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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 744

A motivational Speech

Mahmoud Abbas Adi I think said the best

thing he said no men buy the truth but

don’t know the truth by men which is a

difficult thing because you need people

to learn we have teachers and we have

people that we have to learn from so the

beginning of learning is belief we were

just looking at something yesterday in

in a class that we were doing it at

school about that you know a student has

to accept their ignorance before they

can remove that ignorant there’s

something that they’re called compounded

ignorance there’s a famous story Bruce

Lee used to tell this story but it’s the

story comes out of samurai tradition

actually about a man who went to study

with a master and they’re doing the the

tea and he and he’s telling him he

learned this from so-and-so and he

learned this from so-and-so and he

learned that and so the master just

keeps pouring the tea until it overflows

and and then the student says why are

you pointing that the cups full and he

said what he can’t take anymore and he

said yeah he said well it seems that

you’re full also so I don’t know what I

can teach you because you have to go to

a a teacher with a type of humility and

and and if you don’t have that you can’t

learn so I’ll suit Ivana at Yale edenia

to caboodle if it oughta be later at

Huck you know I will remove my signs

from people that have arrogance in the

earth without any just right and and so

humility is very important of just

maintaining a type of humility

intellectual humility is important

spiritual humility there’s you know the

story about the Imam you know he’s he’s

in the mihrab and he kind of has an

epiphany falls down and starts saying

I’m nothing I’m nothing and then what

Evan comes in he says the Imams nothing

what am I he’s falls down he says

nothing then the guy who comes in who

sweeps the mosque out he sees the Imam

and the more advent saying they know the

whole Quran by heart I’m just ignorant

what am i he falls down saying I’m

nothing I’m nothing and the Imam says to

them more than look who thinks he’s


so that that’s spiritual pride which is

a real problem right okay that’s a

Jewish joke that I just switched to Imam

and it’s originally the rabbi in the

Cantor but that’s the nice thing about

Jews about religious jokes you can just

change the names and they fit so that

that’s very important is just humility

and also tuck lead is a negative thing

in our tradition but it’s a necessary

thing for somebody whose ignorance is

just to have humility and recognize that

they they need to learn and and we

should all try to learn I think the most

important things about this tradition is

a lot of the basic principles are not

they’re very simple and universal like

for instance if the Muslims just took

one verse of Quran and applied it that

you we change the world

well Khalil in a sea of asana speak

beautifully to people like all if you

just applied that one verse or it’s fat

vanity here I sent you no return or

wrong with a right you just apply these

are not hard things to understand

they’re hard to implement you know but

they’re not a sustainable if somebody

will salat you know seek help from God

with patience and prayer there’s so many

principles in the Quran like that so I

think it’s it’s important to recognize

that this religion is multi-layered

at the highest level you’re dealing with

some of the most sophisticated thought

in human history our theology is very

deep it’s very complex it has profound

metaphysical foundations and then at the

same time it can be understood by very

simple people and I’ll give you one

example of that I was in Morocco and I

was at a gas station

somebody who’s filling gas and and I had

a bourbon and Jalapa on so this man

thought that I was learned it or

something so he came up to me he was a

gas station attendant now he’s a young

man and he said you know I’m studying at

the University I’m just I do this for

but he said I have a philosophy teacher

he’s really confused me I said what’d he

say he said he said that you know

everybody says you know God created this

God created that good but but

begs the question who created God and so

I told my Hadees in Sahih Muslim that

the Prophet I am said lays out an essay

at the Saturn who people will continue

to philosophize that’s what philosophy

is asking question and they’ll say who

created this and the answer is Allah and

who created this and the answer is Allah

until somebody will say who created

Allah because if you hear that say I

believe in Allah as I told him that

hadith I saw the in Shara

in his heart I saw it on his face his

whole face changed and he said just

Alcala had a father Stanley you know and

he just said Amman to be loved you know

and and that’s the beauty of guidance

like the prophesy it’s a very simple

statement but what the Prophet was

essentially saying was you can’t think

beyond the the unthinkable you know

there’s a there’s a famous magazine

called Georg Cantor he has Cantor’s

theorem which says that the whole can be

greater than the part

well cantor believed that you could have

an actual infinity which Aristotle said

you couldn’t and most massive scenes say

