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Published on November 22nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views:

Ijazah Quran online

” Ijazah Quran online”

A Powerful Lesson From Prophet Ibrahim (AS)” Ijazah Quran online”

when Allah Azza WA JAL commands ibrahim

alayhis salam to slaughter his son it’s


and then picture yourself and put

yourself in the place of Ibraheem the

attachment that Abraham had to smile is

more than average attachment from my

father to a son

why because ibraheem waited forever 100

G’s until he had his first child

Ibrahim waited over 100 years until

Allah gave him that first child say his

heart was a lot more attached to smeii

than the average hut of us that allows

oda grants as a child just after


but then when that child grows and then

piety and righteousness appear on the

face of this married and then ibrahim

looks this it looks like he’s the son is

maje a very righteous pious son not like

some of our children menaces and devils

” Ijazah Quran online”

by brahim sees his son very righteous

very pious i profitably said not only

that the heart of Ibraheem is attached

it’s married but now when you have a

righteous son with a bright future your

heart becomes a lot more attached to the

son Sabra he became so that’s dismayed

and Ibraheem sees his male growing with

piety and righteousness and he buries

the Alana’s parents and that moment when

Ibrahim becomes so attached to smile so

close to smile so loving this main Allah

commands Ibrahim to slaughter his son

smile Allahu Akber what a test

what a test what’s the test upon Ibrahim

not to live is my after Allah tested him

to take his male and his mother hazard

in the mirror of a valley that now being

lives there but now the test that is

smile to be slaughtered by his father

Ibrahim ya Barnea in the era film enemy

and me at Barak Thunder Mediterra Oh son

Allah commands me in my vision and

dreams that ice floaties

” Ijazah Quran online”

so what do you respond back to imagine

he say that his son the police will be

knocking on your door less than a minute

yep oniy in the novel Minami bark from

the Ramayana or my son Allah commands me

in the dream that I slaughter you so

what he suggests to me so what does this

righteous poised young man reply to his

father says ya Bertie yeah buddy yeah


if al mohammed sitaji Dooney insha allah

home in a sovereign or father or father

they were Allah had commanded you to do

insha Allah by the will of Allah you’re

gonna find me from amongst those who are

patient patient patient for the sake of

Allah if that’s what a lucky man do that

then even hesitates because a lost

commandment comes before loving your son

alas commandment comes before loving


and now Ibrahim grabs his son is marine

walking with Him where to some beautiful

park or amusement entertaining park

walking with his son knowing that his

son this could be the last time they

ever walked with his father

and then he lays him on the rock that he

saw in his dreams they slaughtered his

son is marine to grab the knife and he

come and slaughter his son is mine but

but the will of Allah Alonso a girl

prevents the knife to slaughter is mine

then the call comes from Allah from

above the heavens and Allah calls upon

ibrahim this is the big test then

slaughter me Ya Allah but she commanded

me to slow to him well it’s not about

slaughtering his son or not it’s about

what’s in your heart what’s in your

heart so when Ibraheem came to slaughter

smiley and that moment he prayed did

” Ijazah Quran online”

everything he can to small taste my

Allah so a judge did not allow the

slaughter was married because

slaughtering is married does not benefit

Allah but Allah wanted to say is in the

heart of Ibraheem that’s a lock up

before anyone including his most beloved

son is my sacrifice it’s not about what

she sacrifice it’s not about what he

give it’s about what’s in the heart a

bear what’s in the heart some I can

sacrifice a million dollars but that

will mean nothing to allah azzawajal

lock someone who sacrificed in dollars

because the one that sacrifice a million

dollars has another ten but the one that

sacrifice ten dollars probably has a

layered Allah sacrifice
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” Ijazah Quran online”


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