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Published on January 30th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 271

A Good Ending – Abdulbary Yahya (Very Emotional & Motivational Story) – Subtitled


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A Good Ending – AbdulBary Yahya

My father, he was shot in front of the masjid.

And it was after Isha prayer.

We used to lived close to the masjid, next to the masjid.

He used to always clean the masjid,

the bathroom and so forth.

People didn’t really know actually clean until after he passed away,

then the bathroom started to smell,

because nobody really took care of that.

And he never clean the bathroom or anything like that when people were there.

Before he would go to work he would stop in the masjid,

He would clean everything up then go,

he would always look for the times

that people would not see him.

So nobody knew that he was doing any of these things,

but he would always do that.

He came out and I was in the house.

And I heard a gun shot, but I didn’t think it was a gun shot

because we have independence day in July.

People always have fireworks and this was like a few days afterwards,

and I’m thinking it’s just that somebody’s just burning their left over MAD or something like that,

you know these fireworks.

and so I hear my father calling me, “AbdulBary, AbdulBary, somebody shot me!”

So I went to him, and when he saw my face he said,

“Ash hadu an laa ilaaha illa Allah, wa ash hadu anna muhammad rasuulullah.”

And then I told him when I heard that,

I said, “Father, I don’t care who talks to you from now on,

don’t say a single word. Just in your heart. You’ve done a lot of good.”

“And repent to Allah, ask Allah for forgiveness and ask for His mercy,

but don’t say a single word after this.”

And he never said anything after that, the ambulance and everything came….

And the police officer, the detective,

started coming around asking me.

He’s asking me about what was happening in… was the masjid open…

And I was just walking around telling him about what was happened, the area of the masjid.

And so…

And I was just speaking to him normally, just what ever would…

I was a little bit saddened but I wasn’t like yelling or anything like that.

Just calm and speaking to him normal,

just like how anyone would speak to a person, not during that situation, but…

After, in the morning, the detective spoke to some of the other people.

He spoke to one of my friends,

so the detective he said,

“You know that in all the homicides and murders I’ve seen in my life,

I’ve never seen somebody like him.”

“It’s amazing!”

So he told me, “You’ve made a great da’wah.”

I said, “What? I didn’t speak, I didn’t say anything about Islam.”

He said, “You’ve made great da’wah.”

The detective came to me and he said, “In all my days,

and I’ve witness thousands or hundreds or hundreds of crime scene.”

“I’ve never seen somebody, especially related to somebody who has just murdered, like him.”

“So how? I even thought that he did it!”

That’s the detective.

“I said that’s not humanly possible.”

“It’s not humanly possible for somebody be in that state.”

“You know most people are going crazy.”

And so I told him, I said, “Let me tell you.

“I was sad about what was happening, but my father,

got something that I want, and I don’t even know that I’ll have that,

his last words were, “Laa ilaaha illa Allah.”

And the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam said,

“Man kaana aakhiru kalaamihi laa ilaaha illa Allah, dakholal jannah.”

“Whose ever last word is laa ilaaha illa Allah will enter paradise.”

“I don’t know on the day that I’d die that I will be able to say that.”

“I’m just hoping that I will be.”

“‘Aisha was asked, ;What supplication, did the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam say the most?'”

And she said – and he is the Messenger of Allah – not like anyone of us,

And the dua that he asked more than anything else,

“Ya muqallibal quluub, O Allah the one who changes hearts,

tsabbit qalbi ‘ala diiinik, make my heart firm in your religion.”

“Make my heart firm in your obedience.”

And that was the dua that the Prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam asked more than anything else.

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