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Published on March 2nd, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 351


Be away from bad company”Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


here Abubakar and vodka Donnie wrote in

the third century he wrote a book called

a orgasm Koran the miracle of the Quran

and it’s you know when I read that book

I was really sad the first page the

first page of that book is very very sad

he talks about how the miracle of this

book the scholars have given up on it

the Muslims don’t appreciate it they

don’t value this book for what it is and

we have come to the end of times he’s

talking about this in the third century

wait till he sees 2010 now so holla you

know and he’s that depressed in the

third century of the stuff but anyway he

talks about reviving the idea what makes

the Quran miraculous he talked about

it’s miraculous language but one of the

things he says he argues one of his

chapters as part of the miracle of the

Quran are the predictions of the Quran

the predictions of the Quran the Quran

made a call

the call was Rome will dominate it

within ten years within ten years

they’re going to make a comeback they

were dominated now within ten years

they’ll come back against the Persians

the caleche heart that has a come on

there’s no way they were crushed and

annihilated within ten years and this

did it come true

absolutely this was a prediction rather

a promise made in the quran now another

promise made in the quran abu lahab will

be destroyed

and if you didn’t already realize abu

lahab is one of the sharpest tongues one

of the cleverest enemies against the

prophet sallallaahu asana

one of the easiest ways easiest ways the

quran made itself open to attack abu

lahab could turn around and say la ilaha

illallah muhammadur rasulullah

sallallahu sanim if he just says that

even if he says it sarcastically you

know what he could do he could say look

your book says I’m being destroyed I’m

burning in hell but here I am taking

what Shahada the Shahada is supposed to

do what protect me from the Hellfire so

I guess your book is wrong it could do

that he has years to take this

opportunity to attack the messenger in

this way but the Quran said about Ferran

was so Dianna Sabine he was kept from

the path Ferran was kept from the path

and he landed himself in tebab and dub

battier de ABI Lahab in what tub and

what did we do miraculously what do we

find in the Quran he’s making sarcastic

commentary about his hand saying hey my

hand stole her here you know but luckily

you may you be destroyed I don’t see

anything that Muhammad talked about

that’s what he would say publicly he

would make sarcastic commentary never

once did he take the opportunity to do

what take Shahada it was open to attack

he never did it he never did it and we

learned from that muscle darkness Sabine

was fulfilled on him too he was kept

from accepting the path he was kept from

it fulfilling the promise of Allah so

again fulfilling that promise this is

part of the miracle of quran when allah

makes a promise and it’s guaranteed it

is bound to occur in number two I do not

whatever you have been promised is

guaranteed to occur no doubts about it

may Allah Azza WA JAL give us an

appreciation of the remarkable beauty of

the Quran may Allah make us of those who

recited properly day and night and

understand it may Allah make us of those

who fulfill this wonderful hadith of the

Prophet SAW saw them he says I’d like to

conclude with it yeah al quran people of

quran natella schedule Quran don’t relax

with the Quran

don’t be lacks today circle about the

Quran that the West who actually

literally means don’t turn it into a

pillow don’t lean on it what loo hoo ha

Katina what the human and not a lady

when na ha read it like it deserves to

be read follow it like it deserves to be

followed in out all hours of the night

and day while shoe whoo and spread it

what Tejano whoo and beautify it what a

double roofie he and reflect deeply in


Lana come to flee hone so that all of

you may succeed allahu wa ja alna mina

move Lehane may Allah make us from those

who succeed

barakallahu li walakum Veronica Kim

whenif anna maria camellia ducati

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

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