you can so Cantor said if you have an

actual infinity the even numbers could

be equal to the to the odd numbers so he

said so the part can be equal to the

whole right that’s Canton Cantor’s

theory Cantor ended up in a straitjacket

literally in an insane asylum he went

mad why because he contemplated infinity

the Prophet said led to fukuda feet

laughs you know do not think about God

but think about the gifts of God because

if you start thinking about God the word

in Arabic Allah is from well AHA which

is to bewilder or confuse it you can’t

think about God all you can think about

is the attributes of God and the gifts

of God but to actually contemplate the

essence of God is Haram you know it’s

just you can’t do it

because you will go mad I mean look

scientists they have believed too they

never talk about it their belief is in

the order of the universe because all

their science is based on the assumption

that the universe is orderly that these

laws will actually work I mean Einstein

his his his laws equals mc-squared is

based on the idea that you can measure

energy we can measure mass and you and

you can measure the constant right but

what Einstein said is the only thing

that he finds unintelligible about the

universe is its intelligibility that’s

somebody who we know why it’s

intelligible because God made it to

correspond with our minds and and that’s

why our a believers knowledge

irrespective of what faith you’re in and

I’m not apprenticed but irrespective

what your faith you’re in you are

advantaged over a materialistic

scientists because all he can determine

is how

we know why and that’s a great gift

because why is that the essence its

purpose like why are we here

where did we come from where are we

going what’s gonna happen when we die

and one of the most amazing things about

profits is unlike philosophers

philosophers every single philosopher

that comes disagrees with his teacher

every single one like Aristotle said

about Plato

I love playdough played as a friend but

the truth is a greater friend so I have

to disagree about these archetypes right

you look at all every single one of them

they they disagree with their teachers

with rare exception I’m talking about

the great philosophers all the prophets

say the same thing every single one of

them how did they do that why do why do

they all say there’s a day of judgment

every Jewish prophet that came none of

them decided oh you know what I disagree

with Isaiah none of them and the

prophets lies have confirmed the

previous revelations Jesus said there’s

a day of joy she said you’re gonna be

raised up you’re gonna be resurrected

Moses said you’re gonna be rest of them

said the same thing the day of judgment

is coming so that’s an amazing thing so

I you know I think Muslims we just we

have to recognize what a gift we have

and then the other thing that we have

you know and and and again people need

solace and and religion is the essence

of worldly solace if you don’t have

religion you’re going to have to find

something to opiate the pain of being in

the dunya and I just spoke to a lady

today who’s losing her 13 year old child

you know this is dunya this is a very

difficult place to be in and you will

Allah says well anybody window can be


mental javi will jury who knocks him in

and I’m worried when I’m fuzzy with


Bob Bashara Sabri we will test you with

something of fear and hunger and loss of

life and property

so give glad tidings to patient ones

imam zaman charity in Attica chef says

he says be shaken because whatever –

relation have it could be greater you

lost one child you could have lost all

your children you lost one arm you could

have lost both arms it could always be

greater but then he says but Allah is

warning you when Edna Blouin we will

test you and so he’s giving us a heads

up that you might everything might be

fine today but you can wake up tomorrow

with a diagnosis and your iman has to be

as strong if not stronger in that

situation that it is today

but for people to say you know people

say Dylan has a wonderful line he said

you say you lost your faith you know

it’s not like that you had no faith to

lose and you know it what is faith if

you can lose it and and that’s why this

this place is difficult and religion is

the necessary fentanyl to get you

through the pain of this about

but our prophet told us all a lot is to

them that the person who had the most

difficult like the believer that had the

most suffering in the world will go into

there’s a river which is called the

river of life in the afterlife and you

go into it and you come out of it

completely renewed and and that man will

be asked have you ever known suffering

and he will say now Allah he I never

knew suffering this is the one that for

60 70 80 years is now looking at

infinity and in perfect bliss and people

say you know the after life’s a hype

well good luck people have been saying

that for a long time you know we make a

choice in this dunya to believe or

disbelieve by man chef ed milkman woman

chef ed yak for whoever wants to believe

let him believe whoever wants to

disbelieve let him disbelieve you have a

choice but just know the choice is going

to have

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