passed. The Masjid was filled with worshippers, but I still found a place for the Salem in the first row. We listened to the Jumuah Khutbah together, and I prayed next to him. After the prayer, Salem asked me for a Quran. I was surprised. How was he going to read when he was blind?

I almost ignored his request, but I decided to humor him out of fear hurting his feelings. He asked me to open the Quran to Surah al-Khaf, I did what he wanted, he took the Quran from me, put it in front of him and started reading the Surah…

Ya Allah! He had memorized the whole surah.

I was ashamed of myself. I picked up a Quran

I felt my limbs tremble…I read and I read.

I asked Allah to forgive me and guide me. This time I was the one who cried.

I cried out of sadness & regret for what I had wasted.

The only thing I felt was a small hand reaching out to my face and wiping the tears away. It was Salem wiping away my tear! We went back home. My wife was extremely worried about Salem, but her worry turned into tears [of joy] when she found out I had prayed Jumuah with Salem. From that day on, I never missed the congregational prayer in the Masjid. I left my bad fiends and I made righteous friends among people I met at the Masjid

I tasted the sweetness of Iman with them. I learned things from them that distracted me from this world. I never missed out on gatherings [halaqas] of remembrance, or on the witr prayer I would recite the entire Quran Several times in one month. And I was the same person that left it for years …

I moistened my tongue with the remembrance of Allah, that He might forgive my backbiting and mocking of people, I felt closer to my family. The looks of fear and pity that had occupied my wife’s eyes disappeared. A smile now never parted from the face of my Son Salem, anyone who saw him would have felt that he owned the world and everything in it.

I praised and thanked Allah a lot of His blessings.

One day, my righteous friends decided to travel far for Dawah, I hesitated about going. I prayed istakharah and consulted with my wife. I thought she would refuse, but the opposite happened! She was extremely happy and even encouraged me. I went to Salem, and told him I would be traveling. He wrapped me up in his small arms and if he could’ve he would’ve kissed my head. After that, I put my trust in Allah; began with the process and Alhamdulilah everything went well.

I was away from my home for three and half months. In that period, whenever I got a chance I would call my wife and speak to my kids.

I missed them so much, and oh how I missed Salem!

I wanted to hear his voice, he was the only one who hadn’t talked to me since I left. He was either at school or at the Masjid whenever I called them whenever I called my wife , I would tell her to kiss him and and give him my Salam. She would laugh happily, joyfully, except for the last time I called her.

I didn’t hear her expected laugh. Her voice changed. I said to her, “Give my Salam to Salem,” and she said,


At last I went back home. I knocked on the door. I hoped that it was Salem who would open up for me but was surprised to find my son Khalid, who was not more than 4 years old. I picked him up in my arms while he squealed, ‘Baba! Baba!’

I don’t know why my heart tensed when I entered home. I sought refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. I approached my wife, there was something that had changed, I inspected her closely then noticed it was the look of sadness she had on years ago, it was back on her face.

“What is bothering you?” I said,

‘Nothing’ she replied,

Suddenly, I remembered Salem. “Where’s Salem?” I asked.

She lowered her head. She didn’t answer. At that moment, I only heard the sound my Son Khalid made… (a sound) that still rings in my ears till this day.

He said: ‘Baba, Salem went to paradise with Allah’

My wife couldn’t take it. She broke down crying and left the room. Later I found out that Salem had contracted a fever two weeks before I returned. The fever became more and more sever and didn’t leave him until his soul left his body…

I felt like what happened were trials and a test from Allah, the Glorified and Exalted. I still feel his hand wiping my tears. And his arms Wrapped around me… How sad did I become for Salem, the blind crippled One…

He was not blind!

But I was blind! When I befriended a company of poor friends…

And Salem was not crippled for he stood on the right path!

I still remembered what he used to say… “Verily Allah possesses infinite Mercy”

Salem… the one whose love I was once abstained from now I discovered I loved him even more than his brothers…

I cried a lot…

… and still I am sad (till this day)!

How can I not be sad?

For my guidance was upon his hands!

[Allah guided Rashed through Salem]

How can I not be sad?

For my guidance was upon his hands!

[Allah guided Rashed through Salem]

 “O Allah accept from Salem through your Mercy!”


Narrated by Shaikh Khalid Rashid


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