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Published on February 27th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 521

quran reading

quran reading


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Allah in fact He is the one that send water from the sky (An-Nahl : 65)

Allah is talking about rain yes ?

Now bare with me

then He gave life to the earth after the earth was dead

what did Allah use to give life to the earth ?

In the example Allah gave water to the earth and that way the dead earth comes back to life

without the rain, does this planet survive ?

This planet cannot survive without rain, that is the life of this planet. Everybody clear about that ?

Ok Let’s move forward

An-Nahl : 11

Both of this ayah belong to surah An-Nahl

Allah produces for you by using the water

Allah produces 2 kinds of things, let me categorize 2 kinds of things

On the one hand, you have farm, and palm trees and grapes. These things don’t grow by themselves

“quran reading”

You have to take care of those trees and you have to grow a farm

A farm doesn’t happen by itself, you have to put a lot of work into a farm for it to grow properly, you understand

So now Allah says all kinds of fruits, when HE says all kinds of fruits

it’s like if you go to South American jungles or you’re going to Africa. Will you see all kinds of fruits on the trees ? yeah..all kinds of fruits

But are there farmers on those jungles ? No, it grows on it’s own

What Allah is telling us says He sends water from the sky

and when HE sends water from the sky, there is some kind of fruit and vegetation that people have to farm

you have to take care of those plants unless you take care of them, they would not grow

“quran reading”

and then there are some plants and some fruits that would grow on their own with no effort from you

That’s on the wild yes ? 2 kinds of life on the earth came out from the rain, you understand the point so far? ok

But actually remarkably the ayah that I share with you

is not actually about the water and the sky, that it’s second purpose

it’s primary purpose is dictated by the ayah that came before it and the ayah that came before it is

An-Nahl : 64

The previous ayah says Allah send the book from the sky, and the next ayah says Allah send the water from the sky

So if you want to understand the effect of the book of Allah on the earth

You have to understand the effect of water on the earth, you understand ?

“quran reading”

Now, what does water do ? Water brings life to the earth. Is it essential to survival on the earth ? yes

So..If the water is essential for the survival of the earth.

The book of Allah properly delivered to all the places that are morally death, that are spiritually death

It has to be delivered properly because rain has to come properly especially to the places that are death

It has to go to those places and even if they have been judge for centuries it wouldn’t bring them back to life

So No matter how bad the situation is, No matter how dead the earth is

When water can bring the earth back to life

No matter how bad the political situation of the world is

No matter how bad the moral situation of the world is

No matter how bad the media is in any day and age

No matter how low the muslims have become

This book has the power to bring people back to life

It has the power to do that, you understand ?

“quran reading”

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